Car Maintenance Tips To Save You Money on Fuel

Five Car Maintenance Tips To Save You Money on FuelAs if buying a car wasn't expensive enough on its own, you must factor in the cost of maintenance, repairs, insurance, and fuel. Yet some of these running costs go hand in hand. Taking good care of your car with regular maintenance can pay off in the long run.

Not only does it reduce your chance of needing significant repairs, but it can also save you money on fuel by making your car more efficient.

Car Maintenance Tips To Save You Money on Fuel

The following are a few areas to pay close attention to:

1. Read your owner's manual.

Whether you buy used or new, the first thing you should do is take a look at your owner's manual. This will essentially give you a list of the tasks you need to perform to get the most out of your car.

For your car to run at peak efficiency, you'll need to know when maintenance should be performed, what type of tyres to use, what type of oil to use, and the proper fluid levels to maintain.

2. Keep fluids topped up.

If you're following your car's maintenance schedule, you'll need to top up fluids regularly. You can do this yourself without contacting a mechanic in most cases. Simply check your transmission fluid, oil, antifreeze, power steering fluid, braking fluid, and wiper fluid regularly to make sure these are all at sufficient levels.

If you wait too long, it could cause your car's engine to work harder, decreasing efficiency and even leading to a breakdown.

To help you know how to do this just ask your mechanic to show you around the engine and get an understanding of what's what. You can always take notes in your owner's manual for reference.

3. Keep your tyres properly inflated. 

Your tyres play a surprisingly important role in your car's efficiency. You'll pay less on fuel if you are driving a car with properly inflated tyres, for example. Tyres leak air naturally over time, so the inflation should be checked at least once per month.

Underinflated tyres could cause your car's mileage to fall by up to 15%. On the other hand, if your tyres are overinflated this could also decrease efficiency by causing damage when the tyre hits road debris. It's a good idea to do a visual inspection of your tyres once a month, looking for wear and tear, and replace the tyres when necessary.

Be sure to check on sites like to compare options and find the right set for your car.

4. Change filters regularly.

Like fluids, filters should also be changed regularly. If your car's air filter becomes bogged down with dirt and debris it could also drop your fuel mileage by 10%. This can really add up over time. It's a good idea to change the filter every three months; or even more frequently if you live in an area that's particularly dusty.

5. Use the right type of oil.

Are you using the right grade and viscosity of oil for your car? If you are using the wrong type, you won't achieve the optimal efficiency even if you top it up regularly. Synthetic oil can reduce fuel consumption in many models, for example.

Consult your owner's manual and be sure that you're using the right type for your vehicle and feel comfortable to ask your mechanic about the different types of oils and which ones suit your car best.

Consistency Makes the Difference

These are just a few basic tasks that will extend the lifespan of your car. At the same time, they will make it run more efficiently, which saves you money at the pump. That sounds like a win-win situation! 



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