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Melynda von Derksen fashion bloggerWe believe that every woman is inspiring so as part of our Share Your Story initative we welcome you telling us your stories, your hopes, your dreams and your sources of inspiration.

Here is Melynda von Derksen of Victoria journey to inspire you.

Melynda's Inspiration and Dreams

Melynda's Inspiration and Dreams

Melynda von Derksen is in her 30's and this is her story.
What inspires you?
I am inspired by creativity; it's what drives me and keeps me sane. My background is professional theatre and I have used my experience in the arts to continually recreate myself and try new avenues of self-expression and to create new business opportunities.

If you could meet anyone living who would it be?
I would live to meet Dolly Parton, Suzie Quatro and Joan Jett. They are three amazing women who have followed their dreams, not become discouraged and have had the guts to do whatever it takes to become the successes that they are today.

What would be the 3 most important attributes in a partner to you?
Strength, compassion and a sense of humour. A strong man who is compassionate enough to understand and forgive me for my imperfections and his own is vital to a healthy relationship - as is laughter!

What would one thing you'd like to achieve in the next 6 months?
I would like to grow my new business All About Styling and make it the best resource website for Image Consultants, Fashion Stylists and Boutiques in the world!

What are you no good at but simply love?
I am definitely no good at exercising and sticking to a regime, but I love the idea of getting out some roller skates, putting on a pair of shorts, and pushing my son in his pram while listening to the Village People on my MP3 Player.

What are you passionate about?
Apart from creativity, I am passionate about self-development and my need to be sell-supportive in life. I am also passionate about the health and wellbeing of my gorgeous two year old son Thaddeus.

What is your life philosophy?
Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, and self examination when necessary.

If you could choose a different career what would it be?
I would be a famous Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant working with high end clients, labels and designers. I would style my clients to perfection and work with a great team of Makeup artists, hair stylists and photographers.

What do you love about having your own business?
The freedom to be able to stay at home and be a hands on mother to my son. I also love attracting new members to my site and knowing that what I am offering is appealing to them and that they think my ideas are good.

What's the most challenging thing about having your own business?
The challenge of marketing an internet business and finding the right software, tools, branding and keywords that will make my business stand out from the rest.

What motivates you - what gets you sparked up and going?
Knowing that I want to move up in life is a real motivator and wanting to provide the best for my son also keeps me going.

What's the best gift you've ever received?
My son Thaddeus - he is a true blessing and keeps me on the go all day. But other great gifts are my intellect, creativity and intuition.

What's the best thing you do or have done in your life?
The best thing I ever did was move to Melbourne. It changed my life and has opened up so many opportunities for me to be the person who I am today.

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What should you do more of?
Exercise, detox and relax. It's hard not to make excuses when you have a small child, because you find that time becomes a very precious commodity.

What should you do less of?
Complain. I have recently read a great book titled 'A complaint Free World' and have ordered the wristbands that go with the book. It is about changing your consciousness and being more positive in life.

What do you admire about you closest friend?
I guess I have a few close friends rather than just one and I really admire their creative abilities and their survival instincts. Like me, they are survivors who keep getting up, dusting themselves off and getting on with life's necessities.

What does quality of life mean to you?
Time to read, be peaceful and quite within myself, reflect on myself and my lessons and the opportunity to spend time with loved ones.

What are three things you want to do before you die?
1. Go to New York
2. Lose 10 kilos
3. Find a magic lamp with a genie inside of it (ed. note - yes please!)

What did you learn from the hardest thing you've ever gone through?
That what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

What values do you want your children to learn from you?
Respect, politeness, integrity, honesty, fairness, Love and forgiveness.

Do you dance, sing, laugh enough?
I definitely don't dance enough but I do love to dance around the lounge room when I get the chance. I love to sing and often sing in the shower and of course sing my son to sleep and laughter has been a bit scarce of late but is definitely something I can use more of - it is soooo healing!

Where would you live for 12 months if it could be anywhere?
Probably New York. Even though it is fast paced, I would love the opportunity to experience what it take to make it in the Big Apple.

What are the books you've learnt the most from?
Self-help books, books on theology and spirituality, books that make you reflect on yourself and challenge you to become a better person.

What would you like to achieve working with a life/business coach?
To help my business improve, attract more members, market it correctly and brand myself correctly.

Finding out more about Melynda von Derksen

Finding out more about Melynda von Derksen

To find out more about Melynda von Derksen, her inspiration and passion for fashion be sure to visit All About Styling and her blog all about fashionstyling.


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