Meet She Inspires Latest Guest Writer Nita Arora-Parkes of Location Relocation
Finding the right home with Location relocationWe have a great new guest writer joining the She Inspires team, Nita Arora-Parkes of Location Relocation, to share wisdom and experience about making big moves in our lives and making the right decisions about where to make a home.

From starting out managing commercial properties in Sydney Nita discovered a passion for property. She has developed this into a business that helps people relocating to find the right property and settle into a connected life in Australia's biggest city.

Nita is a mum building her first business from the ground up and has the passion to make it succeed!

How did Location Relocation come about? Was it always a passion to have your own business or did it come down to timing and opportunity?

I have always wanted to do something entrepreneurial, but I didn’t always know what. I have always enjoyed property but it wasn’t until 2005 that I first started working in property and found I really enjoyed it.

I think it was a combination of the different roles I have held in management, property, commercial management and the fact that I myself relocated to Sydney from London, that allowed me to put all this together. With Location Relocation I bring together my passions for property, negotiating and helping others who are moving to Sydney.

What are the core services of Location Relocation, what do your clients need from your services?

Location Relocation provides two key services:

1 – Helping people relocate to Sydney, making the transition as smooth as possible so they can hit the ground running and also helping them to make it home.

2 – Helping people buy property, whether its their dream home, holiday home or investment property, our mission is to save them time, money and stress. 

Have you had a mentor, someone you respect and admire that you’ve learnt from in business?

I am lucky enough to know so many inspiring people, each with their own strengths and knowledge to share and it has given me the courage to go out and try for myself.

Win online competitions with She InspiresWhat do you enjoy most about having your own business?

I enjoy the variety of each day, I enjoy the challenges of trying something new. I enjoy meeting other entrepreneurs and feel we have something in common. I enjoy the flexibility it affords me around family.  

What have been the hardest things about having your own business?

Especially when starting up, it is hard being the boss, the administrator, the sales person, the finance person, the marketing person, there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything justice! 

What do you think are the main benefits or purposes for being a member of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales?

The REINSW is a respected organisation that strives to maintain professional standards and ethical business practice in the industry. There are many benefits of being associated with them from maintaining my mandatory training and staying up to date with what is happening in the industry, to gaining access to a support network.

What inspires you, that gives you joy and creates the highlights in your day?

I really enjoy finding the perfect house for someone and seeing them enjoy it. And I get a kick out of negotiating a good deal.



About Nita Arora-Parkes

About Nita Arora-Parkes

Nita Arora-Parkes is the founder and director of Location Relocation, a service business designed to take the pain out of relocating to a city across the seas or the country.

Location Relocation offers a range of services from finding the right property to settling into life in a new city faster and more easily.

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