Supporting Bushfire and Flood Affected Communities
Supporting our friends and family going through bush fires and floods

Our land of sweeping plains and flooding rains has been delivering up this summer everything from catastrophic fire days to torrential down pours sweeping away lives, homes and businesses.

Watching the nightly news with our volunteer fire fighters and SES heroes has me captivated that the culture of our wide brown land is one of support and mateship.

So for those of us who can't get out there (for whatever reason) to fight the fires and battle against the storms here are 7 practical ways to show we care and help:

1. Donate money to the Red Cross Flood Appeal or Salvation Army Bush Fire Appeal

2. Get social with the girls and have a fundraiser and celebrate your own circle of mates. Want 8 great ideas for getting the girls together to fundraise?

3. Support BlazeAid a fantastic volunteer-based organisation that works with farmers and families in rural Australia after natural disasters such as fires and floods.

4. Want to help with the recovery of the injured bushfire animals? Check out the RSPCA's Tasmanian fire appeal.

Click here to go in She Inspires online competitions5. Muck in with a helping hand like so many inspiring Brisbane residents did in 2010 and help clean up the mess left behind by the flood waters.

6. Book a weekend away or your next holiday to Tasmania, Sussex Inlet in NSW, Bundaberg in Queensland - the regional centres rely heavily on a good summer season - this means that all those small businesses and their owners that make up the regional centres need to be able to keep employing locals but can only do this if money is moving around within their communities - they need visitors, tourists and family members to go and stay, enjoy the cafes and restaurants and do a spot of shopping. Without their summer visitors they can't save for winter and get through the quiet season. So get on that getaway and show you care!

I know the Aussie dollar is in our favour for overseas holidays at the moment but it will stay that way for at least another 2 or 4 years with how the USA is, so holiday locally and invest in our own country that's taking a hit this season. Use the immense power of your wallet here, our economy will flourish with it.

7. Help the bush recover. The next few years are crucial for the burnt bushlands to recover as weed free as possible. Get involved with Landcare and enjoy getting dirty with the kids!

We are so blessed in this country with our volunteer organisations and the huge differences they make to all our communities. I shudder to think if we were like the USA and didn't have them. I love how our culture is one of support and care. I hope you find these ideas helpful and inspiring, we all can make a difference in the ways that most suit our talents, desires and values.

Tell us on Facebook how you like to get involved and make a difference.

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