Get Rid of Lingering Colds Once and For All
Curing common colds with delicious foods Coming to the end of winter means warmer days, blossoming wattle and more sunshine but for many of us trying to get rid of an annoying winter cold is a struggle.

But there is hope.

Colds seem to have a tenacious way of hanging about so to get rid of yours for good try:

1. Lots of fluids like water, juice, herbal teas, green tea with honey, warm lemon water with honey so you stay hydrated and can loosen congestion. So avoid what dehydrates you such as coffee and alcohol.

2. Olive leaf extract helps boost your system and recover more quickly. It's also helpful to start taking when you are feeling a little run down to prevent a cold taking hold. Olive leaf extract can also be helpful in getting rid of lingering coughs.

3. Chicken soup seems to have multiple ways of curing colds - emotional comfort as well as being full of healthy vitamins and minerals.

4. Getting plenty of rest - both at the height of the cold and even in the week or two after the cold when you system is still run down but you want to be getting out and about with a vengeance. Take it a bit more slowly and give your body a good fighting chance to regain your usual strength.

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5. Plenty of vitamin C and D, ginger, garlic and greens can help your immune system get on with the good fight against those nasty cold germs. I make up vegie full soups to fight colds - full of spinach, sweet potato, garlic, herbs, honey and stock to go with fiber rich bread.

The body's natural immune system is powerful so to give it a helping hand look to what foods and drinks you can have that are rich in the vitamins and minerals it needs to beat the common cold.

Not included in this list are over the counter style cold and flu chemical treatments. Mainly because they are about offering relief from symptoms rather than about curing or shortening the time of a cold.

And of course, antibiotics are useless against a cold virus so stick to what works for you and beat that common cold.

As annoying as colds are they can be a way for your body to tell you to have more rest, eat delicious healthy food and ease back on the things that run you down. So take heed and let your body be strong.

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