Boots are Back for Winter
Loving Women's Winter Boots

Loving Women's Winter Boots

It is that time of the year when once again women all around the nation are throwing their shoes to the back of the closet and reaching for their favourite pair of winter boots. The ultimate item for your winter wardrobe, a stylish pair of boots brings an edge to any outfit.

Whether you’re after something smart or casual, sexy or practical, knee-high, mid-calf or ankle, leather, patent or suede, there is a boot for every occasion and with this season’s huge range, there is something to suit everyone.

The slouchy boot, the buckle boot, and the riding boot are just some of the hot options flying off the catwalk and into a store near you this season. Even aussie fave, the humble ugg boot, enjoys a ritual return to popularity with the coming of the cold weather.

Ugg boots aside, let’s take a look at the top picks in women’s boots this winter.

Riding boot: For a classic winter look you can’t go past the riding boot. Big in browns and greys this season, these flat heeled leather boots are the ultimate marriage of comfort and style. Whether you’re in the office or out on the town, riding boots are the perfect accompaniment to a variety of outfits and look great paired with skirts, dresses or pants.

Slouchy boot: Channel your inner 80s with the resurgence of modern, slouchy boots. While not as big as they were back in the decade of decadence, the slouchy boot is making an impressive return to the scene. A favourite in soft fabrics like suede for extra slouch, this time round these booties are available in plenty of dressier styles. If you’re long and lean, they look great over leggings or skinny jeans. If you’re a little curvier, they look great with a knee-length skirt.

Buckle Boots look great!Buckle boot: In addition to the straps, belts and buckles that can be found on many of the boots already mentioned, belted and buckled boots have become a trend in their own right. Adding an edge to simple ensembles like the humble black pant suit, the buckle boot is the perfect addition to warm up any winter wardrobe. Available in every height and style – on everything from urban styles with flat heels, to ultra-feminine high heel stunners, this versatile boot is a stylish addition to any winter wardrobe.

Over-the-knee high boot: The over-the-knee boot is the hottest style of the season. If you’re game to try it, stay close to the lower size of the heel spectrum to avoid the Pretty Woman look. Easy to wear and very versatile, thigh high boots look good with skirts and dresses, or with jeans tucked into them. If you match the colour of your boot to your tights, leggings or pants, it will make your legs look longer and leaner.

Corset boot: The peep toe, lace up boot is a kinky take on the traditional boot. Proving to be one of the hottest trends this winter, women of all ages can embrace this sexy look. The best part of this style is that the lace up corset makes every foot look narrower.

High heel boot: The sexiest boot of all is of course the high heel boot. Flattering to your figure, these boots are readily paired with skirts, over skinny jeans and under pants. Easy to transition this look from day to night, skirts and dresses with a longer hem line usually look better as they balance out the high heel.

Ankle boots: A great match over skinny jeans, or with skirts and dresses of any lengths, ankle boots are very popular this winter. The only drawback with the ankle boot is that unless you are long and lanky they can make your legs look shorter, so if you are vertically challenged consider keeping the boots hidden under pants.

Boots for Every Figure

Long and lean isn’t a prerequisite for every boot make, you just need to make sure when you’re buying boots that you choose styles that best suit your body shape – if you’ve got thick calves and ankles, go for a sturdier heel; big foots should avoid delicate stilettos; and short, chunky legs need to avoid ankle straps. One of the best improvements in boots this winter are the wide calf boots so more of us get to enjoy beautiful winter footwear designs.

With these simple tips and such a variety of style options to choose from this winter, it won’t be finding the perfect boots that will be the problem but rather finding a pair that you don’t want in your winter wardrobe!

Chocolate brown riding boots!


Contributing Writer Alex Brown

Contributing Writer Alex Brown

Alex is a holiday writer, with a love of languages and a background in economics. Interests in travel, linguistics, fashion news and celebrity trivia.

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