What Every Woman Should Know About Breast Cancer
What Every Woman Should Know About Breast Cancer

What Every Woman Should Know About Breast Cancer

Finding information online about breast cancer diagnosis, treatments, support groups and fundraising opportunities can be overwhelming so we've brought together a collection of impressive breast cancer sites to help find a path through challenging times.


BreastCancer.org gives a wide variety of medical information about the breast cancer and also includes helpful blogs and event information. This website is a helpful tool in understanding the prognosis, diagnoses, treatment, effects of treatment, day to day matters, how to lower your risk and offers a forum section.

Click here for BreastCancer.org

Tags: Breast Cancer, Symptoms and Diagnoses, Treatments and Side Effects, Day-to-day Matters, Lower Your Risk

National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre

The National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre (NBOCC) is an Australian informational website about the ovarian and breast cancer. This website is funded by the Australian Government and partners with health professionals, cancer organisations, researchers, and patients to provide full information that is not only proven but helpful.

Click here for NBOCC.org.au

Tags: Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, News and Research

New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation

New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation is a site for breast cancer information, treatment, support and events happening in New Zealand. Their main activities include breast cancer education/awareness through national presentations/workshops, printed resources, public forums and pink events that include, everything from pilates to fundraisers.

Click here for New Zealand Breast cancer Foundations

Tags: Breast Cancer, New Zealand, Events

What is the Cheeky Check-up

The Cheeky Checkup is a site tailored to making the a breast examination easy and at a time that is easiest for you, as long as it is done regularly. The Cheeky Check-up is a whimsical, yet informative and interactive website that allows you to take take breast health quizzes and view videos.

Click here Cheeky Check-up

Tags: Breast Cancer, Prevention, Self Examinations

Break Through Cancer

Break Through Cancer is a charity organisation created to educate and to provide research for and about breast cancer. Break Through Cancer provides education for breast health and signs and symptoms of breast cancer, research about different forms of breast cancer and cures along with supporting or creating campaigns for those concerned about fighting breast cancer.

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Tags: Breast Cancer, Charity, Breast Screening, Male Breast Cancer

Handmade porcelain bird necklaces and brooches by Creatively Belle McGrath Foundation

The McGrath Foundation was started by Jane and Glenn McGrath, who realised the benefit of a breast cancer nurse while Jane was being treated for secondary cancer. The foundation provides breast cancer information and awareness, but also actively raises money to place McGrath breast cancer nurses in communities across Australia. The nurses are highly qualified in the field of oncology, breast care or women’s health and sometimes even psychology with generally a post-graduate degree in breast health, but the foundation also is in partnership with La Trobe University to provide two scholarship to undertake a graduate certificate or post graduate diploma in breast cancer. Make sure you help fund breast cancer nurses with your own donation - online or with a fundraiser.

Click here for the McGrath Foundation

Tags: Breast Cancer, Foundation, Glenn McGrath, Breast Cancer Nurses

Breast Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Care offers basic breast health along with, along with in depth information about symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, treatment side effects, daily life, secondary breast cancer and life after. While the BreastCancerCare.org is an informative site, they also provide anyone effected by breast cancer opportunities to join events and their social network. The social network provided is the UK's largest active online community for people affected by breast cancer and is a place to connect with with people experiencing the same hardships.

Click here for Breast Cancer Care

Tags: Breast Cancer, Online Community, Breast Cancer Awareness

Men for a Cause

Men For A Cause is a nonprofit organisation created to specifically empower and educate men about breast cancer and their part in the fight against breast cancer. While men are less commonly diagnosed with breast cancer, that they are not diagnosed or not personally effected by the disease. This site is created to provide a safe release for men about their fears and anxiety, as well as provide information of how they can provide support and hope.

Click here for Men For a Cause

Tags: Breast Cancer, Men, Men and Women Survivors

Sweet Louise

Sweet Louise, named after Louise Perkins, is a foundation in New Zealand that is currently providing services in the Auckland, Northland and Wellington areas for those living with secondary breast cancer. These services provided to those coping with secondary breast cancer are research-proven strategies to compliment traditional treatment and uplifting experiences and practical assistance to enable patients to cope better with treatment and its related day-to-day challenges.

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Tags: Breast Cancer, Secondary Breast Cancer, Foundation

Pink Events

This website is specific to premier pink events happening in Australia with the opportunity for you to purchase tickets. Pink Events are during the month of October provide each attendee with the latest in breast cancer information, along with a meal and an opportunity to socialise. Of course, fundraising pink events can be held at anytime during the year.

Click here for Pink Events

Tags: Breast Cancer, Pink, Pink Events

Breast Cancer Network Australia

The Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) is a website aiding in the fight against breast cancer through awareness and community. BCNA provides those affected by breast cancer with free specialty packages that provide information and resources open with breast cancer and secondary breast cancer, along with the Beacon Magazine and a brochure for friends and family about how they can help. BCNA.org is also an easy resource for online information and an opportunity to join the social network and meet others experiencing a similar situation.

Click here for Breast Cancer Network Australia

Tags: Breast Cancer, Online Community, Australia

Breast Cancer Network New Zealand

New Zealand cancer network is a foundation dedicated to bringing awareness to women, of all ages, about breast cancer prevention. The foundation partners with other groups around New Zealand to provide all people with resource against breast cancer through their magazines, Upfront U Kaiora, and local events.

Click here for Breast Cancer Network New Zealand

Tags: Breast Cancer, New Zealand

These breast cancer websites are full of online resources, information and ideas for fundraising much needed money for research. Explore and share these sites, get involved in caring for others and being part of the cure.



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