Finding Ways to Make Your Personal Goals Reality

Tips on how to make your personal goals a reality with Stephen Chong

Top tips to identify and act on your personal goals

Our mind is a powerful instrument of creation and, once focused on a target, it can resemble a heat-seeking missile in the achievement of its goal(s). Through my workshops and coaching I have encountered many people who have had tremendous success in a setting a pathway for themselves by harnessing the power of goal-setting.

For those of us that are able to capture this powerful tool of creation, the Universe rejoices with us and will assist us (in all ways and always) to help accomplish our goals.

But the achievement of a goal is much more than just standing on top of the dais and being acknowledged the winner; it is much more than beating the competition or achieving a lifelong ambition or desire.

These things are important, but they represent the pinnacle or the end result. The achievement of a goal represents much more than this, for it is the journey that is as important as the attainment.

Defining the Goal

A goal, by its very nature, will take us from the point of where we are now to a point of choice that is preferred or superior to our current position. This means that goals come in two principles forms – Progressive or Maintenance. A progressive goal, for example, could be target weight loss, i.e. ‘By the end of July 2013, I will be 80kgs’. A maintenance goal (generally set after attaining a progressive goal) could be: ‘By the end of Dec 2013, I will still be 80kgs’.

In addition to having a goal (or goals) in order to achieve desired improvements in our life, it is important to have a strategy. A goal will not achieve itself by wishing and hoping. A strategy is a pertinent and powerful means by which the goal can be achieved. For example, to a achieve a weight loss goal, you would need to identify non-negotiable tasks (such as an exercise regime). You could also undertake the little extras (hire a personal trainer).

Goals can also be classified as 1st class or 2nd class. A 1st class goal is where you are passionate about the outcome (e.g. being 80kgs) and passionate about the inputs (e.g. you love exercise).

A 2nd class goal is to really want the outcome, but hate the inputs (e.g. exercise). The key to upgrading a 2nd class to a 1st class goal is to change the process (e.g. you might hate running, but you really love swimming).

Clearing Away the Obstacles

What is important to realise is that a goal, by its very nature will create obstacles that must be overcome, challenges that must be surmounted and there is a universal principle that states: “There is no growth without effort.”



Finding out more about Stephen Chong

Finding out more about Stephen Chong

Stephen Chong of The Music of the Soul
Stephen Chong is a professional development coach and author of the new book Letters Across Time and the popular The Music of the Soul: A pathway to a rich and fulfilling life, now available at good book stores or online at
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