Create a Property Portfolio That Gives Your Financial Freedom
Who Else Wants to Create Financial Freedom?

Who Else Wants to Create Financial Freedom?

Helen Collier-Kogtevs and her husband Ed Kogtevs have created an impressive and inspiring property portfolio and now have a blossoming business coaching others to achieve the low risk profitable property portfolios that can create financial freedom.

Helen recently published her latest book "How to Start Creating Real Wealth through Real Estate" to help others achieve their dreams.

She Inspires caught up with Helen to find out what inspires her to write, invest and create the life she loves.

What inspired you to write How to Start Creating Real Wealth Through Real Estate?
My inspiration for anything I do though Real Wealth Australia comes from wanting to support investors build wealth through property. The book is an answer to the question that kept coming my way through email and phone conversations on "how to" create an investment portfolio.

What was the hardest part of writing a book?
The hardest part of writing the book was reducing page numbers. There is so much information that I want to share to ensure people's success that I could have turned into a thousand page epic, or a 5 part mini-series. (Ha-ha)

What do you love best about helping others improve their financial education and skills?
I love being able to make a positive difference to the lives of investors through the sharing of my knowledge. It's the best feeling when investors feel they don't have enough money or believe they can't invest to then surprise themselves after applying the skills I have taught them.

A young couple who have participated in our Mentoring program have just been featured in one of the Property magazines as they have gone from zero to 2 million in 2 years and they are just 21. I love knowing that they will have the freedom to do whatever they want and will be able to retire at 25.

Many of us have a reality check on our lifestyles but fail at sticking to the decision and exercising the discipline to make the constant changes that are needed to make real change. What did you do when you were faced with those early challenges that made the difference?
What made a significant difference for me was having a partner who was on the same page and as passionate about creating wealth for our retirement as I was. We made sure that we were supported by mentors and experts who kept us on track through our investing journey.

Do you think the banks and financial institutions are more or less conservative at lending money to investors now than they were 10 years ago?
Banks and Financial Institutions tend to go though their own cycles as far as their willingness to expose themselves to risk through lending. There has been an increase in supporting paperwork that is required for loans, both for personal and investment mortgages.

Click here to go in the She Inspires online competitionsDo you approach your real estate, training and publishing endeavours as a business with staff running the daily operations?
Yes, I have a team of people looking after our operations - as a busy mum looking after our little girl, the team look after all aspects of the business while I manage the high level stuff.

Our office has a number of team members however I also contract out a lot of our work, for example I have a copywriter, editor and graphic designer who looking after our online and publishing needs. I have coaches and admin staff to manage the training programs, and as for our Real Estate Investing we have our team of experts who do the majority of the work with qualified Accountants, Book Keeper, Finance Brokers and Property Managers.

This leaves me time to spend playing with my daughter Alexandria.

What sort of percentage of your business turnover is made from your online and offline publishing and training compared to your property investments?

My Investment Property Portfolio actually pays me a 5 figure monthly income which means I actually do not have to work. The publishing and training is my self expression and I do it only because it is my passion and I love being able to give others the same financial freedom that I enjoy.

What is it about property investing that creates deep satisfaction and joy within you?
The deep satisfaction and joy comes from the freedom that my investment portfolio creates for me. I sleep well at night knowing my wealth is created through low risk investments that have stood the test of time even though the GFC. It comes back to what makes you "wealthy" and for me that is having the freedom to spend time with family and friends. Being financially independent gives you choices in life. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with those that are on the same journey that I once took.

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Did you have family or friends tell you that you didn't have what it took to make this happen? How did you deal with negative nay-sayers?
I remember when I used to tell my colleagues and my boss at work: "I am going to retire financially free through property over the next few years" They FLAT OUT did not believe me. One colleague called me a 'bloody idiot'. I was the running joke. But then when I retired financially free - it was another story. Walking out of those corporate offices knowing I'd never have to battle the traffic, and drive through the smog to a job that I did 'just to get by' another day was one of the most joyful, liberating, days of my life.

How important to you think being able see problems as challenges that have solutions waiting for to be realised is for creating real change and success?

Mindset is everything. I don't have problems in life, I only have challenges. To find a solution, its important to have a team of experts around you who have the knowledge. You see, problems for me are just some things that I do not have enough knowledge of and so I pass them straight on to those who have the knowledge and expertise to handle the different issues and advise me accordingly.

Given where you were 10 years ago, where do you want to be in 10 years?
The sky is the limit..... living on my own piece of paradise in Vanuatu is on the cards. 10 years ago I could not have imagined the position I find myself in today, so I have learnt that I will not limit myself to what I know is possible because the seemingly impossible came true for me.

You can learn more with Helen online at Real Wealth Australia, including free reports, books and email newsletter.



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