Finding Your True Path in Life is Easier Than You Think

Finding your own true path in life with Stephen ChongHow to find your true path in life

I often receive requests from people to assist them to find their purpose in life. This is eminently realisable through an exercise in creative visualisation. Yet, we need to understand where our ‘life purpose’ has its origin.

It is through our principle relationships - with ourself and others - which is the well from which we draw this compelling motivation and inspiration. This compelling ‘sense of purpose’ then provides the backdrop or the foundation from which we can make our determined life choices.
“Passion releases energy. The challenges that we face in pursuit of our goals can be overcome through the perseverance inherent in the energy of our passion. It is not a domination, nor an attempt to defeat or vanquish, but a passion to realise our vision and fulfil our dreams.”

If we have such a passion and are committed to fulfilling our vision or purpose, our feelings will then be inherently positive, filled with the promise of possibility. By their very nature, these positive feelings will displace and diffuse any self-defeating feelings of negativity or stress.
The power and drive of our individual sense of purpose will be a significant factor in assisting us to overcome or de-programme the urge to repeat the same old patterns of thinking, feeling and reacting; that is the one’s that restricted us in the past. 

In other words, when we are purpose driven, we become steadfast in our resolve to achieve our stated goals and objectives. For example, if we are purpose driven to create for ourselves a better state of health and this involves a regime of weight loss, we are much more capable of resisting the temptation of the otherwise enticing bar of chocolate.
Given this knowledge and understanding, it is critical that we realise the absolute importance and necessity of becoming purpose driven in our daily lives. The purpose may be as simple and compelling as maintaining a proper diet regime of healthy food. 

It may reflect a financial discipline, for example, choosing to be debt free or refrain from using a credit card. We might be purposeful in educating our children or in deepening our love for a partner. Whatever it is, the purpose should be clear, compelling and articulated.

8 Areas for Purposefulness

We can be purposeful in many areas of our lives, for example:

  • Physically – ‘I will love and respect my body.’
  • Mentally – ‘I will think only thoughts that serve me well.’
  • Emotionally – ‘I will express my emotions through the prism of love.’
  • In Relationships – ‘I will treasure all of my relationships.’
  • In Business – ‘I will prosper only through the benefit to others.’
  • With Money – ‘I choose abundance and generosity.’
  • Culturally – ‘My culture is my heritage and so all other cultures will be respected too.’
  • Spiritually – ‘I will be open to the blessings of the spirit.’
But, at the end of the day, it is up to each individual to determine what their particular purpose is, given the many components within the richness of their daily lives.


Finding out more about Stephen Chong

Finding out more about Stephen Chong

Stephen Chong of The Music of the Soul
Stephen Chong is a professional development coach and author of the new book Letters Across Time and the popular The Music of the Soul: A pathway to a rich and fulfilling life, now available at good book stores or online at
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