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Fashion and Style Inspiration

Fashion and Style Inspiration

5 Tips for Dressing for Success at Work5 Tips for Dressing for Success at WorkWhen you're ready to take your career seriously you need to take a serious look at your wardrobe.

To help you do that without breaking the budget we've got five practical tips to get you started.

7 Ways Designers Can Use Pop-Ups Stores to Grow7 Ways Designers Can Use Pop-Ups Stores to GrowPop-up stores are a great way in which designers are promoting their brands, often creating gallery-like shopping spaces for members of the curious public to enter and purchase.
How are designers making use of pop-up stores? Here are seven ways these one shop wonders are positively altering success.
5 Tips On How To Be A Fashion Blogger5 Tips On How To Be A Fashion Blogger
Want to create a fashion blog, but unsure of how to get started? Let us help you with 5 top tips on how to a fashion blogger.

From street style, men's fashion to the latest fashion news, fashion blogs are taking over the world wide web in a big way. According to Google there are 690,000,000 results for the search "Fashion Blog". Transform yourself from 'someone with a blog' to a 'blogger'.
Growing a Business from Scratch with Lisa BarronGrowing a Business from Scratch with Lisa Barron

As part of our series of meeting the women and men behind Australian fashion we caught up with the talented and inspiring Melbourne fashion designer Lisa Barron.

Find out what makes Lisa tick and her 5 tips for someone starting out in the world of fashion.

Dressing for SuccessDressing for SuccessWant to know the secrets behind those women who always look good no matter what they're wearing?

The good news is it all comes down to defining your own personal style and with these fashion ground rules you can create your own stylish look to impress!
7 Elements to Become Successful In Fashion Design7 Elements to Become Successful In Fashion DesignWant to become a fashion designer, yet no clue how to get started?
You can achieve anything when you set your mind to it. Here are 7 tips on how to get those ideas out of your head and into the industry.
Finding Inspiration for a Creative BusinessFinding Inspiration for a Creative Business
What does it take to create a long lasting creative business and stay inspired? Renee Blackwell has discovered the secret.

Find out how travels, giving back and the land sustains creativity for a thriving jewellery designer and her business.
Op Shop Tips for Upcycling and Recycling TreasuresOp Shop Tips for Upcycling and Recycling Treasures
Find out how Op shopping can unearth great treasures, tips on how to op shop like a pro and have a ball of a time all at once as Belinda reveals her not so secret love for her local Vinnies.

So if you're into recycling and upcycling you'll love getting to know your local op shops, all the while doing your bit for the community and the environment as well!
5 Tips for Buying Handbags Online5 Tips for Buying Handbags OnlineGot a passion for authentic designer handbags and online shopping?

To help you find the best deals for the real thing we've got 5 practical online shopping tips for you. 

Starting Fresh with a New Pair of SpecsStarting Fresh with a New Pair of Specs
Updating the old glasses with a new pair can bring up a whole range of challenges, starting with confidence! But a new pair of specs can be a great way to create a fresh new look for yourself.

So we have 5 great for you to choose a new look.
5 Top Tips for to Grow Your Stockists5 Top Tips for to Grow Your Stockists
Choosing the right stockists are crucial to reaching your target market, but there are other effective ways to connect with stockists than showing at your industry trade shows. 

Check out our list to see how you can grow your stockists and the success of your small business today! 
Top 20 Online Fashion Forums to ImpressTop 20 Online Fashion Forums to ImpressCalling all Fashionistas! We have the top 20 online fashion forums all in one place for you so you can be ahead of the crowds with the latest fashion trends and news!

So if you love all things fashion you'll love these fashion forums from all over the world - Australia, Britain, New Zealand, Canada and the US of A!

7 Gift Ideas for Teenage Siblings7 Gift Ideas for Teenage Siblings
Finding ideal gifts for teenagers can be really difficult so we thought a helping hand would make life that much easier.

So we have 7 great gift ideas for teenagers for you.
Following Your Fashion HeartFollowing Your Fashion Heart
If you need a healthy dose of inspiration and a push towards doing what you love then you'll find this interview with Chiquita Searle inspiring and captivating.

Find out how Chiquita escaped the rat race to create her own fashion label and how this passionate and savvy business woman is making it all work.
5 Must Haves for Your Cold Climate Winter Holiday5 Must Haves for Your Cold Climate Winter HolidayPacking your bags for a snowy winter holiday can have you scratching your head about what you'll need to deal with those seriously cold tempatures.

So to help we have 5 must have items for your suitcase so you can still fit the rest of your gear.
50 Quotes on Fashion and Style50 Quotes on Fashion and Style
Something for the fasionistas, a wonderful collection of 50 inspiring quotes about fashion, style, elegance, self-confidence and all that fashion is about.
Dive into these inspiring quotes by the likes of Yves Saint-Laurent, Alicia Keys, Alexander McQueen, Whitney Houston, Karl Lagerfeld, Gianni Versace, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Dannii Minogue and Lady Gaga and share with the girls.
5 Tips for Fashion Business Success5 Tips for Fashion Business Success
Ever wondered what it takes to create a successful online fashion boutique? 

We caught up with Jane Simpson of HowNowMadamCow to find out what inspires her and what are some of the realities of growing a small business online.
10 Top Selling Tips for Selling Online10 Top Selling Tips for Selling OnlineSo you're having to climb over too many things filling up the house to get anything done? Want to clear out that wardrobe, the old kids toys they've grown out of and reclaim your home?

We've got 10 practical tips for selling all manner of things online so you can declutter and make some money at the same time.
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Making Your Career In the Fashion Industry

Making Your Career In the Fashion Industry

When you have a passion for fashion working within the fashion industry is a dream come true. Fortunately, the fashion industry is broad and the opportunties are there for the making - not the taking, you do have to make it happen for yourself if you want it.

So to help inspire we've collected some practical guides to help you fulfill your fashionista dreams as well as sharing the news about fabulous fashion!

Fashion Industry Career Inspiration

Fashion Industry Career Inspiration

10 Ways How to Put Yourself Ahead of the Pack in Getting Your Perfect Fashion Job10 Ways How to Put Yourself Ahead of the Pack in Getting Your Perfect Fashion JobShe who has a plan gets her dream. Find out how to make your own fashion career plan to make your own fashion dream come true.
Big List of Roles within the Fashion IndustryBig List of Roles within the Fashion IndustryGot a passion for fashion but don't know what's out there? SheInspires has created a great list of over 70 fashion industry jobs for you to check out.

Find out here that there's something for everyone in the fashion industry, just as long as you have that magical ingredient - a total love of fashion!
How to Land Your Ideal Fashion JobHow to Land Your Ideal Fashion JobFashion is a tough and competitive industry that can seem impossible to break into but with some planning and determination it can be one of the most rewarding and creative careers around. Find out how to make your lucky break happen your own way.
About Our Fashion and Style News

About Our Fashion and Style News

If you want to be looking good all year round then check up on the latest fashion tips. You can learn the new fads and trends from fashion designers about fashion jewelry, teen fashion, fashion modeling, celebrity fashion, and fashion magazines.

Fashion tips will keep your style updated and will leave you looking great in your newest outfit. Fashion tips like what boots to wear with mini skirts, men's fashion tips, fashion modeling tips, and fashion tips for teens can all be found here.

Don't be left out in the cold about what is going on in the world of fashion and style. Surprise everyone with your up to date knowledge on the looks, trends, fads, and must haves of this years fashion.

Fashion dos and don'ts will tell you exactly how to look your best whether you are spending time out on the town or curled up on the couch.

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