7 Tips for a Successful Girls Weekend Shopping
Girls weekend getaways are a celebration of friendship, life, independence and shopping. It's a great chance to leave the family and household behind and spend some time on yourself with your girlfriends - ah, bliss.

The girls day out (or 4 days) is not just about shopping but also about pampering, entertainment, fun, dinners and drinks - it's a complete escape from the daily routine. This letting off of steam can make a very positive impact for friendships and relationships at home. So

So here are some tips to make your GDO a great success:

Win online competitions with She Inspires!1. Be organised - know where you're going, approximately how long you'll be there and where you're going to eat as food is fuel for shopping! But leave so time for exploring something new and exciting so you don't miss out.

2. The group of girls needs to be a good selection of friends and family that can be honest without hurting feelings - yes, you can say 'that shirt looks crap on your beautiful self' rather than 'you look ghastly in that shirt'. Membership to the girls day out is usually by invitation only to make sure the dynamics are positive and strong.

3. Plan the shopping trip - make sure everyone discusses what they want to do, where they want to go and what they want to experience. It can be much easier to have each girl write a list that's brought to a girls dinner or coffee break so it list can be discussed to come up with a final list that suits everyone. This can mean that the group splits in two for an afternoon and comes together again for pre-dinner drinks but it's important that everyone gets to do things they want without having to compromise too much.

4. A big production or festival can be a great reason to explain the trip to the husbands, while they might not understand why anyone would want to go shopping for days on end they will have a better understanding that the girls would want to go to a show and spend a few days exploring. Basing a trip around a member's birthday is also very useful for their understanding. So help them out, give them a reason they'd comprehend.

5. Include activities that are around pampering like manicures, massages, facials, hairdressers to make sure the spirit is rejuvenated. A spa can offer group packages as well as different activities to suit each individual. Online forums and groups can be great for finding out which are the best places to go when visiting a different city - get the local knowledge and advice online.

6. Consider planning the shopping trip around sale times like June/July when you can also get off-peak airfare specials. Bargains make the shopping dollars go further! You can get weekend packages as well as finding great accommodation bargains from the last minute booking websites too.

7. Be sure to include the city's local specialty shopping areas such as markets and festivals where you'll find designers and crafts women with something special that you certainly can't get at home. In Sydney The Rocks Markets are a must just like Salamanca Markets are in Hobart.

While any weekend getaways are always good make sure you include a girls weekend getaway in your travel adventures.

The maximum number in a GDO is often about eight but it can be any number, even just two - friends or family. What matters is the dynamic of the group so it's fun and you get honest feedback about your fashion shopping.

Remember, the Girls Day Out shopping trip is about more than just the shopping, it's also about independence, freedom, fun, friendship, enjoyment and rejuvenation.

Planning the trip is nearly as much fun as actually being about and shopping, shopping, shopping so be sure you thoroughly enjoy yours.

Girls Out Shopping

Girls Out Shopping

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Enjoying a girls weekend of shopping at markets and shopping centres!
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