How to Make the Christmas Holiday Road Trip Safe
Safe Driving Tips!

Safe Driving Tips!

Summer Holiday Safe Driving TipsWith the summer holidays just about to start and so many of us heading off to our favourite holiday destination we thought some handy holiday driving tips would make for a safer and more enjoyable time out.

Give yourself plenty of time for the trip - with more drivers on the road that are less familiar with country trips the journey can often take longer so expect delays. You'll feel far more relaxed with time up your sleeve than if you feel pressured to get somewhere.

Let go of the ego - we've all seen times when the ego has taken control of the driver and competition is brought to the public roads rather than left solely for the race track. Sadly the emergency services see way too much of the mangled car wrecks and devastated lives that are a result of competitive, ego based driving. So leave the ego at home, out of the car, and have a safe and fun holiday instead.

Get organised before starting off - just as it's much easier to start packing your bags days before a holiday so it is for getting the car organised before you start driving rather than trying to adjust seats, mirrors and steering wheel once you're driving.

Drive to your own confidence levels - for many the country road trip is only done a few times a year and often on unfamiliar roads. So if you find that you're not comfortable with the indicated speed limit be sure to keep left to let other drivers past and avoid frustrating other drivers. On single lane roads it's much safe to pull over and let other road users pass, especially when there's four or five vehicles behind you. Frustration can be a common cause of accidents so avoid it where you can.

Take the Pressure Off - if you're being tailgated or you can see the driver behind is on a hand held phone go slower, not faster. If you're being distracted by what's happening behind you it the last thing needed is going faster, especially on bends and through intersections. If you're on a single lane road and being tailgated or bullied, pull over when it's safe and let the aggressive driver get past.

Drive to the conditions of the road and the weather - this is a really important one as it can make the world of difference. So slow down in the wet or if visibility is poor and give yourself more space between you and the next car as it takes longer to break on a wet road.

Respect other road users - if you're more comfortable driving 10 - 20 kms below the indicated speed limit do not accelerate above the speed limit to pass trucks and other cars in a passing lane, all the while preventing the build up of vehicles behind you from getting past, especially if you drop your speed back down after the overtaking lane. Driver frustration can easily cause accidents.

Go in free online competitions with She InspiresLook ahead into bends - give yourself some time to react to situations and the road conditions by looking ahead into and through the bends rather than just to the end of the bonnet. This will let you see through the bend to where you want to drive to.

Slow into bends and faster out of bends - start your braking for bends before the bend instead of mid-corner so you can keep the balance of the car smooth and let you travel out of the bend more easily and cleanly.

Full Tank of Fuel - travel with the fuel tank full and fill up before the needle hits empty so you can concentrate more on the road and less on the fuel gauge. It also means you'll probably avoid running out of fuel.

Think of the Kids - if you're traveling with kids it will be an easier trip if you have them prepared for the trip. It doesn't need to be fancy in car dvd sets but rather have them ready for the length of the trip, stop when they start to get restless and bicker so they can let off steam and have some interactive games ready to play together. A family road trip can be a great way to spend time together. Remember also that red lollies (any sugary lolly) creates energy and kids with sugar energy in a confined space like a car can create unnecessary head aches for you.

Check the car before the trip - checking the car basics before the trip can make a world of difference. So check for leaks and make sure that the oil, coolant and windscreen washer levels are fine. Check the air pressure in the tyres - driving with the right amount saves petrol and money - and the tread depth. Also make sure the interior of the car is clean and empty of rubbish. The last thing you need is rubbish getting under your break or accelorator pedals when you're driving.

We're All Going On A Summer Holiday!

Road trips can be wonderful experiences and by following a few simple road safety tips you can make the trip safe and sound so you can come home from summer holidays refreshed and enlivened for the year ahead!





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