Top Tips From 50 Gardening Blogs
Flower gardens to inspireStart your own garden today or use these great tips and articles to improve your current garden. Try out new gardens or design your own garden to look just the way you imagined. Inspire yourself by getting outside and gardening in the fresh air.

Gardening is a great hobby that can benefit your mental health and your diet. Whether you are growing fruits and veggies, herbs, or just a flower garden you can use these blogs. So get out and there and pick up your gardening tools! With these top 50 garden blogs you won't want to wait to get your hands dirty.

Potted Gardens

Being an Urban Gardener: Creating A City Vegetable Garden

Just because you live in the city doesn't mean you can't have a delicious vegetable garden. Take advantage of a balcony, window sill, patio or deck and start your potted vegetable garden. Gather up some old containers and start planting your veggies. Have organic vegetables for your dinner table in no time!

Visit Gardening Know How for more articles

Tags: urban gardening, container gardening, rooftop city gardens, city vegetable garden

Courtyard Gardens

The Garden of Eden in Albert Park

Find a relaxing escape at Melbourne's beautiful courtyard garden, The Garden of Eden. This is a great place to enjoy gorgeous plants and sculptures and get away from the outside world. Wander around and day dream in a peaceful serene courtyard garden hidden from the outside trains and buildings. Also learn about plants from helpful staff that are more than happy to answer your questions.

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Tags: Courtyard garden, Albert Park, roses, Garden of Eden

How to Choose Landscaping Shrubs

Find out all you need to know about choosing the right shrubs for landscaping to create the best effects.

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Tags: shrubs, plants for the landscape, foliage plants, shade plants

Townhouse Gardening

Mow your verge

If you live in a town house or rent property this is no excuse for not having well kept grass or a flourishing garden. Find out what you can do to organize your townhouse community in working together and creating a enjoyable scenery to live in. Even if you have no idea about gardening there are simple steps you can take to sprucing up your property and keeping it in top shape.

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Tags: Town house gardens, tips for townhouse residents, grow grass, mowing the lawn

Dry Climate Gardens

Grow What Where

It can be hard to figure out what plants will grow in your climate. Find out what Australian native plants are best to grow in your home climate. With thousands of Australian native flora to choose from don't limit your garden options.

Read more at The Rebel Gardener

Tags: Garden plants, Australian Natives, drought tolerant plants, dry conditions

Saving Water In A Dry Garden

Keeping your garden in a dry climate can be hard due to water restrictions. Design your garden for a dry climate and save water. Learn about the basic principles of water conserving gardening and have a beautiful garden in no time.

Go to Brilliant Water Saving Tips & Advice for more information

Tags: water saving, dry climate gardening, water conserving gardens, garden in a dry climate

What To Plant In February

Although February may not be the best month for gardening, don't let your garden die. Find out which plants will flourish in the warm February months. Enjoy your plants while your neighbors are suffering from the warm climate.

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Tags: warm climate gardening, climate zones, moon planting, organic gardening

Fruit And Veg Gardening

Which wood could best be utilised for raised bed vegetable garden/ prevent insect infestation?

Learn how to start your vegetable garden with a raised bed and get more from your garden. Read about the best wood to use when building your raised bed in order to make your garden last longer. Prevent unwanted insects and keep your veggies for your dinner and not the grubs!

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Tags: Vegetable garden bed, raised bed garden, raised vegetable garden, easy raised bed designs

How Does Your Vegetable Garden Grow?

Grow your own fresh veggies at home. Not only is it satisfying to plant and care for your plants, but your hard work and dedication will also save you money. Chomp into your vegetables with pure satisfaction with the help of these gardening tips.

Go to Service Seeking to find out more

Tags: garden, gardeners, gardening, vegetable garden

How To Grow A Mango Tree in A Pot

If you would love to grow some fruit trees but have limited space try growing them in a pot. This article focuses on mango trees and how you can get delicious mangos in no time. Find out how to care for your potted mango tree from the time it starts out as a seedling, until it becomes a fruitful tree!

Click here to go to Daleys Fruit Tree Blog

Tags: dwarf fruit trees, mango, fruit trees, fruit gardening

Avocado Trees, Their Kooky Love Lives & Why To Buy Grafted Trees

Where do avocados come from? Read this article about growing avocados and grafting trees. Get inspired to graft your own fruit trees and come up with a new and exciting fruit tree.

