Making Your Contemporary Statement with Time

It tells you the time, but these days it has transformed itself into a fashion accessory as well. Fashionistas will tell you it's not just a watch; it's a piece of jewellery. Here are 5 watch trends to erm…watch out for:

1. Feminine watches. Remember those chunky watches that were so trendy a few years back? Time to chuck them and get yourself a classic dainty timepiece. Yes, feminine is in again. Just like the full skirt and high waist fashion that have made a comeback, small elegant girly watches are the essential accessory to complete the look.

2. Think pink. Pink is the new black in the world of watches. Tag Heuer was among the first in this trend, introducing its powder pink "Formula 1 Chronograph Diamonds", then came Tiffany's "Paloma's Crown of Hearts", also pink with stainless steel dial with hearts engraved on it. These days you can find pink watches in practically every brand from Guess, to Tissot.

3. Jewellery watches. Can watches really be a piece of jewellery? You bet. Swatch and DKNY has a range of stunning jewellery watches that functions as a bracelet as well. Look out for bracelet bands and beaded straps.

Enter and win online competitions with She Inspires!4. Wear two tones. While silver has been the crowd favourite for years, gold is slowly making its comeback. Why? Because it is bold, it shines and it looks great especially with a contrast face. If you're not 100% convinced, look for watches with gold tone accents and smooth lines, or try a two tone silver-gold combination like the Kenneth Cole KC4542 . Very chic indeed.

5. Go bling. You don't have to break the bank for it; diamantes will do nicely as well. No, I am referring to the bling bling hip hop watches that bring on the cringe factor. Think elegant bling like the Eco-Drive Ladies Watch by Citizen.

Now that you have picked your watch, here are some extra tips:

1. Match your watch to the occasion. While there are no hard and fast rules that state which watch to wear with a certain outfit or for a given occasion, use common sense on this; ie. Do not wear a bracelet watch when you're out camping/fishing/doing sports.

2. Match your watch to other jewellery. General rule of thumb: match a silver watch with silver jewellery, gold watch with gold jewellery and so on.

3. Match your watch to your bank account. In the perfect world, we'd all have tons of money to spend on luxury watches but as this is not the case, cheaper brandsdo the job just as well. Just remember to look for smooth clean lines and simple styles.



Pretty In Pink Tiffany's Watch
Contributing Writer Trish Koh

Contributing Writer Trish Koh

Trish is a writer, translator and a blogger with a BA in Media and Cultural studies. Interests in fashion, beauty, arts, crafts, travel, relationships, lifestyle and women's issues.  Trish's blog is Under Lock and Key.

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