Jazz Up That Favourite Dress with a Jewellery Brooch
As many of us are rediscovering brooches and falling in love with their sparkle, versatility and beauty a few handy tips on how to wear them for best effect from the girls over at CreativelyBelle.com could just make it that much easier to wear these stunning creations:

1. jazz up a favourite old dress or shirt with a stunning new brooch for a whole new look

2. instead of wearing the brooch on the upper left of of your outfit try the centre, either at the lowest or the highest point of the neckline for dramatic effect.

3. cover your vest with stunning brooches - work with a theme and make a unique statement about your style.

4. emphasis the length of your legs by making a line of brooches down the side of your pants to draw the eye.

5. pin a brooch to your evening clutch that highlights details from your outfit for a sophicated look.

6. make that hat pop with a brooch that draws compliments for it's design and style.

7. pin a scarf around your shoulders at the knot with a well chosen brooch for the glamourous effect.

The versatility of brooches make them a stunning fashion accessory that lets you effortlessly change your look, especially from day to evening in one simple step.

Brooches make the ideal birthday and Christmas gift idea this season too, so pick something goregious out for the girls and yourself from the CreativelyBelle.com range at www.Creativelybelle.com/brooches

So make that tied old dress pop with a brand new brooch and show off your unique style this season!



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