Go to Dig It Down Under for more articles

Tags: Avocado trees, grafted fruit trees, fruit trees, grow fruit trees

Herb Gardens

Tips For Creating An Herb Garden

Plant herbs and spice up your cooking! These easy tips will teach you how to start your herb garden and maintain it. Grow all different types of herbs and experiment in the kitchen. Herb gardens are a fun hobby and will save you money.

Click here to go to Herb Garden Passion

Tags: Herb garden tips, popular herbs, herb gardening, practice herb gardening

Easy Maintenance Herb Gardens Right in Your Small Spaces

Grow an easy maintenance herb garden in your apartment, window sill or outside. Use your herbs for cooking or share them with friends. These easy maintenance gardens will provide you with all sorts of herbs to experiment with and share with friends.

Visit Gomaos Garden for more

Tags: small herb gardens, easy herb gardens, low maintenance herb gardening, grow herbs at home

Show Gardens

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Flowers are beautiful to look at so why not enjoy the RHS Chelsea Flower show, the best flower show in the world. Come and enjoy large show gardens that will amaze you. Buy accessories for your garden and get great ideas for new gardening ideas.

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Tags: flower exhibits, flower show, large show gardens, RHS Chelsea Flower show

What’s New At The Home Garden Expo

Find out what is going on at the Queensland Home Garden Expo. Be surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants. Join other garden enthusiasts and enjoy some breath taking flowers and arrangements.

Visit My Sunshine Coast for more information

Tags: Queensland, Home Garden Expo, subtropical gardening, show gardening

Native Gardens

How Many Local Native Plants Are There?

Find out more about all of the local native plants Australia has to offer. There are hundreds of plants that are suitable for your gardens and can flourish in the Australian climate. Learn more about native plants that you can add to your garden.

Go to Toowoomba Plants for more

Tags: Local plants, Australian native plants, Australian local plants, native plant gardening

Inverawe Native Gardens

See Bill and Margaret Chestnuts beautiful native garden. They took weeds and made them into a beautiful garden full of Australia's variety of native plants. See before and after pictures and get inspired to create a spectacular garden for yourself!

Visit Sustainable Gardening Australia here

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Tags: hobart, inverawe native gardens, native gardening, native Australian plants

Mediterranean Gardens

Makeover to Mediterranean House Plans

Decorate your house the Mediterranean way. Find the modern house plans and fill your house with luscious house plants such as palm trees, jasmine bushes and other rich foliage. Your house will start to acquire the Mediterranean feel in no time.

Click here to go to Display Houses Blog

Tags: modern house plans, Australian homes, Mediterranean plants, Mediterranean foliage

Home Decorating Ideas

Fill your house with the privacy and feel of garden scenery. Create a calm meditation feel with lush foliage around your house. Go with a Mediterranean design style to accent your home decorating.

Go to Home Decorating Ideas for more

Tags: Design, Home Decoration, Home Improvement, Mediterranean gardens


Permaculture Design: Quirindi Public School Community Garden

See what Milkwood Permaculture came up with for a community garden and outside classroom for Quirindi Public School. Get inspired from their landscaping ideas to start your own permaculture design.

Click here to go to Planting Milkwood

Tags: permaculture design, school garden, community garden, classroom garden

Central West Permaculture “permablitzes” Orange Community Garden

Learn more about what the Central West Permaculture group has worked on with permablitzing their community garden. They have been working hard to transform an area of lawn into a mulched vegetable garden and much more. Find out more about their hard work and efforts!

Visit The Shiny Halo for more information

Tags: Central West Permaculture, Orange Community Garden, permablitz, The ELF

Cottage Gardens

Rediscovering the Cottage Garden

Although gardens may not be thought of as important today in the 18th and 19th centuries gardens were the main source of life. Rediscover the importance that the cottage garden had and get inspired to recreate your own.

Go to Thistlebrook for more articles

Tags: Cottage garden, productive gardens, traditional cottage garden, authentic cottage garden

Hollyhocks in the Cottage Garden

Find beautiful flowers that will represent your cottage garden. Plant hollyhocks, Echinacea 'Magnus' and more flowers that will accentuate your cottage garden and make it a secret escape for you.

Click here to go to Rose Cottage Garden

Tags: coneflower, Cottage Garden, Echinacea, Hollyhocks, Mallow, Plant profiles

Upcycling in Your Garden

My Garden Art/Junk

Accent your garden with garden art or junk. Create garden sculptures with old garden tools, pots, birdhouses and more. Find old junk around your house that you could turn into beautiful garden art. Recycle your old rubbish and turn it into something you actually like to look at!

