Easy Ways to Cut Carbon Emissions and Save Money
Katie Noonan, Premier Anna Bligh, Minister Penny Wong, Veena Sahajwalla, Sarah Oakes, Maeve O'Meara, Donna Wilkins, Senator Christine Milne, Minister Tanya Plibersek, Caroline Pidcock, Emma Isaacs, Kim McKay, Mary Crooks, Bernie Hobbs, Melinda Schnieder, Christine Manfield and Deputy Premier Carmel Tebbutt ... what do all these women have in common?

They are all ambassadors of the 1 Million Women campaign that is showing the world the power of one million women and their ability to bring about positive change to protect the environment, our communities and families from client change.

The 1 Million Women campaign is a simple grass roots initiative of daughters, mothers, sisters and grandmothers who have signed up online to bring their voices together to show governments around the world that there is passionate support for protecting the environment.

Women and men can sign up to this site and make the commitment to reduce their personal consumption that results in carbon dioxide. The aim of the site is to cut one million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse pollutant causing gloWin online competitions with She Inspires!bal warming, by giving practical advice and examples that you can do.

So when you sign up you make the commitment to cut 1 tonne of carbon dioxide per year by making simple changes - there's a load of great examples to help you find the ones that suit you best including saying no to plastic bags and wasteful packaging, reducing food waste (plus saving money at the same time) and more.

It's quite startling when you start looking around your life to cut down consumption and see how much packaging is used for some products while equivalent products are sensibly packaged, or the savings you make within a few months with your power bill when you change lights over to the long lasting environmental lights. Once you get into the forum and read the stories of other women making a difference you get to see easy ways you can cut your carbon dioxide consumption. It's amazingly simple.

The 1 Million Women campaign is an initiative of the Climate Coolers who's reason d’être is bringing climate action across Australia and into homes across the country. The Climate Coolers have realised the power of women, of the ability to bring positive change to the community and environment when we work together and bring our voices together.

The 1 Million Women campaign has the double whammy effect of cutting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through changing shopping and consumption behaviour as well as showing a united group of women and men have signed up to take action - a group that Governments and Oppositions can recognise and listen to.

This intelligent and caring program also offers guidance to help find ways to cut CO2 and track progress. Thankfully it doesn't rely on each of us knowing everything, instead the program offers examples and ways to make changes and offers practical support. You can track your efforts, adding activities and participating in the online forum once you've joined.

There are also online tools for helping getting the word out to your friends and family about being part of this real and measurable positive change. This is a truly inspiring program that empowers and enables each of us to be really making a difference, today and into the future.

I found out about this great idea from the ABC Science Journalist Bernie Hobbs when she was talking with Richard Fiddler on the Conversation Hour. I'm one of about 1,000 women who signed up after listening to Bernie explain why she is now an ambassador for this campaign. Click here to go to podcast of the interview.

Visit the website and join today at www.1millionwomen.com.au.

Be part of 1 million women climate change, climate action campaign by climate coolers to reduce greenhouse gas pollutant, with grassroots programs, greenpower and renewable energy to cut carbon emissions
We each have the power to create change with our use of greenpower, renewable energy and to cut carbon emissions.


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