Treat Your Teeth Right: How to Minimise Damage from Sugar

How to treat your teeth properly

It’s easy for the dentist and other health professionals to tell patients to avoid sugar filled fizzy drinks, sweet coated lollies and even ice creams or chocolate syrups. What’s not as easy in everyday life is for us to actually avoid these indulgences all the time. 

Everyone likes to have a little sugary hit now and then. For most people, it is helpful to know and understand how to prevent damage to your teeth if you decide to make a conscious indulgence in a sweet treat occasionally.

Give it Some Time

Surprisingly, brushing those pearly rights immediately after having fizzy drink or other sugary indulgences will actually cause much more damage than offer any help. Who would have known? 

Ideally, you should wait at least an hour before taking a brush and paste to your teeth. After you drink any type of sugary drink, or for that matter any other acid filled beverage, your teeth become softer and easier to damage while cleaning, so it’s double negative for your teeth. 

Additionally, do not brush your teeth after every little drink or snack. The more you brush, the more you wear down your enamel making the teeth weaker and allowing more cavities to form. Use a strong floss, tooth pick, or sugarless gum to help out in between the typical morning and evening cleanings. Your teeth will thank you. 

Use a Straw

Do not think that straws are just for the kids, those handy utensils actually act has a great first defense in keeping your teeth strong and healthy. 

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While they will not completely eliminate the negative effect beverages and their sugar addatives have on your teeth, the straws help to push back the liquids into your mouth past the majority of your choppers. Sounds easy enough, right?
Also, it might not look super cool, but it is also healthier for your pearly whites to use a straw when you’re drinking hot coffee. It is not a perfect solution, so do not think that using a straw will prevent all damage. 

Brush or Gargle with Baking Soda

Baking Soda has many benefits, it not only keeps your fridge smelling good, allows biscuits to bake up, but it also can reduce the amount of acid left in your mouth post a sweet or acidic indulgence. 

There are two common ways of using this common household staple to clean your mouth. The first is to simply mix some baking soda with water, and gargle for a few minutes. The second, and more direct approach, is to mix a bit of water and baking soda, apply the paste to a toothbrush and rub on your teeth. With this method, remember to only use a soft bristled tooth brush, and to be gentle. If you push hard, you’re likely to irritate your gums. 

Another huge benefit of baking soda, is it has been proven to lighten teeth as well, so you’re getting a cleaner and whiter mouth at the same time. 

Meet Shoshana

Meet Shoshana

Shoshana Davis is a writer for, a resource for finding a great dentist near you. 

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