Click here to go to the Empress Of Dirt blog

Tags: gardenjunk, garden art, garden sculptures, spontaneous art

Recycle In Your Garden

Don't make gardening an expensive hobby. With recycling and upcycling you can reuse loads of items as pots and decorations and keep your gardening costs down. Find out what creative ways you can recycle in your garden and make your garden extra eco friendly.

Visit Home Life for more articles

Tags: recycling ideas, recycled garden decorations, recycled pots, planting pots recycled

How Trash Helps Me Save On Potting Soil

Don't waste your money or your soil! Learn how to save by taking advantage of old plastic bags and trash. Find out what you can do to take advantage of your hard working money.

Click here to find out more at A Way To Garden

Tags: potting soil, save money gardening, recycle in your garden, garden money savers

Council Cleanups

“But What Can I Do?” – Ten Ways You Can Support Conservation Efforts In Your Local Area

Learn more about what you can do to help your community. Take part in cleanup Australia day, plant trees, join a landcare group or sponsor an endangered animal. Find out more about what you can do to help clean up your local area and keep your home beautiful.

Click here to go to All For Women

Tags: clean up Australia, government programs, clean up organisations, national parks

Council Pick Up Days To Make AND Save Money

Take advantage of the next council pick up day and turn trash into treasure. You would be surprised at what some people are throwing out and what you can do with it. Next time council pick up day is coming take a look around and see what treasures you can come up with. Look for extra pots for gardening or an old sculpture that would look great in your garden.

Visit Savings Guide for more

Tags: Clean up days, council cleanups, pick up days, save money

Garden Design

Garden Design Trends

Explore new ways to design your garden. Consider making your garden more sustainable through design. Include colour, vegetables, wildlife, recycling and more into your next garden design. Make the garden that is perfect for you and your needs.

Click here to go to Green Garden Design

Tags: garden design trends, recycling, garden sustainability, design your garden

Planning Your Garden Design

Before you start digging up your soil figure out what garden design you are after. Planning your garden ahead of time will get your just the result you were looking for. Save yourself from having to replant and move your gorgeous flowers and get a gorgeous garden from the start.

Visit Flower Gardening Made Easy for more articles

Tags: Flower gardens, garden design, landscape and garden design, flower garden design

Acreage Gardening

.1 Acre Market Garden Rotation

Having a large garden can be difficult. You have to rotate the crops and keep the whole lot in good care. Read more about garden rotation and what you can do for your large scale garden. Keep your crops coming and tasting wonderful.

Visit One Straw Be the Change for more

Tags: acre gardening, garden rotation, sub acre market garden, gardening year

Low Maintenance Plants

What Plants Are Cubicle-Friendly?

Trying to spruce up your cubicle with a little green life? Find out what plants are perfect for your work space and low maintenance to care for. Liven up your office and boost your mood!

Go to Life Hacker for more articles

Tags: work plants, low maintenance plants, house plants, shade-tolerant plants

Keep Your Garden Low Maintenance With Artificial Grass

Have a low maintenance garden that still looks great! Instead of letting your lawn turn brown without attending to it why not go with artificial grass? No more worrying about mowing the lawn or wasting water. Get an artificial lawn that looks and feels real without all the hassle.

Click here to go to the Homes and Gardening Blog

Tags: low maintenance gardens, artificial grass, artificial plants, fake grass

Planning A Garden

Designing A Garden With A Dog Or Cat In Mind

Design a garden that suits you and your furry friend. Taking care of a garden with a dog or cat can be difficult, but with a little planning you can achieve a beautiful garden that works for the both of you. Follow these tips for designing your pet friendly garden!

Go to Australian Women Online for more

Tags: Petcare Information and Advisory Service (PIAS), pet friendly garden, design a garden for pets, pet garden

How to Measure and Draw Your Garden Plan

Plan out exactly what you want your garden to look like. Sometimes the best way to get your ideas out on the table is to measure and draw out your garden plan. This guide will help you figure out how to design your garden just the way you imagine it!

Visit Mega How To for more articles

Tags: Draw Garden Plan, Measure Garden Plan, design garden plan, garden design plan

Bonsai Gardens

Taking Correct Care Of Bonsai

Decorate your house with a cute Bonsai tree. Learn how to take care of your Bonsai correctly and keep it in good condition. Read about the right kind of soil, watering techniques and branch pruning.

Click here to go to Word City

Tags: Bonsai trees, Bonsai tree care, bonsai decoration, buy a bonsai tree

Starting Bonsai Trees from Seeds

Grow your next Bonsai tree from a seed and impress your friends! Start your bonsai tree from the very beginning. Find out what you need to do to get your bonsai tree to sprout and grow into a mighty mini tree.

