Being Green and Fair in Today's World

Being Green can be creative, inspiring and save you money all in one go!

Being Fair lets you set the examples for your kids you want them to live by while knowing you're looking other women around the world.

Here you'll find a series of articles aimed to make life better, create inspiration and share good news!

How to See A Platypus In The WildHow to See A Platypus In The Wild
One of the best Australian holiday experiences is finding our native wildlife out and about.

I've always loved platypuses and when I'm in Tasmania I go "platypusing", looking for these adorable creatures in rivers and dams. I've seen dozens over the years but I know many find it difficult to spot them. So here are 5 tips for finding a platypus (or 5) in the wild.
7 Things I Love About Upcycling7 Things I Love About Upcycling
When you love upcycling and recycling you are never at a loss as to what to do - there's always a project just waiting to be done.
Find out the seven things I love best about upcycling, a great business idea that you can start part time and five courses that would be great fun to get stuck into!
Are We Killing Turtles with House Hold Cleaners?Are We Killing Turtles with House Hold Cleaners?Are you killing turtles by cleaning the house? What are the chemicals being flushed down the drain and loo when you want a sparkling clean environment for your family?

Nature lover Amanda Lieber shares with us her 7 tips for cleaning the house with turtle friendly (and really effective) cleaning agents.
Top 10 Tips for Beautiful BeachesTop 10 Tips for Beautiful BeachesWe love our beaches, but are we loving them to death with thoughtlessness? 

Bondi Beach local Amanda Lieber shares with us her 10 tips for keeping our beaches beautiful and inspiring.
8 Great Ideas for Getting Green & Social with the Girls!8 Great Ideas for Getting Green & Social with the Girls!Love catching up with the girls and want to change it up a bit?

We caught up with Jess McCallum from PlantArk to get some great ideas for being social with the girls, living it green and having fun all at the same time!
Op Shop Tips for Upcycling and Recycling TreasuresOp Shop Tips for Upcycling and Recycling Treasures
Find out how Op shopping can unearth great treasures, tips on how to op shop like a pro and have a ball of a time all at once as Belinda reveals her not so secret love for her local Vinnies.

So if you're into recycling and upcycling you'll love getting to know your local op shops, all the while doing your bit for the community and the environment as well!
7 Ideas for Recycling Film Cameras7 Ideas for Recycling Film CamerasI've been stuck with what to do with my treasured old film cameras as I struggle with the thought of simply throwing them out. Photography is a hobby and a passion that runs in the family and the cameras keep coming my way.

While I love my digital camera I still need to figure out what to do with my trusty old film cameras. So here are 7 great ideas for recycling 35mm cameras.

Are E-Books Really Greener than Printed Books?Are E-Books Really Greener than Printed Books?If you love reading and are passionate about being green e-books can seem the easiest choice to make but what if you love the object of the book itself, how do you live your values and keep reading?

As us girls at She Inspires are avid readers and love our environment we thought we'd explore what's the greener choice - e-books or printed books. We found out it's all in the choices we make.

What To Do With Electronic WasteWhat To Do With Electronic WasteHow many mobile phones, computers and mp3 players have you gone through since you first began buying them? What have you done with those old electronics?

Recycling these electronics is the best option for when you handy gadget goes on the fritz. Learn why and how you can recycle your old electronic goods.

Kiva Microfinance Loans Are Changing the WorldKiva Microfinance Loans Are Changing the WorldWho are the safest bets for lending money to? Women determined to pull themselves and their families out of poverty! So tells the amazing statistics of the inspirational online micro-finance community Kiva.

Find out why She Inspires is now a Kiva Lender and how this successful charity is changing the world $25 at a time.

How to Look Great in Upcycled Vintage Fashion!How to Look Great in Upcycled Vintage Fashion!Take a look at these articles whether you are interested in upcycling, vintage fashion, or fashion at all. These interesting blogs have creative clothes, accessories and shoes that will inspire you!

These top 25 blogs for upcycling and vintage fashion will have you updating your wardrobe and saving money at the same time. Find new ideas for how to spice up your style and be eco-friendly. Who knew looking good could be helping the environment at the same time!

5 Top Tips About Worm Farms5 Top Tips About Worm FarmsStarting a worm farm is simple and fun for everyone. Follow these easy instructions to learn how to build a worm farm from your home. Worm farms are great for the environment and provide you with nutrient rich fertilisers for your gardens.

Worm farming is the best way to organically fertilize plants and an easy way to get rid of household wastes. Start your worm farm today.

Making Gardens Bloom with Bucketful of LadybugsMaking Gardens Bloom with Bucketful of LadybugsAs creepy crawlies are lured back by the growing heat there is one little bug we won't be spraying this summer. Known best for its bright red coat and black spots, the Ladybug is a popular feature of poems and fairytales. Lesser known is the Ladybugs appetite for plant-eating insects making it an environmentally friendly alternative to harmful insecticides for pest control.

Now available by the bucketful ladybugs make a great gift idea for the gardener in the family.

UpcyclingUpcyclingCreative spirits are singing loudly with this latest green trend to create beautiful designs from previously loved treasures.

Trish Koh explores this popular initiative and shares a collection of inspiring websites.

Joining Women Around the Country for Climate ActionJoining Women Around the Country for Climate ActionSheInspires is all about women inspiring each other and those around us so when I learnt about the 1 Million Women campaign I had to explore further.

The more I found out the more I loved the idea. Read on and find out why I joined and hope you do too.

7 Great Ways to Make Your Workplace Green and Fair7 Great Ways to Make Your Workplace Green and FairNeed some useful and practical ideas for making your workplace more environmentally and socially responsible and caring?

Here are 7 easy to do simple things that make the work and the world a better place while also saying money for the business.

No More to Plastic Bags!No More to Plastic Bags!We all play out part in daily life with the use of plastic bags whether we keep using them or choose the easier option of bringing our own carry bags.

Trish Koh looks into the realities of plastic bags in today's society.

Composting – Not Just a Heap of RubbishComposting – Not Just a Heap of RubbishThinking of getting a compost system going?

Find out the easy way of getting it working with Trish Koh.

10 Top Tips to Save On Your Power Bill this Winter10 Top Tips to Save On Your Power Bill this WinterSave money this winter now by cutting your energy use with these 10 handy tips.

We all want to cut costs and as usual, doing some smart money saving tricks also help the environment - this time with cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Want to know what you can do to help the planet? Start by going green! Go green today and do your part to help the environment. These articles will give you great tips on small things that you can do to help out. Make a composte, start a garden and recycle your plastic bags.

Do your part to reduce waste around the world and keep our planet looking beautiful for longer! Begin upcylcing, reduce your energy bill and help convert your workplace to go green!



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