Mixing a Passion for Vintage Fashion with a Love for Shopping
Vintage fashion expert Michelle Glitman shares her love for fashionYet another talented woman has struck out successfully with her own business after years in the corporate world and fashion wise girls across the country are saying 'thank you!" to Michelle Glitman for letting her dream come true in online reality with MIISHKA.

Melbourne girl Michelle started out locally and suddenly found herself with a rapidly growing national business with her blog and social media profiles. The secret behind this rapid growth is Michelle's talent for spotting on trend vintage designs and pairing them with current fashion so fashion forward girls across the country have access to affordable and adorable fashion.

We caught up with the vibrant and talented Michelle to find out what makes this fashionista's heart skip a beat, what her customers mean to her and how she is building such a thriving business, plus some lessons learnt business tips.

What is MIISHKA all about, how did the idea come about?

I have always been obsessed with fashion and in particular vintage clothing and accessories for as long as I can remember. My mum has been a huge influence as even in the 80s she was incorporating vintage pieces she would pick up overseas into her wardrobe. So as a Stylist and after 5 + years spent working with fashion and beauty brands in the Advertising industry, I had the idea to create a place where iconic fashion from the past could work to create new innovative trends for the future. MIISHKA is about affordable, one-of-a-kind fashion for the independent, unique and fun-loving girl. It is about taking what you like from the hand-picked collection and making it work for your own style and personality.

My blog is also a huge part of MIISHKA. It is where I share all the things that inspire and motivate me day-to-day. It is also an insight into how I source pieces from all over the world, taking into account everything that is going on in the local and global fashion world and in turn bringing those influences to my customers.

Fashion obviously inspires you, breathes life into your spirit; what makes your heart sing when you make that find?

I can generally spot that piece that makes my heart beat that little bit faster pretty quickly. It might be a pop of colour, beading, sequins, lace, tulle, sheer details or incredible tailoring - one or all of these will be enough for me to pull it from the hanger and never let it go.. well at least not until it becomes part of the MIISHKA collection.

Enter the She Inspires online competitions Where are you sourcing the great vintage treasures and are you getting to travel to find the vintage pieces that are so on trend with today’s fashion?

I mostly source my vintage pieces from overseas but funnily enough have yet to leave Australia to do so! I am lucky to have some amazing contacts and with the power of the internet you can do business with people from all over the world without ever leaving home.

I also love sourcing pieces locally from markets, personal collections and charity stores - the beauty of vintage shopping is finding a gem in the most unexpected of places. Finding pieces that are on trend doesn't really have anything to do with where you are looking but rather everything to do with what you are looking for.

What did you learn as a stylist in the advertising business that is helping making your online fashion business work so well?

I place a huge emphasis on customer service - something I learnt very early on in my career. Sometimes I can spend days with a potential customer before they decide to buy an item, if any at all.

But I always see the value in taking the time to understand what someone is looking for and answering all their questions. Building trust is extremely important to me. I like to think that people can and will see MIISHKA as a place where they know they will always have a positive, enjoyable experience.

What do you enjoy most about the business?

Without a doubt it is seeing a client/customer have not only a great experience purchasing a piece but also wearing it. Receiving an email from a customer telling me that she wore a dress she bought at MIISHKA on a first date or from another who had 'one of the best nights' of her life out with her girlfriends in one of our dresses means everything to me and is hands down the best part of what I do.

What’s been the hardest part or experience you’re had since starting the business?

I never expected MIISHKA to grow as fast as it has and running the business on my own I am generally working 15 hour days, 7 days a week.

Literally living and breathing the business has proved challenging at times but at the end of the day I absolutely love what I do and to see people responding to what we are doing makes it all worthwhile. I will also be looking at hiring a talented fashionista in the coming months which I am really excited about!

What are the hopes and plans for MIISHKA this year?

This year is all about evolving, growing and taking my vision for MIISHKA to the next level. But first I will be spending the next three months overseas traveling, meeting new suppliers, sourcing beautiful clothes and accessories and meeting with some amazingly talented people I have wanted to see since starting the business. After that will come big things for MIISHKA at home, unfortunately I can't say anymore at this stage.

What would be your top 5 tips you’d give to someone creating a Facebook business?

1. Interact with your fans and listen to them. They will let you know if something is working or if it isn't this is where promoting discussion, asking and answering questions is paramount.
2. Share new content daily even if it isn't related to your business i.e. fashion week wrap up, an emerging designer, a new must-have item you just discovered etc.
3. Have a strong customer service focus in place - doing business on facebook is still a very new concept and many people need things explained as well as being reassured they can trust you with personal information and of course their money.
4. Understand that is not just about selling a product it is about creating a community.
5. Create your online voice and stick to it.

Want to know how Michelle creates a look for a new season? Find out with our fashionista new season fashion tips!



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About Michelle Glitman of MIISHKA

About Michelle Glitman of MIISHKA

Michelle Glitman of MIISHKA vintage fashion blog fame
Melbourne fashionista Michelle Glitman is the creative fashion talent behind MIISHKA and brings her passion for vintage fashion online for all to indulge in and be inspired by.

Finding MIISHKA online check out the MIISHKA Blog, MIISHKA on Facebook and Twitter

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