Over 70 Fashion Industry Careers to Choose From
SheInspires Fashion Industry Career Ideas

SheInspires Fashion Industry Career Ideas

There are a vast range of jobs and careers within the Fashion Industry so we thought we’d list 75 of them to get you thinking. So let's get started:

1. Accessory Designers

2. Accessory Designer Assistant

3. Advertising Assistant

4. Advertising Manager

5. Art Director

6. Blog Editor

7. Brand managers

8. Bridal Designers

9. Business Manager

10. Buyer’s Assistant

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11. Buyers

12. Buyers Administration

13. Catwalk Model

14. Clippers

15. Clothing Fit Model

16. Costume Designer

17. Costume Designer Assistants

18. Cutters

19. Designers Assistant

20. Distribution Administration

21. Distribution Managers

22. Event Planners

23. Event Planners Assistant

24. Export Coordinators

25. Fabric Designer

26. Fabric Designer Assistant

27. Fabric Wholesaler

28. Fashion Commentators

29. Fashion Designers

30. Fashion Event Coordinators

31. Fashion Illustrator

32. Fashion Journalists

33. Fashion Magazine Editor

34. Fashion Magazine Editorial Staff

35. Fashion Photographer

36. Fashion Photographer Assistant

37. Fashion Sales Representative

38. Fashion Show Coordinator

39. Fashion Website Designer

40. Finance Administration

41. Finance Directors

42. Footwear Designers

43. Garment Technician

44. Import coordinators

45. Internet Marketing Assistant

46. Internet Marketing Manager

47. Jewellery Designers

48. Machinists

49. Magazine Model

50. Marketing Administration

51. Marketing Assistants

52. Marketing Directors

53. Merchandise Planner

54. Merchandise Planner Assistant

55. Merchandise Planners

56. Merchandise Planners Assistant

57. Milliner Designers

58. Online Editor

59. Pattern Makers Assistant

60. Patters makers

61. Product Developers

62. Public relations assistants

63. Public Relations Managers

64. Recruitment Administration

65. Recruitment Managers

66. Retail Assistants

67. Retail Managers

68. Sample Cutters

69. Sewers

70. Stylists

71. Stylists Assistant

72. Tailor

73. Warehouse Staff

74. Window Display Designers

75. Window Display Designers Assistant

We’ve included the assistant roles are they are important entry points that lead to professional development.

Many roles overlap with individuals able to do many things – especially if they are fashion business owners as they tend to need to be able to do just about everything. So a fashion designer will also be a pattern maker, sewer, fabric designer, product developer and also able to sell the fabulous designs!

If you have a passion for fashion you might think that the be all and end all is being a Fashion Designer. You might find that you’ve put the effort into getting into the Fashion Design course of your dreams only to find that it isn’t really what you want to be doing but still have your passion for fashion. Not to worry, you can see from the list above that there are so many other options is this diverse and fascinating industry that you can find the right niche for you.



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