How to Create Your Own Style this Season
Fashion advice for creating the perfect wardrobe this seasonWith the change of season and the Paris and London fashion weeks leading the way we started looking at our wardrobe and wondering what would a savvy fashion shopper do to incorporate the latest looks while retaining our own unique style.

So we caught up with fashion divas online and asked them "How do you create a look for your wardrobe for a season?" for a dose of inspiration and guidance. Find out what our favourite fashionistas have to say:

Fashion tips by Michelle Glitman of MiishkaI really try not to over-think my wardrobe too much as I can't imagine myself committing to a certain 'look' more than an hour in advance. So for me, it is really about having a great mix of quality basics to work in with designer and vintage statement pieces that can easily work together to create an original on-trend look.

Of course with the cooler months ahead the simplicity of throwing on a fab semi-sheer pastel day dress with a statement shoe or wedge is no longer there. But with the recent wrap up of Paris and London fashion weeks and global press and blogs lit up with the most breathtaking fall/winter looks you have the perfect reference points to work into your Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

And here is why I love wearing vintage, with fashion being so cyclical you can always find an on-trend piece at half the price and be safe in knowing no one else will be wearing the same thing... the search is also half the fun :)

Michelle Glitman

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We caught up with Michelle for an exclusive interview - read more about Michelle's passion for vintage fashion and MIISHKA!

Fashion tips by Melina Hollway of Damsel in this DressI normally start with what prints and colours are going to be hot for each season straight off the European runway, I then incorporate what styles I love to wear with the new season fashion trends and match lots of stunning accessories and bling in with my new season pieces.

I like to add lots of older pieces that I adore with new items that way I can create a whole new look whilst still looking up to date but saving money by recycling a certain look.

Melina Hollway

Melina Hollway fashion blogger

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Fashion tips by Adele Graham of the Vintage Frock ShopTo create a look for my wardrobe each season I start by going through my wardrobe and getting rid of anything that doesn't fit or that I don't like anymore - this gives me room to add new items. I'm a bit of a 'like it all' girl. I love vintage clothing, but I also love modern and trendy clothes and I'm not afraid of trying new things, so my wardrobe has a diverse mixture of looks.

Some days I feel like going for a total vintage look and will wear a great vintage dress teamed with a pair of vintage shoes and vintage bag. Other days I feel like mixing it up and will team a pretty vintage blouse with a pair of skinny jeans and some days (rare) I won't wear anything vintage at all.

Each season I will buy a few modern items and will blend them with my ever growing vintage wardrobe. I think the key to anyone's wardrobe being great is to only buy and wear pieces that you love and feel great in and then this will show through in a confident attitude that others will notice.

Adele Graham

The Vintage Frock Shop

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Fashion tips by Sharon Chim of Queen Bee MaternityThis must be a challenge now facing pregnant working women heading into autumn as office clothing is typically made of non-stretchy fabrics. A good place to start is the perennial office staple - the shift dress. Your new LBMD. Simply add a crisp white collared shirt underneath for an instant corporate look (you can even leave it unbuttoned underneath - no one will ever know). Layer a tee in the same colour over the dress for a sleek sleeved style or change it up with a cowl neck top. Add a jacket or cardigan over the top as it gets cooler. Play with accessories so you don't feel like you are wearing the same thing each day. Add a silk scarf or borrow hubby's leather belt and wear it at the empire line.

A collared wrap dress is the perfect combination of chic and professionalism. The wrap style lets you tailor the fit for your bump - and dresses are great for getting ready quickly in the morning as your outfit is complete.

For those that like to mix and match, a pencil skirt or a classic pair of black pants is a must have in the world of business attire. Discreet side stretch panels hide that they are indeed maternity trousers. In fact, these days there are maternity equivalents for all your basic office wardrobe pieces. There are also gadgets available to allow you to wear your regular clothes for longer. TummyTies and Adjust-A-Button extend your pants and support belly bands can be worn under regular tops and hide the gap as you'll find your tops are becoming shorter.

Don't feel compelled to stick to dark colours. Pregnancy is a special time of your life. If ever there was a time to buy that one special on-trend piece - it's now. In-between morning sickness and having to work, that one special piece that you want to wear everyday will make you smile and feel fabulous.

Sharon Chim

Queen Bee

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Fashion tips by Sam Sidney of Twin Cat VintageI like to pull a few of my favourite key trends for the season and work with these. I also like to decide on a colour palette that I think will have longevity and last this season and beyond. This can be tricky for a chameleon like myself who is constantly reinventing and changing styles so I really need to try and refine my ideas so it doesn't get too messy!

