Social Media Training for Small Business Owners
Social Media Tools and Seminars for Small Business

Social Media Tools and Seminars for Small Business

Businessmen and women learning about social media marketing at She Inspires seminarsThe way we do business is rapidly changing. New opportunities are there for the taking. Don't be left behind. Get informed and inspired!

This is your step by step guide to understanding the social media tools central to your ability to prosper in this changing environment.

  • Increase your business and personal profile, credibility and reputation.
  • Gain a greater understanding of how you can benefit from social media.
  • Unlock tools that will help you build your business and career.
  • Come face to face with experts at the top of their marketing and social media game.
  • Have your questions answered by authorities on social media.
  • These professionals will share their skills and techniques.
The next seminar is Wednesday 11th September with Anna Maguire of Crowdfund It!, Mat Beeche of Shoestring, Shona Mackin of socialface and Allison Baker of HireMeUp on How Startups Can Use Social Media Marketing to Grow.
Don't miss out, tickets are limited, book your ticket now. Early Bird tickets available.

Upcoming Seminars

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Presenters and Topics

13th February Kick Start of Money Making Marketing for 2013 with Kristin Austin
13th March Using Social Media for Branding with Angela Vithoulkas
10th April Turning Fans into Customers with Phoebe Greenacre
8th May 3 Magic Bullets Your Business Needs to Top the Web Videos Charts with Vicki Bobotis
12th June Monetizing the Web with Jeff Bullas 
10th July How to Make Social Media Work for Business Discussion Panel with Catriona Pollard, Mat Beeche, Meredith Collins and Suzy Jacobs
14th August How to Make Money from Your Blog with Christina Butcher of Hair Romance
11th September How to Make Social Media Work for Startups with Mat Beeche, Anna Maguire, Allison Baker and Shona Mackin
9th October Social Media Business Case

    Details About the Social Media Seminar Series

    Meet the presenters sharing their tips and skills for the She Inspires Social Media Seminar series for small business owneresIn this series of social media events and seminars you'll get to meet marketing and social media experts as they share their skills and techniques and even offer that elusive social media marketing definition with you.

    The range of seminars cover everything from beginners introductions about what is social media to panel discussions by small business owners making social media marketing strategy and planning work to dedicated Facebook and Google presentations to discussions on how to bring a whole host of internet marketing tactics together and more.

    The Small Business Minister, Katrina Hodgkinson (attending the 8th May seminar) and the Small Business Commissioner, Yasmin King are both attending upcoming events - so great networking opportunities!

    Click here to meet the presenters.

    Click to see the Calendar of events for the Social Media Seminars for Small BusinessJust as last year's social media seminars brought together small business owners with VIPs like the new Small Business Commissioner and the State Transport Minister along with business industry representatives, so too will the 2012 social media seminar series. All with the aim of giving you a special opportunity to meet other's in your fields of interest and getting your voice heard. Social media networking doesn't just happen online, it happens in the heart of the city too.

    Click here for our Small Business Social Media Seminar Calendar for 2013.

    Business Seminar Podcast

    Click here to get your own podcast of the She Inspires social media seminarsMissed out on a seminar? Listen and learn with the She Inspires Seminar podcast series available online.

    Our expert presenters include Laurel Papworth, Jeff Bullas, Suzi Dafnis, Catriona Pollard, Jen Bishop, Philip Shaw, Brendon Walker, Shona Mackin, Christina Butcher and more.

    Seminar topics include how to make Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Adwords work for business and more.

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    Free eBook

    Click here to order your free business ebook from She InspiresDon't miss out, order your free business eBook today and learn from the talented business experts involved in the She Inspires Small Business Ideas Exchange Centre.

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    Social Media Event Sydney Location

    Small Business Minister Katrina Hodgkinson with Belinda Stinson of She Inspires, George Lancaster of AGHA, David Parnham of Small Business Votes and Andrew Lewis of Red Packet at She Inspires social media seminar All the seminars are being held at The Rocks in inspiring and creative environments as part of The Rocks Pop-Up. So the venues change regularly and updates are provided via the online ticketing system. Our current location is Level 2, 40 Gloucester St, The Rocks.

    As a small business owner myself who understands the powerful value of effective, affordable and small online marketing, I'm designing each seminar to offer you:

    • practical and useful information for small business owners to grow their enterprises
    • opportunity to meet industry and government representatives to help make those valuable connections
    • a creative and inspiring environment to refresh and invigorate the spirit

    You can choose to attend individual events or the entire series. Discounts are available for repeat attendees.

    The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority is the location sponsor - supporting non-profit organisations, education and creativity.

    Social Media Seminar Times

    Click here to buy your ticket to the She Inspires Social Media seminar

    All the seminars run to the same schedule with:

    5.30pm for 6pm start for registration and networking

    6.30pm - 7.30pm presentation

    7.30pm - 8.30pm networking


    Tickets are $49 and available online. Early bird tickets $39.20

    Click here to buy your small business social media seminar tickets online.

