Inspirational Nuggets of Gold

Finding your own nuggets of gold to grow your business and create successDo you hope to find those nuggets of gold when you invest your time and effort in education, training, reading and networking?

I know I do so I thought to make it easier I'd bring together articles, interviews and tips to make it easier for you to unearth those beautiful golden nuggets that give you those "ahha" moments that make all the difference to your business.

Here we'll interview enterpreneurs, find out their tips and advice and share stories from the She Inspires seminar series.

We'd love to learn from you how you think we should interview and what your golden tips are so please contact us and share!

Learn from the experts on social media marketing for businessBusiness Seminar Podcasts

Learn from the key influencers how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more for your social media marketing with the She Inspires podcasts for business.

Our expert presenters include Laurel Papworth, Jeff Bullas, Catriona Pollard, Shona Mackin, Jen Bishop, Suzy Jacobs, Brendon Walker and many more.


Nugget of Gold Business Tips

Dive into these inspiring stories sharing golden nuggets to help grow your business.

Nuggets of Gold Stories

Nuggets of Gold Stories

Are you making the most of your website?Are you making the most of your website?We might all logically know websites are vitally important for any business but with the renewed focus on quality content that's easy to share there are many businesses missing the point.

Find out how you can make sure your business website is earning you the sales, connections and growth that you need it to do with our practical tips and insights.
How to Make Sponsored Posts Work for Your BlogHow to Make Sponsored Posts Work for Your Blog
Making heads or tails of sponsored posts as a business owner and/or a blogger can be tricky but the truth is, done well, they are a win/win/win with the treasured readers in the heart of it all.

Find out how to make sponsored content work for you with our frank discussion and many tips for all involved.

7 Tips for Leveraging Content Marketing Relationships7 Tips for Leveraging Content Marketing Relationships
Content marketing is a great way to achieve your online business goals but it only works when the basics come together.

To help make this effective marketing strategy really work for your business we have 7 top tips for leveraging your marketing content.

10 Different Types of Content Marketing Opportunities10 Different Types of Content Marketing Opportunities
Making the most of the different types of content formats as part of your marketing strategy can be the difference between success and failure.

So to help we have a look at making your own mark on content marketing with 10 different types of content.

What to do when a journalist callsWhat to do when a journalist calls
All businesses can benefit from the free publicity being in the media offers but you want it to be the best type of media coverage and to be ready for interview opportunities.

We caught up with PR expert Catriona Pollard of CP Communications to share with us her top 5 tips for being interviewed by a journalist.

5 Top Tips for Making the Most of Social Media Marketing5 Top Tips for Making the Most of Social Media Marketing
All small businesses looking at leveraging the marketing channels available to them find social media websites challenging at times.

So we caught up with marketing strategy expert Meredith Collins to find out her top tips for making the most of the platforms and talk about what makes her tick and spark!

Making Videos Easy for Small Business Success with Vicki BobotisMaking Videos Easy for Small Business Success with Vicki Bobotis
The passionate and creative Vicki Bobotis shares her love for working with talented women and men.

Find out who inspires and amazes Vicki and what it takes to run your own video production business.
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Nugget of Gold Interviews

Want to learn from talented entrepreneurial women and men making creating thriving businesses? Read and grab the nuggets up for the offering with these inspiring interviews.

Golden Interviews

Golden Interviews

5 Tips for Achieving Your Dreams with Suzi Dafnis5 Tips for Achieving Your Dreams with Suzi Dafnis
Bringing inspiring businesswomen together through education and technology, Suzi Dafnis of the Australian Businesswomen's Network is empowering women across the country.

Find out what Suzi loves about having her own business, the challenges and how she creates balance in her hectic life.

What Makes Kerry Chikarovski TickWhat Makes Kerry Chikarovski Tick
The inspiring and vibrant Kerry Chikarovski has carved her own unique path in life from law to politics to consulting.

Find out what Kerry loves about the opportunities she creates and learn from her tips for dealing with government.

Finding Inspiration in Daily Life with Maria Bellissimo-MagrinFinding Inspiration in Daily Life with Maria Bellissimo-Magrin
With a passion for design Maria Bellissimo-Magrin has created her own PR agency.

Maria keeps inspiration fresh by looking at the world around her. Learn how the simple can inspire the professionals.

Media Mastery for Small Business Success with Jill ChiversMedia Mastery for Small Business Success with Jill Chivers
Meet the passionate, generous and dynamic Jill Chivers of Media Mastery as she shares her inspiring tips and experience.

Find out how Jill learnt how to work with the media and gain broad exposure for her small business and share in her 5 tips for media success.

PR for Small Business Success with Catriona PollardPR for Small Business Success with Catriona Pollard
The talented and passionate Catriona Pollard shares her practical and valuable tips for making public relations work for small business owners.

Find out how Catriona keeps her creativity and inspiration alive and well - it's all about choosing to make it happen!

How Working With Small Business Inspires Linda HaileyHow Working With Small Business Inspires Linda Hailey
Being in the vanguard of supporting small business owners with marketing and business advice, Linda Hailey found she was working with clients passionate about their work and prepared to go full speed ahead.

We love what Linda is all about and are delighted she's part of our social media seminar series and sharing her marketing tools and skills. Read on to meet Linda and be inspired.

Be Inspired by the Fabulous Angela VithoulkasBe Inspired by the Fabulous Angela VithoulkasAngela Vithoulkas is a vibrant business woman who inspires not only her staff but small business owners across the country with her enthusiasm, determination and passion for small business and everything else she touches.

Come meet this talented lady who is making social media work for her small businesses and shows the rest of us what really can be possible if you simply give it a go!

Sponsored Posts and Paid Content

Sponsored Posts and Paid Content

She Inspires is an online magazine, it is a small business and we do have paid advertising on the site. We are happy to explore advertising possibilities that work well with our stories and content plans.

Sponsored posts make up less than 5% of our content and are labelled at the end of the story while Google advertisements are clearly labelled.

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