For example, this winter I am trying to keep a fairly warm and neutral colour palette with pops of bright colour. I am looking for interesting textures, weights and prints in fabric and ultilising a few of my favourite "trends" like pleating, slouchy fits and long lengths.

As I am a sucker for all things vintage I will most definitely be throwing in as much vintage as I can, whether it be in the shape of a hat, dress, shoes or accessories. I find vintage the most timeless thing of all, and no wardrobe is complete without it!

Sam Sidney
Twin Cat Vintage

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Fashion tips by Chani Carroso of Peachs & Cream Vintage CoutureFor the last 3 months I have been watching and reading some pretty amazing blogs from overseas. Europe and USA have just finished their winter, and holy guacamole - the fashion they produced is absolutely impeccable. I was left at my computer every night gobsmacked and basically waiting like an inpatient little toddler that cant reach her toys - just out of arms reach!

So my days have consisted of cutting images out of magazines and putting them on my inspiration board, saving images on my mac and making compilations off websites where I can buy buy buy all of what's available! Statement pieces is what its all about this season with fabulous accessories like wide brimmed hats, faux furs and to-die-for boots!

Chani Carroso

Peaches & Cream - Vintage Couture

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Enter the She Inspires online competitions Fashion tips by Jill Slater of STUNTgirlsI collect and browse through all the fashion catalogues that arrive in my letter box while paying attention to what seems to be the latest fashions out there. I try and find pieces that suit my individual style and body shape without falling totally for the latest “must have” item – dressing to suit you as an individual is more important than blindly following a trend. Then I usually hit the online shops, bookmarking and saving the pieces that I love in a special folder on my browser. I often save images to a folder on my desktop so I can piece together outfits from around the web, making sure I jot down where they came from so I can find them again! Then when I’m totally happy with my new style, I jump in and make my purchases and sit back awaiting the postie!

Most good online stores are more than happy to do returns so I am not concerned about items not fitting me. And many of the better online stores will display measurements so I can be sure I’m selecting the best fit for me at the time of purchase. And it sure beats roaming about the shopping centres trying to find what I’m looking for! A couple of months ago I picked up some gorgeous strappy jeweled sandals, a floor length maxi dress and three adorable tops all for under $150 including postage! Bargain!

Jill Slater


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Fashion tips by Michelle Rafferty of The Vintage DressI’m a self-confessed blog addict and love reading fashion blogs posted by girls who don’t have any formal fashion training but love clothes and have a real aptitude for style. I steal their ideas and mash it with what’s in my wardrobe as well as vintage pieces to create my own take on a look.

I do all of my shopping either at vintage stores or at designer online sites. I don’t do the high street anymore. I just find it all too mass produced.

Michelle Rafferty

The Vintage Dress

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Fashion tips by Sam Burns of Ollie and MaxI'm a firm believer in trans-seasonal pieces. My philosophy has always been to invest in styles that are tailored, fitted to your shape and that suit your personal style. You will then have an outfit you feel fantastic in and a wardrobe of favourite pieces which can be updated, adapted and worn timelessly. Garments which can be teamed with newly found 'seasonal hero pieces' which might include new look jackets, great scarves or striking shoes.

Thus I am always on the look out for that piece that has a point of difference. I buy throughout the year, but find with the calling of each season I come across a few favourite items. Currently I am swooning over a sequin and fringed t-shirt cut with the tailoring of a jacket. It fits effortlessly and flows like silk. It has the supreme quality of 'mixing and matching' with key pieces in my wardrobe and can take me from work, to drinks or to a party. With casual linen shorts, a slim fitting cocktail skirt or simply a pair of jeans. Teamed with a scarf or panama hat, I am in wardrobe bliss.

Speaking of my favourite accessory is... the scarf. Readers, I hear the collective cheer. We all know they are the perfect accessory to update an outfit through the seasons. Try a bold animal print as a statement piece; or a luxe fabric to make an outfit feel more sophisticated. A great tip is to tie your beloved scarf around your handbag for an extra "pop of detail". They are also fantastic to hide those 'bits and pieces' boot camp has not quite managed to be rid of.

With winter approaching I am on the search for anything in my new favourite colour navy, aswell as good leather pieces. Italian tailoring is inspiring me, and my biggest achievement through winter will be outfits that are tailored to my shape which allow me to play with a loose or fitted silhouette. Teamed with tan or chocolate belts and boots, these outfits seem to be the perfect anitdote to a winters day.

Sam Burns

Ollie & Max

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A great big thank you for all the seriously busy fashion experts who took time out of they very full days to help put this article together - we really appreciate it and love all your advice and ideas.

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