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Seize the Day!

Finding Inspiration in Nature

Finding inspiration in daily life can sometimes seem challenging so we thought we'd help with a growing collection of articles to get you thinking.

It's a growing area so we'd love your ideas and suggestions including recommended authors and stories. Also check out our Books and More Books area for inspiring stories.

Let Yourself Be Inspired...

Let Yourself Be Inspired...

5 Tips for Creating Patterns5 Tips for Creating PatternsBe inspired by the passionate Penny Ferguson of Min Pin Shop, Etsy Awards Winner for Art Illustration and Paper Design as part of our series of etsy maker interviews.

Find out Penny's five tips for creating patterns.
Falling in Love with ClayFalling in Love with ClayA French woman's love for a man brought her to a distant country to work in dynamic clay from the land.

Find out how Lucile Sciallano of Fabrique de Brunswick made the journey from France via the Netherlands to Australia to be a pottery. 

5 Tips for Growing a Creative Instagram Community5 Tips for Growing a Creative Instagram CommunityA love of colour, design, making, gardens and art has lead a Melbourne couple into a new creative business focused around functional and beautiful plant stands.

Meet Noël Skrzypczak and Andy Newton of Bankymoon Plantstands, Etsy Awards Winner for New Talent as part of our series of etsy maker interviews.

Meeting etsy MakersMeeting etsy MakersFind out what's really involved in running a creative business with this series of interviews with etsy store owners.

Learn what inspires makers, their top tips and what's important to them.

Falling in Love with Watercolours and LightFalling in Love with Watercolours and LightBe inspired by Tasmanian watercolour artist Mel Hills as she shares her tips for painting plein air, her sources of inspiration and more.

5 Ways to Bring Your Inner Creativity to Light5 Ways to Bring Your Inner Creativity to LightMeet the inspiring Anna Kellerman of Mamma Creatives as she sets about helping mums everywhere reconnect with their inner creativity and get making again.

Learn from Anna's tips on how to bring out your creativity and be inspired.

Being Called a Bitch Fails as a Double StandardBeing Called a Bitch Fails as a Double StandardOld fashion double standards are still hanging round like bad oily smells from the 70's and they are costing us all way too much with the missed opportunities that go flying by because of small minds.

Find out how to enrich daily life financially and emotionally when you smash aside redundant double standards.
5 Tips for Finding Inspiration When Designing5 Tips for Finding Inspiration When DesigningCome meet Louise Martiensen, a talented ceramicist constantly creating inspiring new designs and running her own studio.

Find out where inspiration comes from for Louise and her 5 tips for creating new designs.

Celebrating Women in Jazz with 86 Inspiring QuotesCelebrating Women in Jazz with 86 Inspiring QuotesTo help celebrate Jazz day and Women in Jazz we've brought together a great collection of inspirational quotes by women, about jazz, music, family, faith, freedom. creativity, success and failure.

Be inspired by these wonderful women who have given so much joy to all of us over the years.

How to Be the Change You Want in the WorldHow to Be the Change You Want in the WorldCome meet Kelly McJannett, a woman who is creating positive change in the world one tomatoe at a time!

Kelly is one of those naturally inspiring people who is living her passion for empowering women across the world to break the cycle of poverty and poor health. Find out the simple ways she is making this happen and be inspired.
7 Things I Love About Upcycling7 Things I Love About Upcycling
When you love upcycling and recycling you are never at a loss as to what to do - there's always a project just waiting to be done.
Find out the seven things I love best about upcycling, a great business idea that you can start part time and five courses that would be great fun to get stuck into!
How to Nourish Your Creative SpiritHow to Nourish Your Creative SpiritDaily life can knock the stuffing out of you, making it feel so hard to keep nourishing your creative spirit, even making you doubt whether you are creative after all.

So to help refresh your spirit I've five great tips for bringing more creativity into your daily life.
5 Tips for Having a Home Based Artisan Business5 Tips for Having a Home Based Artisan BusinessMeet New Zealand couple Dee and Jeremy Rolston of Needle and Nail, Etsy Awards Winner for the Community's Choice Prize as part of our series of etsy maker interviews.

Find out their five tips for families making the shift to home based artisan businesses - it is entirely possible!

Letting Go of Sickening FearLetting Go of Sickening Fear
Find out how an open hearted conversation resulted in the letting go of an inhibiting fear that had the power to make you feel sick to the stomach as editor, Belinda Stinson, finally feeds her painting muse.

It turns out the freedom is a lot more simple than fear itself.
How to Make New FriendsHow to Make New FriendsFinding that your circle of friends is shrinking with the passing of years?

Here are 10 ways to meet like minded people who could turn out to be great friends.

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Leaping into Inspiration and Empowerment for Women
Taking that Flying Leap into Inspiration and Empowerment!

Read inspirational and empowering articles to lift up your spirits and connect you to your creative side. Learn more about others’ success and rescue stories. Find out how other people empower themselves on a daily basis and learn how to inspire yourself. You can find inspirational quotes for quotes that inspire in any situation! Bring inspiration to your life!

Our creative short stories are great when you need a bit of encouragement to persevere through your stressful day. These vibrant and colourful articles will encourage and inspire you all day long. Feel inspired to encourage others and motivate them as well as yourself!

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