Free up some much needed space and sell your unwanted things for extra cash
Get Rid of Clutter and Make Money at the Same Time

Get Rid of Clutter and Make Money at the Same Time

We often find our lives full of unnecessary clutter that we don’t know what to do with. Rather than letting it take up useful space, you can free up your life and make some extra cash meanwhile. Here is our helpful guide on just how to do so.

Get Rid of the Clutter and Make Money at the Same Time

One woman’s trash can indeed be another woman’s treasure. So here are our tips for de-cluttering your life and supplementing your income while you’re at it.

5 Common Types of Clutter in Your Home

1. Clothes

Most women have a bit of a hoarder’s streak in them when it comes to clothing. Fashion trends come and go and that gorgeous dress might not be in now but surely it will come back in style soon.

Likewise, that beautiful blouse you purchased a year ago that just doesn’t quite fit but you know it will look amazing once you lose a couple of kilos. Then there are those three sweaters which are technically the same one but in different shades (and they were such a great bargain) and you just can’t find the right place and time to wear them.

2. Books

The smell of books, both old and new is heavenly. Many women love to fill their house with books, both for reading pleasure and the aesthetic appeal. Shelves groaning under tomes about various topics lend a particular charm to one’s house. Oh there’s that gigantic book on 20th Century philosophy that nobody in this house will ever read but it looks so good on the shelf.

The kids’ books that everyone has outgrown but nobody’s figured out what to do with them yet. How about that manual on crocheting that you’ve meant to read for ages but the interest hasn’t struck?

3. Food

If you open up your kitchen cupboards, I guarantee you will find a plethora of condiments that made their way into your house through well-intentioned presents or experimental sauces that you were keen to try but haven’t found the right dish to use them with.

The use-by date is still far off and surely there’s no need to throw out perfectly good food – maybe inspiration will hit and you will find some wonderful exotic dish to try this sauce with.

4. Toys

The kids are all grown up and their childhood playthings have been boxed up and moved to the garage. Sure, they’re taking up space but most of these toys still have a lot of wear in them, others are collectibles and may continue to appreciate in value.

Also what if more children are born to the family – that way the toys can be reused so it just makes sense to keep them stored away, doesn’t it?

5. Appliances

Many women are as guilty of hoarding appliances as much as anything else. The newest gadgets that are released each month promise to be the next big thing in making your house a home but they tend to take up a lot of space. True, you’re not using the old models now but surely you can store and find some use for them later.

What to Do?

Does any of this sound familiar? It probably resonates with most women. Don’t fall into the trap of continuing to justify the hoarding and looking for reasons to keep something longer than you should. The general rule is that if you haven’t used something in a year (maybe except for food, expiration dates could be a bit stricter) then it is time to let it go.

That clothing item that you’re determined to keep until it fits? Use it as a goal but don’t hang on to it for too long – not only can it contribute to stress and make you even more upset about yourself but it’s taking up all that precious space that you can use for an even better find.

So you’ve decided to rid your home of clutter but not sure how to go about it? First, proceed systematically through your house room by room and organise all of the items you wish to get rid of into three piles.

For truly unsalvageable things that are broken beyond repair – bin them. Items in good condition but not really worthy of investment should go in the donation pile – not only will you have extra space, you’ll also feel great for contributing to the community.

Lastly, the clutter that you feel will bring in some cash flow should be sold via the appropriate channel. There are plenty of avenues to take in order to turn your unwanted space-hogging items into extra cash such as...

1. Ebay

Ebay is a great way to make money from your unwanted things – clothes, toys and appliances to name a few. A good way to set your prices is approximately half of what you paid for the item (anything extra is a plus).

Another good tip is to search for what you’re planning to sell or something similar to see how likely you are to offload it for a good price and what kind of customers you can expect.

2. Gumtree

Gumtree is another great resource for selling off various second hand items. Their big sellers are ordinary household items such as books, toys and furniture. Unlike Ebay which is often focused on items in immaculate condition, sales on Gumtree can be a bit more battered and loved.

3. Facebook

Though primarily used as a tool for keeping in touch with your friends and family, Facebook can be a great resource to sell your unwanted clutter.

The perks of using this rather than Ebay or Gumtree is that most times, you are aware that your previously loved things are going to people you know and trust and who will most likely not renege on payment.

4. Second hand stores

Of course, not all sales have to be restricted to the internet. Do some research on second hand stores in your area, most will be happy to evaluate and buy your things if they believe they can resell them.

However, be extra careful of swindlers and always know the approximate value of everything you are selling – some people will not hesitate to undermine the true value of an object if they think they can get a better deal. Become a master of the mercantile arts and learn to haggle like a professional.

5. Garage sales

Apart from getting rid of your clutter (and making some extra money), garage sales are a great way to socialise and meet the people in your neighbourhood. Again, haggling is a necessary skill but don’t alienate your potential customers.

Decluttering your life takes some patience and organisation but it is entirely worth it. The newfound openness and space in your house alone is a great destress factor and the extra cash is a great bonus.


Meet Irina Andreev

Meet Irina Andreev

Irina is a student of Communications and International Studies from the University of Technology in Sydney.

She is fluent in three languages and has a passion for writing, travel, history, science fiction and video games. After she finishes her degree, Irina aspires to continue traveling the world and work in media and publishing.

Check out her Google Plus!
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