Making Your Living from a Creative Business

Meet Maria Bellissimo-Magrin I met Maria Bellissimo-Magrin of Belgrin at a women's networking event and loved her approach to business, life and design.

So we caught up to find out what it's like running a creative business and how she renews her inner-well is inspiration.

What do you really enjoy about running Belgrin?

I really enjoy the excitement of the new adventures and opportunities. Running your own business is quite rewarding. It’s trying and stressful at times, but completely worth it. I meet some amazing people along the way too.

Who makes up the Belgrin team?

Myself and Matt are the Business Development Managers, Michelle is our Communications Manager, Emanuele is our Digital Designer, Emma is our Digital Specialist, Cecilia is our Social Media Expert and Roberta is our Account Executive.

What has been the most challenging experience of having your own agency?

It would have to be cash flow and keeping on top of the finances. I find being a creative at heart, it’s the admin and bookkeeping that suffers. I now outsource that and stick to what I do best.

What do you love about innovative design?

It’s wonderful to see fresh design. Design is one’s thought process, one’s answer to an objective. It’s interesting to see their approach and execution. I’m like a kid with new design. I become extremely excited and have been known to dance a little in my chair ;)

How important do you think social media marketing is for a business focused on flourishing?

Make your content marketing work for your business

Social media is a wonderful tool to build a new community. People, both local and international, become involved in your brand. There’s something fascinating about that. 

It’s almost a free advertising tool, and can be quite effective for one’s business, if used properly.

Working within a creative industry you must have a passion for it, how to renew your own internal sense of creativity?

I do a lot of things without being consciously aware, to be honest. From walking through the zoo or an aviary to fashion shopping. I believe I take a little piece of it and apply it to my design or communication process. 

I often fall in love with a colour palette on a bird or a flower and quickly jot down the colour breakdown, so I can use it at a later date. I own a lot of design books. I’m a strong believer of feeling the tactile product, as opposed to continuously searching online – it’s a huge part of the experience and enjoyment. I go along to various art and photography exhibitions too.

Who do you find inspiring?

People. Art and photography exhibitions. Design magazines and books. I have a few creative websites that I look at on a regular basis. Pinterest is a good one too.

What are your 5 tips for making public relations and social media as successful as possible for business owners?

  1. Be consistent with social media interaction
  2. Share relevant information
  3. Be mindful of the tone used (it needs to be consistent with your brand)
  4. Interact with your followers and likers and follow other relevant users to your industry
  5. Most of all, if it isn’t your strength, outsource it



Find Maria Bellissimo-Magrin Online

Find Maria Bellissimo-Magrin Online

Maria Bellissimo-Magrin of Belgrin  

Join Maria on Facebook for the latest news and ideas.

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