Learn How to Be the Start Of Spreading Kindness Around the World
The Secret Way to Pay it Forward with Kindness

The Secret Way to Pay it Forward with Kindness

It doesn't take much to make or break someone's day. The world could be a much better place if we surround yourself with kindness instead of negativity. If it is so easy to bring a smile to someone's face why does it happen so infrequently? These top 10 blogs focus on bringing kindness to others and spreading kindness around the world in hopes to make the world a better place.

You can find inspirational stories of random acts of kindness, great kindness quotes, and tips on how to bring kindness to your own life. Start your own kindness revolution and begin bringing kindness to everyone you encounter. It doesn't take much to help someone out and brighten up someone's day. Find out ways that you can help bring kindness to other people around the world. Make this world a better place for everyone to share.

Our Top Ten Blogs About Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Happy Face!Random Acts of Kindness

Spread kindness around the world by starting with simple random acts of kindness that you can do. It doesn't have to be something big or elaborate, but find great ideas of small acts of kindness you can accomplish with little effort. The littlest things can make someone's day, so find out how you can brighten up someone's mood and spread kindness.

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Random Acts of Kindness Week With Heidi Burton

Follow Heidi Burton as she goes on a mission to spread kindness. Find out her mission unfolded and what she learned along the way. Get inspired with uplifting photos that will make you want to spread kindness as well. Encourage and support your friends to spread kindness and promote the movement to bring kindness to the world.

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Tags: random acts of kindness week, Heidi Burton, international, kindness, Etsy

Kindness Quotes

Find a variety of great kindness quotes here. You can find the perfect quote you have been looking for! Check out the kindness quotes and send them to someone that needs a lift of kindness in their life. Stop your busy day and take some time to enjoy kindness.

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Practicing kindness

It is easy to get caught up in your own life and feel like you don't have any time for your loved ones. Sometimes it seems like the older family members are the one that suffer the most. Take some time and think about what you can do to make an elder feel special and loved. So chat with someone on the bus or help someone with their bags. Read more about what you can do to bring kindness to the elderly.

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Tags: mental health, well-being, community challenge, International Day of Older Persons

Cultivating Kindness in Kids

Parenting is never easy. It can be a difficult battle to raise children to turn out to be happy and successful. Start fostering ideals of kindness with your kids from an early age. Show your kids first hand how kindness can change the world and in return they will learn how to be kind to others. Encourage your children to spread kindness around the world.

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Boost Your Happiness Level With These 7 Tips

Bring happiness to your life with these easy tips. Start with bringing kindness to everyone around you and in return become a happier person. These tips will have you feeling like a brand new you. Boost your happiness today and be more successful in your life!

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Tags: happiness, personal development, be positive, mind power

Be Kind To Yourself

Click here to go the She Inspires Online CompetitionsAlthough it is important to spread kindness to everyone around you sometimes we get so caught up in helping everyone else we forget to take the time to take care of ourselves. It is important to take some time out for yourself. Remember everyone needs some pampering from time to time. Be kind to yourself and keep yourself happier.

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What Is The Definition Of Being Happy?

Make yourself happy by spreading kindness. Spread your cheer all around and have it come back to you even stronger. When you are happy with yourself it isn't hard to express your feelings to the world and bring kindness to others. Start with yourself and get excited about making yourself happy and full of kindness.

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Become a Profiled 10thousandgirl

Bring kindness to other women around the world by supporting a microfinance program. 10 Thousand Girls is a great way to create a supportive community for other women globally. It doesn't take much to spread kindness by supporting your fellow women and battling the poverty cycle.

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Tags: 10 thousand girl, micro loans, supportive community, financial goals

Kindness Revolution

Be a part of the kindness revolution and spread kindness. It isn't difficult to treat people with compassion and lend a helping hand to someone in need. Kindness begins with yourself so do what you can to help others and be kind. Who knows when you might need someone else to return the favor.

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Be Part of the Kindness Revolution!

Start helping others and spreading kindness today! Get inspired from all of the great tips and stories from these top 10 blogs and go out of your way to be kind to someone. It doesn't have to be a stranger or your best friend. The best thing about spreading kindness is there are no rules or restrictions. Spread kindness as much as you can and help to make the world a better place that we can all enjoy being a part of.

The most important thing is that kindness is contagious. By taking a little time out of our busy days to be a little more friendly at the grocery store or spare someone a bus fare you can bring kindness to a whole heap of people. Do your part and bring kindness to everyone!



Contributing Writer Taylor Sutton

Contributing Writer Taylor Sutton

Graphic Design and Journalism Intern Taylor Sutton

Taylor is studying for her Bachelor of Fine arts in Graphic Design and Communications. Taylor's main interests are waterpolo, snowboarding, reading, design, traveling and art. Taylor is visting Australia from the USA doing her internship with She Inspires. Visit TaylorSutton.com to see more of her work.

Want more inspiration? Read on...

Want more inspiration? Read on...

12 Easy Ways to Bring Kindness Into Daily Life12 Easy Ways to Bring Kindness Into Daily LifeThe kindness of strangers can make a difficult day a special day, so too can simple acts of kindness to our friends and family.

With our busy lives we sometimes need a little help seeing how simple it is to offer a kindness to another so we've come up with 12 easy acts of kindness to explore.

Learning to Forgive YourselfLearning to Forgive YourselfLearning to forgive yourself can be one of the most heart welcoming gifts to yourself and loved ones but it is often difficult to know where to start.

Here we look at 5 ideas how to get started and what's involved in forgiving yourself.

Quiet Your Inner Critic and Pursue Your DreamsQuiet Your Inner Critic and Pursue Your DreamsStop letting your persistent inner critic run your life. Boost your confidence with these top 5 confidence boosters and kick your inner critic out of the drivers seat.

Find out what you can do to gain more confidence and help yourself be more successful in life. Stop doubting yourself and allow yourself to stand out in the crowd!

7 Top Tips for a Girls Night In for Positive Change!7 Top Tips for a Girls Night In for Positive Change!I love a gathering of the girls, the talking, the laughing, the sharing and the caring that's involved so what better excuse for getting the girls together this week than having a Girl's Night In to raise money for research into women's cancer?

The Cancer Council lit upon a fantastic idea with the Girl's Night In events so we thought we'd give a helping hand in the fight against cancer with 7 great ideas for a Girls Night In! Read on and be inspired to book your party!

Learning from Elders About What MattersLearning from Elders About What MattersFinding what matters most in life can be something we search for over years when often it is right in front of us. I was privileged enough to spend time with my uncle when he was in hospital in the last few months of his life and got to listen to conversations with people reflecting on their 80 odd years.

Find out what lessons were being offered as a reward for listening.

How Your Craft Group Can Change the WorldHow Your Craft Group Can Change the WorldCraft circles have the power to bring real change into the daily life of others with their beautiful creations.

While Wrapped with Love is a great way for groups to pull together we thought a series of ideas of how your own group could get involved and a list of 20 Australian community charities that need your help would keep the spirit alive.

Be the Change in Your WorldBe the Change in Your WorldChoosing to be the change in the world that you want to see is both liberating and enlivening.

Mahatma Gandhi's quote "You must be the change you want to see in the world" is inspiring and thought provoking. If you want a better world then get in there and be part of the solution.

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