Visit Bonsai Beginnings for more

Tags: Bonsai Trees, misho, Propagation, growing bonsai trees

Inspirational Gardens

The Garden: An Inspiration

Get inspired by your garden. Whether you are a first time gardener, or have been gardening since you could walk stop and appreciate your garden. Read about other peoples inspirations from gardening and get in touch with your inner love for gardening.

Click here to go to Spirit Body And Mind

Tags: adventure, inspiration, intimate, nature

Inspirational Gardens And The People Behind Them

Check out these inspirational gardens and the people that made them happen. Get new ideas for your garden or go and experience these great gardens in real life. Either way these gorgeous garden photos will inspire you!

Visit Successful Garden Design for more

Tags: inspirational gardens, Veddw House Garden, garden tips, grow inspirational gardens

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Hydroponics Plans – Tips To Help You Not Mess Up Your Hydroponic Garden

If you want to have a hydroponic garden plan it out beforehand. Figure out what kind of plants you want and research your products before you start your hydroponic plants. These tips will help you have a successful hydroponic garden in no time.

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Tags: hydroponic, hydroponic plants, hydroponics, hydroponics plants

Organic Hydroponic Gardens for Beginners

Learn what exactly hydroponic gardening is and how you can start doing it yourself. Find out the health benefits that organic hydroponic gardening has for you. Start your own hydpronic garden today!

Go to Puppet Gov for more articles

Tags: health, organic hydroponics, organic gardens, hydroponic gardening

Children And Gardening

Design Sensory Gardens for Kids Giving Them Time - Teaching Them Skills for Life

The garden is full of things that interact with all of our senses. Use this as a chance to teach your kids about the various senses and gardening. Take this change to let them taste the fruits and veg, hear the bumble bees, touch the leaves, smell the flowers, and see the world growing around them! These fun activities with your kids will made the garden a fun place to explore and learn.

Click here to go to Parenting Our Kids

Tags: Sensory gardens, gardening activity, garden teaching, garden learning

Fun Activities for Kids - Out in The Garden

Find fun activities for you and your kids out in the garden. These great ideas can be used for all ages. Not only will these activities be fun but you can also use these as a chance to teach your kids about all the nature around them.

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Tags: Outdoor activities, garden activities, fun activities for kids, children outdoor activities

Succulent Gardens

Water-Wise Succulent Gardens

Find out why succulents are great plants for conserving water. Plant some succulents in your garden and conserve even more water during those dry months. Use them as garden borders or put them in potted plants. Where ever you plant succulents they can be a great accent for any garden.

Click here to go to the blog Nadia Knows

Tags: cactus, succulent gardening, garden flowers, drought tolerant plants

Super Cute Succulent Gardens

Who says succulent gardens can't be cute? Succulents can look great in any garden and is a great way to add some drought tolerant plants to save some water. Succulent plants are easy to take care of, easy to grow, and will last you forever. These great tips will help you start your own succulent garden in no time!

Visit Penny Sophisticate for more articles

Tags: botany, container garden, succulent plant, succulent plants, crafts, east instructions

Topiary Gardens

The Beauty of Topiary Gardening

Learn the basics of topiary gardening and try it out yourself. Get garden tips to improve your topiary and find out more about where topiary gardening got its start. So transform your plants into an interesting shape and liven up your garden.

Click here to go to Garden Fingers

Tags: topiary gardening, topiary gardens, evergreen plants, topiary plants

Topiary Tips Information

Get this great tips on topiary! Read about the process to produce the your own topiary plants and get your creative juices going. Experiment with new plants or shapes and create something beautiful. The best part is if you don't like it then it will grow back in no time.

Go to Home And Family for more tips

Tags: artificial topiary ball, artificial topiary balls, artificial topiary plants

What We Love About Gardening

Gardeners Are The Future

Gardening is great for the environment and a great hobby, but what does the future look like for gardeners? With the climate changing it is up to the gardeners to adapt to all these changes. So take care of your garden and cherish your gardening experience.

Click here to go to Greening Of Gavin

Tags: Change, Gardening, Peak Everything, future of gardening

That's the Blooming Lot!

Start designing and planting your ideal garden today! Get inspired to grow fruit gardens, vegetable gardens, herb gardens, potted gardens, topiary gardens, hydroponic gardens, and so much more. These top 50 garden blogs will provide you with all the gardening tips you could ask for. Learn what plants to grow in your climate and how to keep your garden in tip top shape.



Contributing Writer Taylor Sutton

Contributing Writer Taylor Sutton

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