Be Inspired with 8 Great Green Girl Time Out Ideas
Going green with the girls on a girls day outAlthough we tend to think of winter as an indoor season, I recently stopped to ponder on the question: “Why am I not outside right now?” This thought popped into my head as I was putting on my scarf and stockings and preparing to meet up with my girlfriends for our regular café coffee date. 

At this time of year, the sun is beating warm winter rays, the air is crisp and as fresh, and there we were heading out only to go back inside at our meeting point! As recent research from Planet Ark shows, being outdoors has enormous health benefits for kids and adults alike, including reduced risk of stress, depression and obesity.
So when you’re planning your next girls night in or ladies day out, why not make a move outside, and get your daily dose of ‘green’. Here are 8 great ways to get you started on making a tree-change to your girly catch-ups.
  1. Host a garden tea party – Ask each of your guests to bring something homemade. Set up a table and chairs or picnic blanket, and enjoy being outside in the garden or park. Try and plan for a day that is forecast to be sunny so you can get out and really absorb the sights and sounds of nature.

  2. Go on a nature walk – Combine exercise and fresh air with an appreciation of the environment, by exploring natural settings in your local area. Take binoculars and bird book to add an extra element of engagement.

  3. Click here to enter the free online competitions by She InspiresHold a book club or craft session in the park – Find a local park, beach or riverbank to hold a book club or craft event for you and your girlfriends. What you need is simple: picnic basket, blanket, book!

  4. Grow a garden – Choose native herbs or vegetables, such as native thyme or bush tomatoes, to grow in a window box or garden patch. Take the time to care for and water your plants and you’ll reap the benefits in weeks and months to come. Hold a baking night to use and show off your best home grown produce!

  5. Have a photography day – Too busy chatting at previous girly catch-ups to capture the moment? Take a camera and your best friends and head outside for some happy snaps in nature. The environment brings out the best in everyone.

  6. Hold a movie night – We all love them, but why not ditch cheesy rom-coms for a documentary about the planet, the environment, or nature and blend education with enjoyment. You could turn it into a regular event if you choose a whole series!

  7. Walk beside a waterway – There’s something really relaxing about a river, lake or beach. Plan a walk with your girlfriends beside the shoreline, and take along a bag and a pair of gloves to clean up excess rubbish along the way.

  8. Plant a tree – Gather your friends and get your hands dirty by connect with the environment this National Tree Day on Sunday 29th July 2012. Head to your local planting site and join in the fun, or host your own event. Find out more or register here for Tree Day


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