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Achieving goals with Stephen Chong

As a father of three wonderful teenage boys I have been recently observing their outlook on life and wondering if the ensuing years will be kind to them. Or, whether they will find their place in the grand scheme of things without life pummelling them into the shape of the lowest common denominator: greedy, selfish and wasteful.
Having compelling goals in life that provide us with a strong sense of commitment and purpose is one way to rise above the norm and attain a life worthwhile. But how many of us have experienced the ‘new years eve’ resolution syndrome, where we set a goal and it’s all broken by the week’s end? The answer might reside with your goal’s alignment.
The word alignment has to do with placing items in a straight line. For example, if the front wheels on your car are ‘out of alignment’ it means that they are pointing in a different direction to your rear wheels. The result is that driving the car becomes measurably more difficult. The steering wheel shakes, the tyres wear thin and you have to put more effort into keeping the car on the road and heading in the right direction – the ride becomes really uncomfortable.
We might, as an example, become ‘out of sorts’ when our daily actions are not in alignment with our personal Values. Or, we might be wasting our precious time and energy on something that could more profitably be invested into taking our life in the direction we want.
The way to create alignment in our life resides in asking a number of really important questions:

Are my goals aligned to my values?

If one of your Values is ‘Family’ or ‘Love’ but you are spending 60+ hours per week in the office, i.e. you are not investing enough time and effort towards a Goal targeted at developing your relationships you will suffer from a lack of alignment.

Are my Goals aligned to my Vision?

An aligned set of goals means that when you achieve a goal you will have taken a step towards fulfilling your ideal future (vision). In other words, “Does this goal (action) create the future that I want, or destroy it?” … sometimes the things that we have to do are mundane (read - doing the laundry or the dishes) but nothing is neutral, everything counts.

Are my Goals in harmony or do they compete against each other?

If you have a goal to reduce your personal debt and another to lease a new Porsche, chances are you have goals in conflict. Work out what is your highest priority.

Is my emotional well-being detached from achieving this goal?

This is all about achieving at a high level and being relaxed and happy at the same time. Anyone can be happy when things are going to plan. It takes skill to be ‘Happy’, and to take appropriate action, when things are not going the way as planned.

Are you flexible with the time frame?

If you are negatively affecting your health and neglecting your relationships to reach your target, it’s not worth it. Once you think that you have allowed enough time then proceed with your goal but when necessary extend the time frame if you need to so that you can maintain balance between your health, relationships and money.



Finding out more about Stephen Chong

Finding out more about Stephen Chong

Stephen Chong of The Music of the Soul
Stephen Chong is a professional development coach and author of the new book The Music of the Soul: A pathway to a rich and fulfilling life, now available at good book stores or online at
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