Be Inspired with our 7 Handmade Gift Ideas for Christmas
7 Great Handmade Gift Ideas for ChristmasComing up with fun and creative unique Christmas gift ideas can be a little daunting so I thought some creative inspiration might just be the ticket.

I've found over the years the more organised I am with Christmas gifts the easier it is but time does have a habit of racing away - a little too fast occasionally! The first year I decided to have handmade gifts I decided it would ALL the presents and I would get them done over a weekend. That was just plain foolish and inexperienced of me, I stubbornly pushed on with it and I wore myself out, ended up not enjoying the process and grumpy.

The next time I only made a select few and while still overly ambitious, it wasn't half as bad. Now I balance it out better and enjoy the experience. I've accepted I'm not actually Superwoman (although I often do a real fine impersonation of her!) and everything takes longer than you originally plan. The key is to keep it simple and think things through.

Handmade Christmas

What makes handmade Christmas gifts so special is there care and thought that goes into them. They aren't some prepackaged, mass produced product that can be found in any crowded shopping centre, they are made with love and care.

Handmade Christmas Gift Idea 1

Home made chocolate brownies, biscuits or slice or even a cake can be a great gift idea. It's fun to bake - you get to polish off the bowl and spoon - plus look like a kitchen whiz!

Presenting the delicatables is just as important as how they look so think about upcycling some vintage plates from Vinnies, Christmas themed boxes or celo wrapping. You'll have to carry them too, so keep it simple. I once had a box full of cup cakes go all over the car floor because I just had them sitting on the seat, uncovered and then had to brake suddenly for the car in front. I was seriously not happy!

Just be sure you know about any food intolerance or allergies and what the ingredients are - I am known for my chocolate brownies but I do use a packet mix that I've had to check whether it has traces of nuts.

Handmade Christmas Gift Idea 2

Have a gathering of the girls for a craft making day and make things together. I went along to a great evening run by Gemma of Crafty Wench Club and learnt how to make stamps. It was a great evening where I learnt lots and had a good laugh with the other women.

Turning your handmade Christmas gift into an experience present is bound to be full of laughter and creative inspiration.

Handmade Christmas Gift Idea 3

Now this one takes a bit of time and preparation - a quilt either a full size one or a throw. I've always loved the picnic quilts. One year I made my nephew a quilt as a special present and he still uses it even though he's heading into adulthood now. I think it will be something he always takes with him - unicorns, castles and all!

Quilts are comforting and a beautiful way to share your hugs with those you love.

Handmade Christmas Gift Idea 4

Get a calendar printed from your photos and make sure you have all the important dates - like birthdays and anniversaries - added to it.

The photos can be family, friends, holidays and loved pets. They can be original art work created within the family.

Handmade Christmas Gift Idea 5

If you can play an instrument, learn a favourite piece of music for someone and play it for them. My childhood friend Lauren learnt "Jessica's theme" from "The Man from Snowy River" one year for me and I have always treasured that gift. Lauren could play the piano while I had learnt the violin. It was one of the most thoughtful and charming gifts I've been given.

Handmade Christmas Gift Idea 6

Upcycle some old doilies from Vinnies into beautiful bunting. The hunt for the perfect doily can be just as much fun as the making of them. I made mine by cutting the bigger ones in half and then sewed them all onto a 3m length of ribbon. Each length of bunting has 7 pieces of doily and enough ribbon at the ends so they can be secured.

Handmade Christmas Gift Idea 7

Realising time is probably going to get away from you with making unique Christmas gifts for everyone? Then get along to a meet the makers market and be inspired by all the beautiful treasures being created by our talented local artisans.

I'm not talking about heading off to Paddy's market and buying the boring old cheap Chinese made tat, I'm talking about the beautiful designs and objects being made right here in Australia by local women and men - original gifts that you can't find in Westfields or Kmart.

Combine it a girls day out and be a bit social, have a delicious lunch and shop local. It's lots more fun than struggling away in some big shopping centre and car park. Most markets are easily accessible via public transport. The Rocks Markets in the heart of heritage Sydney has ferries, buses and trains while the parking is on charming leafy streets.

Every city and town has local markets and most will have local makers offering their creative talents.



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