Recovering and Rebuilding From the Queensland Floods
We thought we'd bring together practical and helpful information for those recovering and rebuilding from the devastating floods.

Rebuilding from the Queensland FloodsWhile many people who most need this information may not have online access friends and family might be able to get the checklists and tips together for them.

Rebuilding After the Flood

Queensland Building Services Authority (BSA)

The BSA website has really valuable information to help homeowners work with contractors like electricians and builders. This site gives really practical help and information that can save heartache from dodgy contractors and save you money. This is a great site with lots of vital information that will make it easier to recover.

The online publications and information offered by the BSA include a cleaning checklist, health and safety checklist, permit requirements, rebuilding after a flood, a guide to claiming your insurance, asbestos removal and FAQ and more. These guides include simple step by step instructions and checklists.

Click here for publications providing information for flood affected homeowners.

Red Cross

The Red Cross helps millions of flood affected people all over the world and have a vast amount of experience that's been condensed into a practical and useful online guide to cleaning up after a flood.

This includes information about clearing out and drying your home, cleaning your home, looking after furniture and appliances, clothes and linens and cleaning valuables as well as cleaning up outside.

Click here for the Red Cross Guide to Cleaning Up After Flooding

Emotional TLC


Making sense of the devastation of the floods, the loss of life, home and business is a hard journey. Lifeline has experience with helping individuals and communities in finding a path through the emotional trauma to help rebuild lives again.

Natural disasters change lives rapidly and take months and even years to recover from. Reaching out for some TLC and support is one of the kindest gifts you can give to yourself and loved ones.

Click here for Lifelines Queensland Flood Self Care Tips

Volunteers Make the Difference

Queensland Government Online

Just as the Queensland Government has been so impressive with getting information about during the floods their website has an abundance of great information and links to online resources. The Volunteer to Help with Flood Recovery page has direct links to registrations, emails and phone numbers as well as alerts and updates, important contacts and latest news.

The willingness of locals to volunteer their time and labor is making a huge difference to those having to recover and rebuild after the floods. Registering with Volunteering Queensland helps organised programs be fully staffed by volunteers to help homeowners, small businesses, community groups and centres, schools, sporting centres and more.

Click here for information how to register to volunteer.

Community Recovery

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Queensland Government Online

Here's practical help with everything from first aid for bites and stings, to health advice from Queensland Health to Centrelink assistance and Natural Disaster relief and recovery support to replacement of birth, marriage, death certificates to assistance for primary producers and small businesses to rebuilding and repairing homes.

Click here for flood support and assistance advice online.

Brisbane City Council Factsheets

The Brisbane City Council has a great collection of useful fact sheets online that are constantly being updated as each stage of the flood progresses - from warnings to inundation to clean up to recovery.

This includes advice for business owners, residents and volunteers.

Click here for the Flood Factsheets

Rockhampton Regional Council

The Rockhampton Regional Council has a heap of great information online for their residents, businesses and primary producers to help them recover from the devastating floods.

Details about flood clean up packs, council support assistance, road side collections, free landfill access, mosquitoes and sandflies control, road closures and repairs and much more.

Click here for Flood Recovery advice from the Rockhampton Council

Lockyer Regional Council

The devastated Lockyer valley has so much to recover from and their council is providing a great deal of information online, from the latest news to flood assistance, to road closures and reopenings to utilities services to council cleanups.

Click here for the Lockyer Council's site.

Financial Assistance

Federal Government Online

While Julia Gillard has been saying the government will be standing shoulder to shoulder with those affected by the floods we thought it would be useful to give direct access to the Federal Government's website about the financial assistance being offered to individuals and families as well as small business and primary producers.

This site also provides links to Centrelink, latest news, social security, emergency management, Department of Veteran Affairs Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and more.

Click here for financial assistance information for those affected by the Queensland Floods




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