Top 10 Fashion Tips for Summer
Summer designer fashion with Maxi-dresses

Now that the weather is losing its chill and the days are getting longer, it is time to look to your summer wardrobe. These warmer days are a ideal to enjoy the weather and sun and step out of all those layers and flaunt your figure. This summer is all about adding more colour into the mix, so while black is always a classic go to colour for any season summer is the perfect time to step out and try something new.

So before summer gets into full swing, check out these top ten accessories and style trends that will aid you in finding your own summer style this year.


1. Combat Boots


That's right, those boots that you have been wearing all winter year are cruising into summer with you! For summer, the ankle combat boots are most useful, sharing a bit of structure utility to any outfit, without being too dressed up. Paired with a flirty and flowery frock, combat boots can add casual edge or can be paired with with denim cut offs and loose t-shirt for a day out with the girls.


2. The Colour White


The great thing about white is it looks good on everyone so with this season's themes of white and neutrals you can create the look that best suits your day. While some of us prefer not to wear white until we have more of a sun kissed glow, don't let that hinder you indulging in using white and neutrals as a highlight. White is also being seen in sundresses, pretty lace tops, skirts and shorts.


3. Florals


Florals, whether in a small or large print, are classic spring pieces and also provide good wear throughout the summer months. This season's florals are largely about figure flattering pieces that not only showcase your figure, but also provide a distinctively feminine touch to your wardrobe. So summer dresses with floral details are all about this summer!


4. Shorts


Now that the warmer weather here is is time to lose the leggings and show off your legs in a funky pair of shorts. A trend coming up with summer shorts is the inclusion of a frayed edge on a shorter pair of denim shorts. The frayed denim short is certainly a more casual look, but is also provides a good way to revamp an old pair of favourite jeans. For those of you interest in a less casual look, try high wasted shorts. A salute to the glamour of old Hollywood, high waisted shorts provide a good way to showoff long legs but watch out for the effects of a straight line of the zipper going over a curvy belly.


5. Maxi Dress


While the maxi dress was an up and coming trend last summer, it has proven to have longevity with this summer's style. Maxi dresses gives you an easy put on and go option, whether you are roaming the city or going for a day on the beach. This seasons prints and cuts are more versatile and flatter the more voluminous figures and are ideal for those summer scorches.


6. Patterns


Australia is full of patterns from the foliage, to aboriginal art, to city graffiti and now designers are taking direct inspiration from these patterns in their fashion designs. The best part about pattern pieces is that every shape and size can wear these pieces and pull them off. The degree to what size and complexity of a pattern you wear is completely up to your preference, the trick is in balancing the patterns. If you choose a larger print, let that be the focal piece of your outfit and pair it with either solids or a very subtle accompanying print. For smaller prints, feel free to mix with other prints, but ensure that they match the same colour scheme so that they do not clash with each other.


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7. Denim


Mixing denims may have been taboo in previous seasons, but this summer is about mixing it up with multiple denim pieces. The knack with mixing denim is that the pieces should not all be the same shade but varied. Ultimately you want to wear your clothes, and not have your clothes wear you, so choose pieces that have enough variety amongst them that if showcases your sense of style. An easy way to mix and match denim is to match a pair of medium toned jeans with a lighter denim button down shirt, or a demin jacket and plain t-shirt; so go for tonal differences.


8. Swimming Costumes


Most of us spend half the summer in and out of the water so each season freshening up the swimming costume collection is a must. Bikinis are always a beach staple, and this season has taken that staple a little further with prints. Your favourite swimsuit shapes are now a little brighter, but also include some of the funkier prints that are apparent in this season's new clothing. Another swim wear trend is the revamp of the one piece swimsuit. One pieces have often been viewed as less sexy than their more revealing counterpart, but this season's form flattering, 50's esque design enhances the appearance of the female curves while still giving the more active swimming girls something stylish to do their laps in rather than the trusty old Speedos one-pieces.


9. Statement Necklaces and Rings


Statement jewellery is largely at the forefront of summer fashion, with necklaces and rings being the main pieces. Statement jewellery is all about large and prominent adornment. Statement necklaces are generally higher up the neck like a choker and adorned with several large focal pieces in varying shapes or colors. Statement rings generally have a smaller band, but a large gem, stone or shape as the focal area of the ring. With this focus on the oversized this season make sure you seek a balance between the designs - big patterns with big necklaces and big rings can easily look OTT so look to find balance with the small - medium - large theme such as a maxi dress with a large pattern print with a big ring and funky strappy sandals rather than everything being big.


10. Sparkles


Rhinestones, sequence and glitter are often synonymous with your "going out" ensembles, but this season is letting us pull out those drama pieces and wear them during the day. Sparkling pieces, whether in your clothes or on an accessory, are a good way to incorporate a bit of fun into your work or day outfit. With sparkly or bedazzled pieces it is important to match them with solids or neutrals, so that you retain a daytime aesthetic, but go for it and utilise all those glam pieces!


Summer Fashion Fun


Your wardrobe basics will always be a vital part of your daily attire, and the retention of quality pieces that last is an important habit to maintain. But as the weather heats up be ready to try out these fun summer fashion trends!. Summer is a great time to experiment with different styles and aesthetics and have some fun with fashion. So go and enjoy the sun, the beach and embrace showing off your beautiful body that has been hidden for the past few months.





Contributing Writer Sidni Ramos

Contributing Writer Sidni Ramos

Sidni is a graphic communications major with an emphasis in fine arts at Clemson University. Sidni is an international intern with She Inspires, with a love for learning, music and people. Check her out at

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