Top 21 Blogs Inspiring Creativity

Inspirational and Creative Blogs to brighten your dayTake some time out for this collection of blogs and articles are just the perfect feel good reads for some inspiration, creativity or to put a smile on your face. Whether you're stuck in a rut and need something to make you feel good about yourself or some bright creative ideas for your home, you'll find something here from the interviews and inspiring words, stories and innovative home design that won't break your bank.

Start to feel positive about yourself and brighten up your daily life with this wonderful collection of inspiring and creative blogs!

Walk In My Shoes: Nurse

Complex Appl3pie's Walk In My Shoes is a collection of interviews with what those do for a living. We get an insider's view of the life of a policewoman, for example, or an investment banker. Featured here at SheInspires is the interview with a nurse.

We all know who they are and we all have met them before, but we don't know what their daily life is like or what they have to go through- the good, the bad and the ugly.

Visit the Complex Appl3pie Blog for more inspiring stories.

Tag: Daily life, Walk in my shoes, Jobs

Jessica Rudd Doesn't Smoke (But She Waters)

A quick interview with the down to earth Jessica Rudd by Sharni at Sharni Montgomery's Sharnanigans! The interview is an inspiring light read with a positive vibe. Jessica gives advice and tips and talks about her parents and encourages others to never give up.

Visit Shari Montgomery's Sharnanigans for more of her posts and stories.

Tag: Jessica Rudd, Campaign Ruby,

Is This What Healing Looks Like

Prepare to have the tissues at arms reach. A touching and heartwarming post from a mother on the idea of healing. Her words are emotional and her strength is empowering, she's a role model and an inspiration.

Visit Once A Mother for more touching stories and follow her on her road of motherhood.

Tag: Motherhood, Grief, Pregnancy, Children

20 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself

Sometimes we all need to take a break, be selfish and think of ourselves. Not only is this healthy but it's important to take care of ourselves and make time to unwind and relax. Here are 20 ways to do just that thanks to The Wellness Warrior!

Visit The Wellness Warrior for other health and beauty tips along with recipes and personal posts.

Tag: Health, Self Care, Self Love,

A New You. In The LOO.

Kerri Sackville at Life And Other Crises is down to earth and her posts does make me giggle. Her post titled "A New You. In The LOO." is humerous and offers alternative time out places other than the loo!

We all need a time out at times and yet we're all too busy to take them. Most of all, they don't even cost a penny! Time out doesn't have to be at a glamous spa or at a yoga/ meditation lesson at the gym, they can be totally free and in the comfort of your own home.

Take a time out now, breathe in a breath of fresh air with Kerri's post and i'm sure it'll also bring a smile to your face.

Visit Life And Other Crises for more real life stories on her journey of being a mother and an author.

Tag: Kerri Sackville, Time Out, Relax, Take A Break

How To Stand Up To Your Inner Mean Girl

Our biggest critic is ourselves, especially our inner mean girl. She gives you doubts, she beats your down and nothing is ever good enough for her.

Well enough is enough now and it's time to stand up to her. Crazy Sexy Life's post, written by Amy Ahlers, is uplifting and will help you defeat your inner mean girl for good. The trick is simple, honestly!

Visit Crazy Sexy Life for more stories by Kris, tips on health and happiness.

Tag: Inner Mean Girl, Defeat Doubts, Confidence

A Manifesto For Women In Business

Maybe you work in an office in CBD, or you work in a home office, or maybe your a stay at home mum, a shop assistant, an artist, a designer, even if you're a student, whatever you do this manifesto suits every woman, whatever your job. It's empowering, inspirational and encouraging.

You can hit download and have it as your desktop wallpaper, print it and frame it or you could just write it on a post it and stick it to your laptop! Having this manifesto around will give you the positive confidence boost you need every once in a while and it'll remind yourself that "You can do it!".

Visit Women In Business for more inspiring stories and tips by Clare Lancaster.

Tags: Women in Business, Manifesto, Powerful Women, Working Women

Do You Wait To Be Tapped On The Shoulder?

This is definitely something every woman should read. A simple piece of advice that'll take you higher at work and will build your self esteem. Forget being timid and shy at work, and the feeling of guilt. Emma's drive and ambition is contagious and she's a great role model.

In a soceity of equality, women should stand tall on our own two feet and feel confident and powerful- because we are! So don't wait for opportunties to come to you, go out there and grab them yourself!

Visit Emma Isaac's blog for more stories by this Chief Chick of Business Chicks.

Tags: Working Women, Ambition, Women Power

Removing The Hurdle

Win genuine gemstone jewellery in gold with She Inspires!

An inspiring story by Maxabella with a great life lesson and advice to other parents.Sometimes we get caught up in our busy lives that forget the simple things in life and it's stories like these that truly open our eyes again.

Visit Maxabella Loves for more cute inspiring stories on Maxabella as she juggles three children and work.

Tags: Life Hurdles, Winning the Race, Life Lesson, Advice with Children

Are You Happy Now?

Chantelle is right, you don't need anyone or anything to tell you how happy you are, you can tell for yourself. The post does make you question happiness but it also brings you happiness. She begins with lists of things that made her happy and just reading these lists brings a smile to my face and inspires me to do more.

