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Jewellery and watches have always been key to showcasing our individual styles and personalities. From contemporary jewellery to vintage jewellery, antique watches to the latest designer watches, we each have our favourites and preferences.

Find the Glimmer in Your Eye

Find the Glimmer in Your Eye

10 Tips for Making a Living from Your Creative Jewellery Business10 Tips for Making a Living from Your Creative Jewellery BusinessPassionate about jewellery? Thinking of running your own small business but not sure where to start?

Lots of small businesses in the creative industry fail when owners cannot manage both the creative and the enterpreneurial side. Here are some top tips for making sure your creative jewellery business generates income for you.
Creating Your Own Signature Jewellery StyleCreating Your Own Signature Jewellery StyleFor all the girls who love their jewellery we got our treasured Fashion Stylist Louise Coccione to share her tips for creating the perfect bejeweled look.

Find out how to create the latest fashion jewellery looks with these practical and useful dashes of fashion advice.

Making Treasure from Gemstones the Smart WayMaking Treasure from Gemstones the Smart WaySzarka Carter is turning a childhood love for gemstones and treasures into a booming online business through hard work, a focus on strong business ethics and an enduring passion of creativity.

We caught up with the determined lady about what drives her to make Magpie Gemstones the flourishing business it is today.

The Stories Behind Vintage JewelleryThe Stories Behind Vintage JewelleryWhen the jewellery designs of the 20th Century captures your heart you know you'll be searching markets and op shops for those magical pieces. So what's the story behind vintage jewellery, what's the difference between vintage and estate jewellery, where are the best places to find it and how do you look after it best?

Well read on, we have what you're looking for!

7 Things Your Should Know About the 4 C's of Diamonds7 Things Your Should Know About the 4 C's of DiamondsWhen getting ready to buy a diamond ring or jewellery it always helps to learn more about these timeless gemstones.

Here are seven useful tips with explanatory details about the 4 C's of diamonds.

Discover a Passion for Life, Jewellery and BusinessDiscover a Passion for Life, Jewellery and BusinessAmanda Webb makes having it all look easy with her passion for life and zest for design and colour.

Come and be inspired by Amanda's top 5 tips for creating your own signature look with jewellery.

Earrings - This Season’s Accessory EssentialsEarrings - This Season’s Accessory EssentialsWhether you like pearls or drops, studs or chandelier earrings this season’s range of bold accessories has a style and price to suit everybody. Available in a range of colours and designs, earrings are an essential fashion item to cap off any look.

Get Alex Brown’s advice on embracing new styles, moving on after the loss of one half of your favourite pair and altogether getting your earrings work for you.

Brooches are Back so Get Your 7 Tips for Showing Your Style!Brooches are Back so Get Your 7 Tips for Showing Your Style!So you've fallen in love with brooches and want some great ideas on how to wear them? We've got the tips you've been looking for!

Revel in the latest designs, the beautiful glamour and the handcrafted treasures you can find with brooches and pins.

Loving Pandora JewelleryLoving Pandora JewellerySo you've fallen in love with Pandora jewellery too. Such an easy thing to happen!

Find out what others have to say about why they love Pandora Jewellery!

7 Top Tips for Looking After Costume Jewellery7 Top Tips for Looking After Costume JewelleryMaking the most of your fashion jewellery!

Here are 7 useful tips for looking after your costume jewellery and enjoying it for years to come.

Trends to Watch - Watch and WearTrends to Watch - Watch and WearKeep current with time trends with Trish Koh as she checks out 5 Watch Trends.
Humourous and Inspirational Quotes About JewelleryHumourous and Inspirational Quotes About JewelleryThese quotes are for those who love jewellery and all that lovely sparkling treasure both within and without.
Every girl loves a nice piece of jewellery! Whether it be a gift from a friend or a personal splurge diamonds just can't be resisted. Fashion jewellery, antique jewellery, gold jewellery, silver jewellery, and costume jewellery will catch any womans eye. Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and watches are just what you need to top off any great outfit.

Watches can be an essential accessory for telling the time and looking sophisticated. Wrist watches, mens watches, and replica watches can all be a fun way to add to your outfit. These articles have everything to find you the watch that is right for you! Whether it be a rolex watches, gucci watches, or citizen watches that tickle your fancy there will be something for you!


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