Make a Real Difference in the Fight and Support Cancer Research
Cancer hits all of us in our lives at some stage to some degree. When it does we often feel powerless and angry. While we may not be able to beat it up with a piece of 4x2 and get it out of our loved ones lives, we can win, we can make a real change and be part of giving life after cancer to more people.

Here are 7 empowering ideas for how you can make change happen:

Become your own cancer shop be selling pink ribbons to raise breast cancer research money1. have a community fundraising event - big or small - to raise awareness and money. Think about a fundraising BBQ, jewellery party, sponsored walk or adventure, morning tea, whip around at work, raffle or auction, dinner party, the list is endless and many can be easily combined. Think about making it a regular event and it could turn into a really good social activity to bring everyone together.

2. share your skills and do some volunteering - giving your labour is a great way to get involved, meet other people of similar values and experiences, help organisations achieve real change.

3. make a donation - any amount of money makes a difference. The traditional value of donating 10% of what you earn has the power to bring real change into the world - so too does sharing windfalls like winning on the Melbourne Cup or with a scratchie. It is the power of giving, not the amount, that brings the difference in your life and for others.

4. buy products and services that give back - we all know about the Pink products that raise money for breast cancer research, there's also the Cancer Council shops that fundraise too. So watch out for products that give back and support them.

5. leave a bequest in your Will so your estate keeps giving to the community you've lived in. You can request instead of flowers for donations to be made to your preferred charity. We've done this in our family and it is comforting to know that good is coming out of a sad time.

6. get your work organisation involved so change can be made - corporate partnerships are powerful agents of positive change, so too can small business be active and bring about awareness and change.

7. signup to petitions to let governments know that there is a loud and active support base to bring about change. Make your voice heard and change will follow.

Here are 10 groups you can support online and offline to bring about positive change for cancer in the world today:

Handmade porcelain bird necklaces and brooches by Creatively Belle 1. The McGarth Foundation - together we can make a difference - ways to help and inspiring stories.

Can Assist provides assistance and care to cancer patients and their families through our network of branches and accommodation facilities.

3. The Cancer Council - this website is a great hub of information and services, products, groups and more.

4. National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre (NBOCC) - information source on breast cancer and ovarian cancer sharing research news and more.

5. National Breast Cancer Foundation - the focus is on raising money for breast cancer research and they are making a direct and immediate difference. The Pink Ribbon initiative is down the them - make sure you get their Christmas Cards and Mother's Day cards to raise awareness and money.

6. Cancer Forum - get news, information and support online directly.

7. Breast Screen Australia - early detection makes the world of difference so find out more and get checked.

8. Cottage by the Sea - this independent children's charity organisation relies heavily on community support and charity donations to provide a service to over 900 children every year by giving them relief care in a holiday environment by the beach.

9. The Lance Armstrong Foundation has the Commit to Fight Cancer campaign where you can show your support online with this social change movement.

10. Cancer Australia is a government response to help reduce the impact of cancer by working with consumers, health professionals, cancer organisations, researchers and governments.

Cancer doesn't care about borders, financial crisis, money, goodness of heart - it is an illness that research can come up with the treatments and cures. Community support can make this research happen and make the lives of those impacted by it easier.

Spreading the word about campaigns and initiatives makes a real difference. Our fighting cancer series of articles was inspired by a friend sending me a link to the Lance Armstrong Commit to Fight Cancer campaign. You never know what good may come from you making the effort.

Get involved today, make a commitment to be part of positive change every year through whatever method works best for you at the time. We all have different cycles with our money so donating cash isn't always the easiest but we can share stories, give at or host fundraising events, encourage our workplaces to get involved, volunteer, share emails and articles - there's always something that can be done. Be the change you want in the world today!

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