7 Great Ways to Recycle 35mm Cameras
7 Ways to recycle 35mm SLR Film Cameras My dad and I share a love for photography and for our old film cameras. We both now have digital cameras and use them a lot but they'll never replace the place in our hearts for our treasured film cameras.

But the question is what to do with our old cameras? I have a small collection - bought two myself years ago and inherited part of my uncle's collection. While dad has more than he admits to.

The challenge is, we barely use our film cameras but love them dearly and simply can't accept the thought of throwing them out. Anyway, cameras make dreadful landfill.

I've decided that I'll really only keep a couple of my cameras and they will be the ones I treasure the most while dad will probably do the same. There must be creative ways to give a second life to the wonderful object that film cameras are or to at least make them into something else so they don't become landfill.

So with a bit of hunting around here are 7 great ideas to recycle film cameras:

1. Share them with the Camera Recycling Project so a younger generation can fall in love with them and express their creativity through this wonderful medium.

2. Give them to Camera Recycle Australia so they can recover as much of the materials as possible in these items for reuse, and prevent cameras, batteries and accessories ending up in landfill. Additionally, a percentage of cameras found to be operational and having all accessories included (good batteries, chargers, software, old memory cards, power, USB and AV leads for digital cameras) will be donated to Charity or for Education purposes.

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3. Many graphic design students are discovering the quality of a film image over a digital image is quite starkly superior and they are on the look out for good quality film cameras to call their own. Contact your local university, evening college, graphic design college or camera club and let them know what you've got to sell (or donate).

4. Upcycle the components into new creations such as fascinating jewellery designs or contemporary art.

5. Donate them to a charity shop so they can either sell them to the public or a recycling centre.

6. Donate them to a camera enthusiast who will appreciate them - either as spare parts or to add to their collection.

7. Sell them on eBay or another auction site.

Whatever you decide to do with your old SLR cameras, remember to enjoy the skills and talent it takes to create a stunning film photograph!



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