Top 20 Inspiring Australian Blogs

We’ve come across some brilliant blogs that really inspire. They’ll teach you something new or help you in your business and everyday life.

The blogging world is forever growing. And why shouldn’t it be? There’s no right or wrong, you write what you like and only your creativity is your limit. That’s the beauty of blogging. Every blog in this World Wide Web is personal to each blogger, both interesting and insightful and each beautifully unique.

We love a good blog to delve into so here are the Inspiring Blogs in Australia. There’s something to suit everyone; blogs for marketing, blogs on mothering, blogs to make you hungry and blogs to make you cry. One thing’s for certain- It’ll get you thinking and it’s bound to inspire.

Global Copywriting

Global Copywriting is actually a company and a running business. Their website features their blog on the side and it’s packed with business and marketing articles along with helpful tips. So if you’re website, or indeed your own blog, is the heart of your income, Global Copywriting is perfect for helping that succeed. From ensuring you have great content to protecting your identity on social media sites, it’s definitely a must-read!

Visit Global Copywriting for more tips or maybe turn your “marketing investment into business assets”!

Tags: Business, online marketing, Copywriting.

Her Business

There’s nothing more empowering and inspiring than women succeeding in business. Not because I’m a woman and I’m all for girl power, but simply to prove others wrong and to show them we can be powerful and succeed. Her Business is great for inspiring women in business everywhere and bringing them all together. We can learn from each other and succeed together.

Visit Her Business today for helpful tips, inspiring stories and make your business a success!

Tags: Women in Business, successful women, powerful women.

Servant of Chaos

Servant of Chaos is informative; it’s full of tips for business, marketing and the social media plus interesting videos. You’ll definitely learn a thing or two from this blog, even if you’re not into business or marketing. The blogger, Gavin, works for the global software company, SAP, so you’re lucky and getting tips straight from the horse’s mouth.

Visit Servant of Chaos for tips and a laugh.

Tags: SAP, business, marketing, helpful business tips


Sphinxx is perfect for the business women; employers and employees. It’s also perfect for women who are planning to start their own business and for those stay at home mums, it’ll inspire and empower you. There’s something for everyone. You can find helpful tips, business advice and heaps of interesting articles.

Visit Sphinxx and kick start your business.

Tags: Business women, business advice.

News With Nipples

Here is the place to be updated with news with a dash of humor and sexism. Kim Powell is a journalist and an accidental feminist who’s witty and isn’t afraid to voice her opinions. Her posts are enlightening, makes women feel empowered and challenge the news today.

Visit News With Nipples for a great break time read.

Tags: News with nipples, sexism, feminist. 

Darcy Moore’s Blog

There are lots to see and lots to read on Darcy Moore’s Blog. The post ranges from education and literature to photography and social media! The deputy principal’s blog is inspiring and perfect for teachers, parents and students.

Visit Darcy Moore’s Blog for inspiration, motivation and information.

Tags: School principal, teacher, students

Handmade porcelain bird necklaces and brooches by Creatively Belle

The Creative Penn

If you’re writing a book and need tips of writing or publishing, The Creative Penn is your next stop! Joanna Penn shares her own experience of publishing her own book so you’ll know the dos, don’ts, ins and outs. You’ll be able to find posts on writing, publishing and promotion as well as podcast audio interviews! And if you’re not writing, the blog may inspire you to start!

Visit The Creative Penn for motivation, advice and watch your book become a top seller!

Tags: Book writing, publishing, promotion

Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum

Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum is what it says on the tin. It’s a real eye opener with honest heart touching posts. She deals with grief, after the loss of her husband, and is therefore raising her children on her own. She shows strength and she’s truly inspiring.

Visit Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum and find out for yourself. Just be prepare for the tears.

Tags: Stay at home mum, mothering, grief

Not Drowning, Mothering

Not Drowning, Mothing is a light, humorous blog with a few reach-for-the-tissues posts. She’s witty, laugh out loud funny and the blog isn’t the typical mummy’s blog.

Visit Not Drowning, Mothering and see for yourself.

Tags: Mothering, children, funny mummy blog.

Miscellaneous Mum

Miscellaneous Mum is a mother and a writer. She blogs what she does best- mothering and literature, as well as personal posts. She shares the pain of anxiety and not only does it make us aware, but it means other anxiety sufferers aren’t alone and can relate.

