Beating Food Cravings
I meet many women who have all sorts of issues regarding food – they could be gluten intolerant, or have specific food allergies.  Some are pre-diabetic.  Others just crave certain foods – it could be chocolate, cheese, diet coke or something else.

Many of these women love the very foods which they know they shouldn’t be eating, and in spite of their awareness the desire to eat those foods is very strong.  I call this strong desire for a specific food a “food craving”.  These sorts of cravings are an embarrassment to many women, and often become the cause of weight gain, a sense of helplessness and a lowered self-esteem. 

The food cravings I am talking about aren’t because the body lacks something (such as a vitamin or mineral) – instead there is a whole other dynamic going on. 

People who don’t have a food craving rarely appreciate how difficult certain foods are for others.  They certainly ‘don’t get’ why a food can be so problematic.  And those that struggle with a food craving come to believe that there is something wrong with them, or nothing can be done.

I have been assisting people resolve these food cravings for many years – and because not everyone can come to me, I want to share with you for free a technique you could use at home to resolve your food craving.  Go to to download your free copy of “How to Stop your Food Cravings eBook.”

Meet Irene Rudan

Meet Irene Rudan

Meet Irene Rudan of Dragonfly Transformations
Irene Rudan assists individuals resolve the issues or anxieties that impact their personal or professional lives - things like phobias, anxieties, food cravings, emotional loops or even the things which sabotage a career or business.   

Join Irene at Dragonfly Transformations online and on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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