10 Tips How to Sell Your Car
10 Tips for Getting the Best Price for Selling Your Car

10 Tips for Getting the Best Price for Selling Your Car

Selling your car can be done!The key to getting the best results from selling you car is to do your research. Here are 10 tips to get you going with selling your car and getting the best money for it:

1. To get a good idea about the value of your car look it up on the Redbook website as this will tell you about the market values for your car. To get started you'll need to know the make and year, eg. Toyota, Corolla, 2005. Then you sort through the list to select the right model. Redbook will give you a guide to the Private Price Guide, Trade in Price Guide, Average kilometres and Price when new. The prices are based on the average condition of the car for its age. By knowing the prices you are empowered to know what is a good asking price. It also serves you well to mention you've done your research on Redbook - especially to car dealers so they think twice before trying to go for a lower price.

2. Watch the prices of comparable cars for sale online and in the papers as this will give you a market price idea too. This will also let you see how quickly or slowly the market is moving at the moment. If it is a slow market and prices are down it could be worth waiting a few weeks to see if there's an improvement.

3. Stay informed about new releases of your car being launched as this can drop the price of the previous models quickly. If you know a new release is coming in the next few months it can be better to aim to sell it beforehand. If in doubt about this simply ask the local car dealer when the next model is coming out.

4. Deciding to sell privately or via a trade-in can mean a difference in time and money. Generally if is a popular model in good condition it can sell quickly and can be worth the extra time and effort to sell privately. Whereas selling it as a trade-in is often quicker and easier and can be better if there's any issues about condition or it isn't such a popular make.

5. Presentation makes a big difference to buyers so put some effort into making the car into a tempting proposition - clear out trays and compartments, empty and wash the ashtray, stop little rattles like loose fittings and secure tools. Even dealers will reduce the price of a messy and dirty vehicle so go for the best price by making it look good. If you're selling to a woman remember that women often think if something isn't well presented it probably hasn't been well looked after.

6. Prepare for selling to get the best results by making sure it is clean inside and out either doing it yourself or having it detailed. A good professional polish will remove those pesky little scratches while any major body and paint defects need to be repaired.

Win online competitions with She Inspires!7. The engine bay needs some attention too so it's free of built up oil and dirt. No one expects it to shine but buyers want to see a reasonably clean engine. Your mechanic can do it or you can with a commercially available degreaser.

8. It's a good idea to talk with your mechanic about the car before you sell it to find out what needs attention - within financial reason - before putting it on the market. This will help you set a reasonable price as well as getting the car in the best condition for the best results. Mechanics can also help with selling the car privately as they are well networked with their customers as well as generally - mechanics are often asked by friends and family if they know of any good cars coming up for sale.

9. Have the service books and owner's manual, as well as any recent receipts for services and other expenses in the glove box so they are handy for buyers. Keep the registration papers with you and secure to avoid any unwanted problems.

10. If you are required by the State to have a certificate of roadworthiness for your vehicle's transfer only get this done once negotiations have been completed with a buyer as they have a limited period of validity and you pay for the certificate. Also be ready for serious buyers to want a vehicle inspection from an independent and impartial inspector.

Good luck with selling your car. Doing your home work can make all the difference to how smoothly the whole process goes, the key points to remember are knowing the value of the car and having it well presented for sale.



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