Visit Miscellaneous Mum for more reads.

Tags: Mothering, literature, books, anxiety.

All Consuming

I know what you’re thinking “Not another parenting blog!” But All Consuming has posts on parenting four boys, heartwarming personal posts plus delicious recipes. She’s honest, humorous and motivating.

Check out All Consuming and you’re bound to have a laugh and be inspired to cook.

Tags: Parenting, mothering, simple recipes.

Not Quite Nigella

Forget the tourist guides on where to eat. Not Quite Nigella will give you the honest reviews, with photos, prices and maps, so you’ll know where to go and what to have. The list ranges from Sydney, all over Australia to London and Singapore.

Go to Not Quite Nigella for reviews and recipes too!

Tags: Food reviews, honest food critic, travel food guide

Gora! Gora! Gora!

This Sydney-born journalist moved to India and regularly updates this blog with photos and delicious Indian recipes.

So if you’ve ever wondered about taking a trip to India or moving there, check out Gora! Gora! Gora!

Tags: India, New Delhi, Indian food

Tune into Radio Carly

Carly Findlay tells it how it is. Her blog documents her everyday life; her battle with her illness that she’s taken control of and is confident about, her passion for food and cooking and her love for style and fashion. Carly is inspiring and proves that nothing should hold your life back.

Visit Tune into Radio Carly for her story, life and adventures.

Tags: ichthyosis, Carly Findlay, illness, life.


Delve into the life of Mrs Woog, a mother of two boys. Her blog is laugh out loud funny with a range of topics, from tips on parenting, her daily life and a guest post from her father. You’ll never know what life is going to throw at you and that’s just like Woogsworld.

Visit Woogsworld and see what you find. The range is so broad, there’s something for everyone.

Tags: Mothering, Humorous blog

Styling You

Styling You is The number one blog for top style and fashion tips and news. Nikki Parkinson has reviews on beauty products she trialed herself so you won’t have to waste your precious pay on products that might not even work. Check out the wardrobe essentials and the latest fashion news.

If you’re the type of shopper that wanders round, not knowing which clothes are best for you, then book a one-on-one consultation and shopping session with Nikki. Or maybe you’d just like to revitalize the clothes in your wardrobe.

Head over to Styling You for more information.

Tags: Styling, Fashion, Beauty, Nikki Parkinson.

Frock and Roll

There’s so much you can read on this blog! Beauty tips and reviews, advice on style, read the travel blog and check out Thank Frock, It’s Friday. It’ll definitely inspire you and make you smile.

So check out Frock and Roll for beauty, style, and inspirational stories.

Tags: Inspiration, beauty, style, fashion, travelling.

Musings of a Literary Dilettante's Blog

The bookshelf has a rainbow of books- literally- the books are organized by color of the spine. Musings of a Literary Dilettante has honest book reviews that’ll motivate you to get lost in the world of literature. See if you can survive the 2011 challenge! This blog is great for inspiration if you’re looking for a book to dive into and it’ll inspire you to write your own reviews- maybe.

Visit Musings of a Literary Dilettante for a read.

Tags: Literature, books, book reviews.

Book to the Future

Every week, Michelle reads a book and posts a review. But it’s not that simple. She’s reading, in chronological order, some of the famous works of literature in 20th century.

So if you’re stuck in a rut for books to read, check out Michelle’s blog, Book to the Future, for reviews and you’ll be inspired.

Tags: Twentieth century books, book reviews, literature

Be Informed, Be Inspired

If none of the blogs above inspired or motivated you and you’re still sitting at the laptop feeling blue and stuck in a rut. Be Informed, Be Inspired will be sure to get you moving again. It’s informative and definitely inspiring. We’re humans and there will be days where we “can’t be bothered”. Be informed, Be Inspired has ways to help lift you out of that mood and will motivate you to do more.

Head over to Be Informed, Be Inspired and get moving! 

Tags: Inspiration, motivation, lazy mood.

About Si Pui Tuong

About Si Pui Tuong

Si Pui Tuong has a passion for fashion, photography, design and a natural flare for writing. 

London based Si is doing her media and design international internship with She Inspires before taking time to explore northern Australia.



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