Meet the Inspiring Samantha Dybac

Being an extraordinary woman is our natural state of being

I met Samantha Dybac through Kerry Chikarovski and was instantly impressed by her zest for life and business.

When I found out Samantha was to be heading up the Sydney branch of The League of Extraordinary women I thought how lucky they were to get her and how lucky I was for knowing her.

I hope, through this interview, you get to know a bit about the beautiful and extraordinary woman, Samantha Dybac and be inspired by how she walks her talk.

What do you really enjoy about being involved in The League of Extraordinary Women?

It has been almost ten years since I left a comfortable, corporate marketing job to go out and explore the world of being an 'entrepreneur'.

Driven by a passion to explore, create and make a difference with my work I soon came to realise that life as an entrepreneur can often be quite lonely and frightening. Over the past ten years I have been involved with various start ups in a number of industries and for the most of this time I lacked a strong, understanding support network that I could relate to, feel free to share with and learn from. The League of Extraordinary Women is focused on bringing young women together to create this support network and it is a very rewarding experience.
Who makes up The League of Extraordinary Women team?

The League of Extraordinary Women began with four young, vibrant female entrepreneurs out of Melbourne who started meeting with each other once a month to share their ups and downs, seek each other's advice and lend an empathetic ear. Inspired by what they were achieving as a group of four, they decided to create The League of Extraordinary Women for other like minded women.

The League began to receive many interested enquiries from other states which prompted them to go national. Given the rapid growth of The League since late 2011, each state now has a "Crusader" who is responsible for organising events, spreading the word and driving membership. I am privileged to be the NSW Crusader. 
Win an iPadWhat does The League of Extraordinary Women hope to achieve?

The League is not just about quick introductions and swapping business cards. First hand experience has shown all of us involved that in order to grow and prosper as successful business women we need to build strong networks that can support and add value to our own situations. 

The League of Extraordinary Women is focused on providing like minded female entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs) a forum in which to share, grow and inspire each other to achieve amazing things. Learning, sharing and on-going support is a key to the success of The League.
How did you become involved with The League?

I was introduced to one of the Co-Founders of The League, Sarah Riegelhuth (Wealth Enhancers) by one of my colleagues, Kerry Chikarovski. After being invited to attend one of their events in Melbourne I decided it was time to do whatever I could to make sure Sydney got a piece of the action.

In July 2012 I helped out when they hosted a Sydney screening of Miss Representation by organising a well-known group of female panellists to comment on the documentary at the end of the evening. That same night I was also announced as their NSW Crusader and am very proud to hold this title and take on the responsibilities it entails.

Why do women need to get out there, network and build business relationships?

 Relationships are the cornerstone of life. If we take a look at the history of our personal lives we see many relationships come and go, yet at the time they serve their purpose.

In business it's no different. Building meaningful relationships is critical for the success of any business.  Yet many times in business, especially with women,  I've seen them arrive at a function with the mindset that they need to;
1. Swap cards
2. Ask what that person does, and if it isn't related to their industry quickly find an excuse to walk away and
3. Secure new sales

Unfortunately this approach doesn't offer any longevity and usually comes across as insincere or unprofessional. I think 'networking' is critical to thriving in business however I believe that there is still much to be learnt about its true art. My advice is, yes, we need to be constantly updating our networks and relationships but the way in which we go about this needs some thought and structure in order to get the most out of it and benefit all involved.

Who do you find inspiring and why?

Great question. I take inspiration from so many different people – women and men, depending on which day it is and what they're offering. I know it's close to home but having spent 2.5 years getting to know and work with Former NSW Opposition Leader Kerry Chikarovski has been an absolute blessing.

Of recent months I would also say that Angela Vithoulkhas, owner Vivo café who recently ran for Sydney City Lord Mayor, has been a major inspiration for me in my approach to building my own business and developing contacts.

Learn how to make social media work for your businessWhat are your 5 tips for women to form strong business relationships?

1. Join relevant business or social groups in your area. This sounds almost too obvious yet often many people just think about it or join up then don't take the time to actually participate and make the most out of their connections.

Finding groups that are relevant for you rather than just joining a group because it is really popular makes a lot of sense. Go for quality not quantity. Once you've found the group/s right for you then you have to make an effort to participate. "Get back what you put in".

2. Make an effort to remember important dates and events. Too often I've seen women (and men) strike up some business relationships with different people because it's good for business but then they don't make the effort to recognise those things which are important to those people they're trying to form deeper, beneficial connections with. I really value it when someone in my network remembers an important event that I have on or sends me a note to say congratulations or thank you.
3. Connect before you 'need' someone. Something we learn in PR is that it is always good to make sure you get to know journalists and relevant industry people before you start asking them for favours. By creating a relationship first you're more likely to have success when you need a favour or some advice. This is just good common business practice.
4Show Pride in Your Business - Showing pride in your business is imperative if you are going to build up great business relationships. Make sure that all the people you meet know about your business. Make sure you add your website/social media links to your business cards, add a signature line to all emails, and talk about your business with pride. This is an excellent way to build up top quality relationships. One of the things I loathe hearing but hear all to often when someone gives me their card is "Don't look at my website yet because it's terrible" ……
5. Be Yourself.  It's much easier to build and maintain long lasting relationships if you stick to what you know best and be willing to learn the rest from others. None of us know everything and everyone – that's why we network in the first place – to help each other and learn from each other. Trying to be someone your not will catch up with you and may damage the relationships you've tried so hard to build.



Meet Samantha Dybac

Meet Samantha Dybac

Meet Samantha Dybac of the League of Extraordinary Women
Samantha Dybac is the NSW Crusader for The League of Extraordinary Women and is the Director Strategy and Communications at Sammway - Sales, Marketing, Business Branding and Communications Strategy.

Join Samantha on Twitter and the League of Extraordinary Women on Facebook and  be sure to get along to one of their inspiring events - you'll love meeting like minded women from all different areas of business and government.
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