10 Ways to Make a Rich and Rewarding Relationship Work

Surveys and studies continually show that it is the relationships in our lives that make the biggest difference to our personal levels of happiness and fulfillment. Making sure our relationships are healthy and flourishing can seem like hard work sometimes but if we remember to practice some simple things often it can be a whole heap easier.

To keep a relationship loving, fresh and enriching remember to:

1. Do things together without the kids or family. Go on dates regularly, have holidays, even if it is just a weekend, away together every year. Spend time just enjoying each other's company and being together.

2. Be kind. Kindness brings the best rewards and results in life simply because it is great to be treated with kindness. When you need to tell something hard say it with kindness like "I mean this with kindness and love..."

Enter and win online competitions with She Inspires!3. Respect their quirks and perks and show your respect. The Annie Lennox lyrics "Don't cut me down, When I'm talking to you,'Cause I'm much too tall, To feel that small" are a great reminder that we need to consistently show respect to our lovers and partners.

4. Be considerate of what's important to them. If they like to celebrate birthdays but you don't, make the effort to celebrate their birthday because it is important to them.

5. Do the little things that show you care. Wrap his undies individually in red ribbons, send a text saying "I love you", praise him in front of others, tell his mother (even if you don't like her) that you love her son - make your own list of 7 things you could easily do that would make him feel special.

6. Ask about their dreams. Be sure to know what their dreams are and how they can be lived.

7. To be friends. Long term sexual relationships are based on friendship as well as lust and companionship. So look after your friendship with tender loving care.

8. Look after your health. Be active, keep your weight down and maintain a trim figure together so you can get out there and do things together for years and years.

9. Have sex! Make time to keep your sexual relationship alive and vibrant. Women and men both need sex to feel alive, enrich intimacy and to be close. If you don't use it you'll loose it!

10. Laugh together. Polls and studies consistently find that women find men who make them laugh really sexy. This doesn't change over the years, so don't take life too seriously, make sure you have a good laugh with each other and stay young at heart and together.

Look after your relationships to help make them be all they can be and you'll always reap rich rewards for your efforts.



Craeting and Maintaining Loving and Happy Relationships
Remember, sex is a vital part of a strong and happy loving relationship.
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