5 Tips for Making Goodie Bags Work

5 Tips for Making Smart and Creative Promotional Items Work

5 Tips for Marking Smart and Creative Promotional Items Work

When you offered the opportunity to promote your business through an important event's goodie bag it is important to make sure it works for you.

Branding exercises that help spread the word about your business need to be set up to succeed, communicating the right messages about the business and what you have to offer.

When I was running the social media marketing seminars I strove to have fun and value add goodie bags. The most popular items were things like tea samples, chocolate (who would have guessed?!), soap and books. The least popular, i.e., the ones always left behind, were business cards and flyers. I learnt a powerful lesson form this, that having promotional items that were fun for attendees got them talking about it, were kept and talked about on social media. Boring ones were ignored and left behind. So it is best to do something smart and well or nothing at all.

1. Have a consistent look and feel to your marketing message across the business, from the website to business cards to promotional products to social media to flyers and everything in-between.

This means your corporate colours and logo need to be the same across everything.

Make sure that your website is written clearly in a font type and size that is easy to read. It is no use having your website in four point font that no one can read. Remember to drop the www. part of the address too, e.g. SheInspires.com.au uses less valuable space than www.sheinspires.com.au.

2. Make sure promotional products are items that people want to keep

and use rather than immediately throw away as junk. This is partly why pens have been so popular for so long as marketing tools. But they are predictable and common. Now days there are some really great options for smart promotional product items.

Want some inspiration? Websites like Fresh Promotions have a huge range of branded promotional items available such as USB sticks, mobile phone chargers, sticky note pads or more quirky items also.

3. Be smart about partnerships and events. Look for opportunities that you can leverage for an event so your investment goes further. What about partnering with another business so you can do photos from the event and have them framed for the attendees using eco friendly bamboo picture frames? The photos can be leveraged online via social media with both of your handles shared, the event hashtag and, of course, the event attendees.

This makes great content for your own marketing too through not just your own social media channels but also your newsletter and website. Plus that of your smart strategic partner and the event organisers.

Think of the bigger messages you want to communicate and associate with your business. Using eco friendly promotional products can show your green concerns and credentials.

4. Tie in your well branded promotional product to each specific audience, or those who are attending the event. If the attendees travel a lot what about a travel case strap to keep secure their luggage? If it's a very green audience, what about a branded packet of seeds? Be creative with your product promotional ideas. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and what would be something different and fun to receive at yet another conference.

Done the right way promotional products with the right strategic partners can be fantastic branding and marketing tools for your business. Just think up ways to make them work for you and what your budget is so it comes together easily.

5. Got left over promotional products that are perfectly good, just outside of your current strategic partnership promotional needs, or only have a few left? What about a giveaway for your audience via your newsletter or even a Facebook giveaway competition? As long as the items still fit with your marketing strategy, they need to keep working for you and sitting in a box at the back of the office is a waste. So get them moving!



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