Get Your Earrings Working For You

Earrings are the ideal way to top off any outfit and with accessories still high on this season’s fashion agenda the only challenge is choosing the perfect ones to suit your look.

From drops to hoops, metallics to colours, diamonds to gems the choice in earrings has come a long way since the simple studs vs sleeper days. There is an endless array of colours and styles to choose from and with so many affordable options on the market there is no better time to start growing your earring collection and playing around with different styles.

Enter and win online competitions with She Inspires!But it is here that many of us fall flat. Overwhelmed by the choice of earring styles or hesitant to leave the familiarity of our favourite pair we stick to wearing the same type of earrings for years. Offering endless style opportunities don’t be afraid to try out new earring varieties and embrace the power that these fashion statement pieces have to transform a look from good to great. As a former fanatic of gemstone studs I was pleasantly surprised by the touch of glamour that a pair of crystal chandelier earrings gave to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

But it is not all about the overall look, earrings are unique pieces on their own and to ensure they last throughout the years it is essential that they are looked after. This means not carelessly throwing them into a jewelry box where they can be easily broken, separated or lost in the tangles of a necklace. It has been a relief of late to discover earring holder trees that display your jewellery in a decorative and organised way allowing you to appreciate your jewellery while keeping pairs of earrings together and messy tangles out of your necklaces.

It’s not just at home though where earrings need looking after. Who of us has not known the panic and frustration of suddenly touching your ear only to find that one of your earrings is gone?! And with backless varieties on the rise the trend seems set to continue, but don’t despair - for serial offenders a simple piece can be added to the earring (by a jeweller) to prevent them from escaping from your ear.

For those of you to whom this advice comes too late, and have been unfortunate enough to lose a favourite earring don’t forget that with the use of a jump ring a lone earring can be turned into a gorgeous pedant and so all is not lost.

Whatever your earring preference – gold, pearls, dangle, drops, studs, hoops, chandeliers, clip ons, beaded, sterling silver, gemstones, big or small – there is a style and price to suit everyone. Make the most of this season’s bold range of accessories and get your earrings working for you.



Contributing Writer Alex Brown

Contributing Writer Alex Brown

Alex is a holiday writer, with a love of languages and a background in economics. Interests in travel, linguistics, fashion news and celebrity trivia.

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