How to Be a Smart Savvy Fashion Shopper

What does it mean to be a Smart Savvy Fashion Shopper?

Tips for the fashionista on being smary savvy fashion shoppersIt’s more than buying fashion on sale. Although having the uncanny talent of finding a bargain is a definite trait of a Savvy Shopper. In essence it is about making the most out of your Fashion-Dollars.

The Number-One rule of a Savvy Shopper is! Know Thy-self

Knowing what suits you, will ensure that you always feeling confident about your personal style. This does not mean buying the same items in multiple colours. A Smart Savvy shopper always tries new trends and fashion styles, but is choosy about which of these new trends she will adopt into her wardrobe.

Knowing Thy-self is the personification of a wardrobe that reflects your unique and personal lifestyle. A Smart Savvy Shopper is outfitting as she shops, matching new purchases to items already in her wardrobe, imaging Where, When and Why she will wear the piece.

A Smart Savvy shopper only buys what she LOVES and what she will WEAR.

A Smart Savvy Shopper is in possession of a Multi-Functional wardrobe. Her own personal collection of unique outfits that mirror’s her person taste, style and unique lifestyle.

You may be feeling overwhelmed and slightly annoyed at this Illusive-Being... the so called “Smart Savvy Shopper,” Instead take a leaf out her book and incorporate some simple tips into your fashion shopping experiences in the future. Besides fashion shopping is fun and nothing not even the so called savvy what’s her name is going to change that. Play her at her own game!

Tips in becoming a Savvy Smart Fashion Shopper:

* Start a Fashion Wish-List. This is a list of Items of clothing you need to complete your own personalised Multi-Functional wardrobe collection. Oh ... and a budget may also come in handy.

* Cleanse your wardrobe of clothing that doesn’t fit, are damaged, are out-of-fashion or you just don’t wear.

* Think about the types of events and activities that make up your lifestyle. For instance if you spend 50% of your time in an office, in simple terms your wardrobe should be 50% work related.

* Identify the Anchor Pieces in your wardrobe. These are the pieces that you wear a lot and feature heavily in most of your outfits. Some great examples are a flattering pair of Jeans, black work-pants or a Light-weight Cardigan.  If you are missing any important items... add them to the wish-list!

Win genuine gemstone jewellery in gold with She Inspires!* Ensure you have a good array of Basics Items such as layering tees and camisoles in core colours like black and white.

* Workshop your wardrobe, practice putting together new outfits from the clothes you already have. This process may also highlight some holes in your wardrobe. Again add any missing pieces to your ever growing wish-list.

* Accessorise; adding accessorises to an outfit is the perfect way to your own personal touch to an outfit or completely change the mood of an outfit. Accessorising well is a definite asset to any sassy fashionistas.

* Be aware of new fashion trends, the easiest and cheapest way to do this is to sign up to your favourite retailers website, they will send through promotion and feature their latest fashion trends which you can peruse at your leisure. The local, independent designers are usually at the forefront of what's on trend.

* Take your Wish-List Shopping, don’t make impulse buys and buy only what you need and most importantly what you LOVE!

* Learn the art of mixing High and Low price points, a Savvy Shopper looks for pieces that look expensive without compromising on quality. But sometimes it is worth saving for that perfect Investment piece that will take you from one season to the next with effortless ease. This may be a designer pair of jeans or undeniably exquisite bag or the most beautiful cashmere coat. You will know what it is because you will fall in love.

Taking this complete approach to shopping will ensure you always feel “STYLED”. A great wardrobe is about creative planning, creating your own unique LOOK in essence the image of who we are or at least who we project to the world. And we all know that perceptions do count and a positive perception can only be good!



Guest Writer Louise Coccione

Guest Writer Louise Coccione

Louise Coccione is the head stylist at Style Friend and believes that every woman has the right to develop her own unique fashion style that celebrates her beautiful self.

Style Friend aims to teach clients how to sift through the fashion trends and fads and choose styles that Fit and Flatter, without getting stuck in a Fashion Rut or being a Fashion Slave. Making the right Fashion decisions ensure fashion dollars are delivering value, all the clothes in the wardrobe should be working as hard as you do. Find out more at


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