It makes you reflect on your own happiness and what makes you happy. So what does make you happy?

Visit Fat Mum Slim for more posts by Chantelle, inspiring posts and even recipes.

Tags: Happiness, True Happiness, Seeking Happiness, Contentment

Come On, Get Happy

If you haven't figured out what makes you happy yet then read on. Maid in Australia's post on finding happiness in Sydney will make you smile inside and out. The post teaches you to embrace life and live for the moment. And it doesn't mean you have to venture out to Sydney to find happiness, you could go explore your own city and i'm sure you'll see and notice things you haven't seen before.

Visit Maid in Australia for more down to earth posts and inspiring stories.

Tags: Happiness, Sydney, Living for the Moment, Travelling Alone

Have You Ever

So have you ever laughed so hard your tummy hurt, eyes watered and you snorted at the same time? If you can tick all these have you evers by Jodi, then bravo! If you haven't, what are you waiting for? Jodi inspires me to live life, tick the checklist and say "Yes, yes I have made cookie dough just to eat it raw".

Don't be afraid of life, live it.

Writing Out Loud is a passionate blog that will make you laugh and cry.

Tags: Have you ever, journey, mistakes

Read It Twice

Sandi's post will give you the uplifting mood to pull you out of a rut and encourage you to keep on going. Sometimes we all need refreshing light posts like these to make us realise what is important in life.

Go to In The Thick Of It for more stories and interviews with stunning photographs too.

Tags: Life journey, life lessons, advice

When The Stones Whisper Their Secrets To You

A truly inspiring piece by Frog Ponds Rock. Its the idea of saying everything outloud to clear your head and be able to breathe again, and its okay to do this, its great to do this! You'll feel like a whole weight has been lifted off your shoulders and ready to approach anything life throws at you.

Visit Frog Ponds Rock for more personal and influential post like these and beautiful photos.

Tags: Thinking Out Loud, Releasing emotions

Dark And Twisty

After reading this post by Sarah, you will feel like you can do anything and you can!

Remember your mother always used to say to you "there's no such word as can't" As adults we always give up before we've even tried. We need to just get up and go and do things even though sometimes it might not always work out. So follow Sarah's step and go for a jog at 6am. You never know, it might be the beginning of a beautiful hobby.

Ah, The Possibilites is full of posts by Sarah including recipes and giveaways too.

Tags: Because you can, morning jogs, give it a try

Achieving With Excitement

You can sense Sarah's excitement in her post just by reading it. We should all feel excited with life and this should encourage us to go for our dreams and goals. Take the first step by reflecting on ourselves and thinking about what we want in life and how do we feel about it? (Well actually the first step would be to read Sarah's post!)

Visit Sarah Wilson's Blog for more exciting posts and tips of health and life.

Tags: Dreams and Goals, Excitement, Life Goals, Achievement

Happy Spaces, Fine Details.

Enter our free online competitionsThe refreshing photos in this post really inspired me to go redecorate my own home! Your surroundings can easily affect your mood, stress level and even your energy. For example, one way you can lower stress levels is to declutter your space, giving you space to breathe and giving you some headspace. So have a look at the post, take some ideas and brighten up your mood today.

The Slow Noodle is pack with lots of ideas of things to see and do with an archive ranging from art and typography to DIY, fashion and vintage.

Tags: Bright decor, Happy Spaces, Redecorating

Take A Seat

If you find some old furniture and thought about throwing it out and buying new ones think again! You can easily- and cheapily- revamp old furniture and Uniquely Chic teaches you just how. You can even get the old furniture from charity shops or collect them from a friend or neighbour who threw theirs out. Go wild with different fabrics, textures and prints, your creativity is your limit!

Uniquely Chic is packed with beautiful creative ideas for you to try out.

Tags: Redecorating, revamping old furniture, old furniture

Mr and Mrs Pillows

If you need a creative idea for wedding gifts, birthday gifts, mother's day and even christmas gifts this fantastic post is perfect. You can put your own creative spin on it by choosing what you write, which font to use, which fabrics and textures to use, the choices are endless!

Thankyou to All Things Beautiful you can create beautiful personal gifts to fit each person's personality and taste. Visit the blog for more fun and creative ideas!

Tags: Homemade pillowcases, gift ideas, cheap gift ideas, mothers day presents, birthday presents, christmas presents

Organizing Coupons

Ever get to the till point and being flustered with having to try and find the right coupon to use with everyone tutting and sighing in the que behind you? Well, heres the solution to the problem with Happy Go Lucky's clever coupon organiser. It's simple and so small you can keep it with your car keys.

Happy Go Lucky has other bright creative ideas including recipes too.

Tags: Coupons, organizing coupons, quick and easy way to organise coupons

Printing On Fabric Using Your Inkjet Printer & A Cabinet Door Makeover Update

This is such a quick and simple idea to add something extra to an empty wall space or to complete a room. You can personalise it how you want and they can even be great gift ideas.

A Simply Klassic Home has other innovative ideas for gifts and for the home. Try something new today!

Tags: brightening home furniture, redecorating



About Si Pui Tuong

About Si Pui Tuong

Si Pui Tuong has a passion for fashion, photography, design and a natural flare for writing. 

London based Si is doing her media and design international internship with She Inspires before taking time to explore northern Australia.



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