Fundraising for Floods with Facebook

Facebook auctions online to fundraise for Queensland floodsWe love how Facebook has been such a fantastic way to share news about the Queensland floods - bringing daughters and fathers back together, showing real life photos and videos of the flooding, getting the word out about where help is needed and so much more.

Now, Facebook is being used to fundraised for the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal. So we thought we'd share with you a heap of these fantastic auctions so you can get involved too!

Handmade Kids have joined with Rudy & The Dodo to support those in need by auctioning off children's clothing, accessories and toys.

Photographer Colleen Neumann is auctioning her services as well as other contributing companies with packages from pampering to tinkering.

The Oz Material Girls are holding a facebook auction with donations from their many facebook quilting and craft friends.

Jewels by Lulu's auction has wide range of goodies- there's artworks, children's clothing, accessories, lingerie, gift vouchers and of course Jewellery!

Book, books and more books- Writers all over the world are donating! The auction is administrated by Australian authors Fleur McDonald, Kate Gordon, Katrina Germein and Emily Gale.

Flick has gone all out and has auction items for everyone! From real cloth nappies to sexy adult corset lingerie, you'll find something.

Cuteness abounds at AnK Bowtique's auction with a myriad of childrens clothing and accessories donated from many.

Awareness Angles have an inspiring auction full of angels, jewellery and teddy bears.

Jewellery, hair styling, photography and clothing fo both kids and the ladies are taking bids at Summerblossom Handmade Accessories auction.

Itty Bitty Butts has all your baby and wedding gifts covered in their auction with the help of their facebook friends.

Kids clothes, body casting kits, jewellery and most importantly COOKIES have all been donated for auction at Baby Bees Knees.

Baby clothes, baby shoes, baby toys, baby bags, baby strollers, baby bottles, baby pillows… Bid on baby anything at Wholesale Baby.

All the proceeds from the clothes and jewellery being auctioned by Little Black Fish will go towards buying toiletries, nappies, baby food and formula to donate to various drop off centres.

All funds from this auction with a bit of everything in it are going to the RSPCA QLD to help with the flood crisis.

Accessories for mums and kids are the go at Nifty Mums Network's auction. They're also teamin up with Thread Swap to source clothing and other items for victims of the QLD flood.



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