20 Great Ideas for Kids School Holidays Activities
20 Great Ideas for Creative Play for kids these school holidaysGive kids half a chance and they're in there with creative playing and games. So to help get some ideas going we're getting together a fun list of ideas for the kids these school holidays.

School Holiday Time to Play, Rest and Laugh

While kids need the school holidays to recharge and enjoy being outside of the structured school system they also need to have busy times and quiet times during the holidays so be sure to mix the days up with different activities to replenish their spirits.

20 Great Activities and Games Ideas to Inspire these School Holidays

Have their mates over and be sure to visit family and friends and be ready with these fun ideas for lots of laughter and creativity:

  1. have a balloon race
  2. make a cubby house out of blankets, sheets and boxes
  3. go fishing for your own drawn and coloured in fish. Attach a paper clip, make a fishing lined from a stick and string with a magnet on the end
  4. cotton wool ball races across the table - use straws to the blow cotton wool balls across a finishing line
  5. dancing queen with different colours streamers
  6. baking day - anything from biscuits to cakes to favourite family recipes from your own childhood
  7. picnic in the park, backyard or even the lounge room floor
  8. explore a different park each school holidays
  9. bushwalk in your local national park
  10. water balloon fights - either with the aim of not bursting them or a full on water fight
  11. Win at She inspiresget busy learning how to grow your own garden by planting veggies and flowers
  12. build a card house, or even an entire farm while you're at it
  13. get out the old board games and change up the rules
  14. make a dollhouse from a shoe box and bits and pieces you find in the craft box
  15. become a fashion designer for the dolls and soft toys, making a new wardrobe for them
  16. go roly-poly down a grassy hill
  17. build sandcastles by the sea
  18. have a paper boat race
  19. paint each other's portraits
  20. have a favourite movies afternoon with popcorn

Remember to set the kids free with the ideas and see what they come up with. It's amazing watching the kids express their imagination with just a few simple things like a bundle of streamers.

Mixing up the activities with indoor and outdoor games, quite time and lots of laughter time is good for you spirit and theirs. So get the kids away from the computer games and right back into the fun, creative games that gets them exploring and playing.



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