    Meet Our Sponsors

    Meet the generous sponsors of the She Inspires Social Media Seminar series for Small BusinessesThis social media seminar series is only possible with the generous support of a great group of organisations and individuals who passionately believe in empowerment through education.
    Come visit our Sponsors Information page and be inspired by those who are willing to play an actively supportive role for non-profits and the local business community.

    Using Social Media Tips

    To help you make sense of social media marketing plans and to create a strategy we've brought together a range of interviews, social media tips and tools.

    We've been learning fantastic business lessons and Facebook tips from women across the country. While we're making these stories available in our general Career and Business area we're bringing them together here for those focusing specifically on social media.

    So learn from others, join in with the seminars and grow your business - we'll also be sharing links and stories via our email newsletter and Facebook page.



    Social Media Tips

    Social Media Tips

    How to Cut Through the Noise On FacebookHow to Cut Through the Noise On FacebookFor all businesses the challenge is on for cutting through the noise on Facebook to reach potential customers.

    While Facebook changes up constantly the core idea of keeping it social for everyone has lead to a smart, innovative marketing solution where friends and followers are rewarded for sharing your message - your promotion. Find out more with Social Loot how to make this happen for your business.

    Facebook Tips for Small BusinessFacebook Tips for Small BusinessMaking the most of the opportunities offered by social media is a challenging prospect for small business. So we thought learning from others who are making it happen sense of the social media world would help all of us!

    Here we have a growing collection of interviews with savvy small business owners creating successful businesses on Facebook and useful social media how to articles.

    20 Top Tips for Twitter20 Top Tips for TwitterMaria Aragon's YouTube video of herself singing Lady Gaga’s Born This Way received over a million hits after Lady Gaga herself posted the link on her Twitter. This powerful tool was able to shoot Maria to YouTube fame in just one day.

    So think about what it could do with your business. We all won’t have an A List celebrity tweeting about our business, but Twitter can surely help network with your customers and clients aswell as your boss and colleagues.

    7 Big Mistakes for Businesses On Facebook7 Big Mistakes for Businesses On FacebookMaking the most of social media for a small business can seem challenging and nearly impossible and if you get the basics wrong it can be a complete waste of time.

    So to help small businesses not only make a success of their Facebook page but also enjoy this vibrant and welcoming online community we thought some handy tips on how to avoid 7 very basic etiquette mistakes would make life a whole lot easier!

    5 Tips for Social Media Success5 Tips for Social Media SuccessWhen Angela Vithoulkas of VIVO Cafe in the heart of Sydney suddenly lost 2,000 customers in the GFC in just a few days she knew that if her business was going to survive then she had to find a cost effective way to attract at least another 2,000 new customers.

    Find out how Angela grew her business and now has international customers book tables for when they're in town with 5 top tips for making social media work for your small business.

    Social Media Tips for Small BusinessSocial Media Tips for Small BusinessWith the continuing growing influence and power of social media we thought it would be a great resource to bring together a series of top tips, stories and interviews about social media so you can grow your small business!

    Here we have a growing collection of interviews with savvy small business owners creating successful businesses and useful social media how to articles.

    More about the Small Business Social Media Seminar Series

    More about the Small Business Social Media Seminar Series

    Small Business Social Media Seminar Email NewsletterSmall Business Social Media Seminar Email Newsletter
    Want to keep up with all that's happening with the She Inspires Small Business social media seminar series?

    Join the seminar email newsletter and receive 25% off tickets!
    Small Business Social Media Seminar CalendarSmall Business Social Media Seminar Calendar
    The She Inspires Small Business social media seminar series runs from February to October 2013 with an exciting range of seminars to help small business owners make the most of the latest marketing skills.

    Find out the calendar of social media seminars here.
    Social Media Seminar PresentersSocial Media Seminar Presenters
    The presenters for the social media seminar series all come with solid backgrounds in small business and marketing and range from agency experts to entrepreneurs.
    It's a great opportunity to meet and learn from their passionate and talented individuals in an intimate and creative environment. 
    Social Media Seminar SponsorsSocial Media Seminar Sponsors
    The She Inspires Social Media Seminar Series is only possible with the generous support of a host of sponsors who are walking the talk of supporting small business and industry so we can flourish in our local communities.

    Find out what's involved and who is valuing education, non profits, creativity, entrepreneurs and associations.
    Small Business Social Media Seminar FAQSmall Business Social Media Seminar FAQGot some questions about the social media seminar series?

    Get your answers with the FAQ!
    Social Media Seminar PodcastsSocial Media Seminar PodcastsWant to catch up on the She Inspires seminars? We're making it easy for you with the podcasts.

    Get your podcasts here!
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