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We caught up with 5 savvy business women from She Business to ask them "How have you been able to make social media work for your business?" and the answers are practical while also revealing the different natures of these inspiring women.

Here's how Claire Stretch of FilmStretch makes social media work for her business

FilmStretch has benefitted immensely from our social media presence in terms of raising our profile and extending our reach. Additionally it provides us a rich incoming source of information in the areas we are interested in.

How we use social media has remained the same in one aspect and evolved in another. What has stayed the same is that we use our social media channels to educate in our area of expertise (video production mainly for internet distribution) and to entertain - typically by highlighting examples of good business videos. We don't use social media to directly promote our services, as we don't believe this works for the end user.

What has changed, in fact evolved, is how we use the various social media channels. Having tried various approaches to using social media, we have now settled on two approaches.

One is that we have a systematised way of sending out a daily video article or tip, and a daily video clip, through various social media channels to provide a consistent source of education. The second is that we do what is most enjoyable for us as people, in terms of the social media channels we spend time on, which helps us build authentic relationships.

Claire Stretch of FilmStretch

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Learn how Amanda Webb of Make a Strand is making social media work

Learn with She Inspires how to make social media marketing work for your businessWhen I first learned about Social Media I realised that, as a jewellery artist, Facebook would be a powerful - and extremely visual - way to promote Make a Strand while showcasing my jewellery designs and materials.

Facebook enables me to leverage publicity generated from photo shoots, (Cliché and White Magazines), as well as Aromatique Essentials' quarterly newsletter. Likewise, I can include screen shot photos and links to video footage of high-profile clients wearing Make A Strand jewellery.

To date, my pieces have been worn by Champagne Jayne on The Circle and Sunrise and throughout global press, and by Meredith Collins on A Current Affair. Supermodel Miranda Kerr also owns a Make a Strand necklace.

I specialise in custom design and work predominantly with semi precious gemstones and pearls, and also hand sewn fascinators. Facebook has proved to be a terrific way to showcase what clients are wearing to casual functions through to corporate and special events.

The somewhat seasonal aspect of my work means I always have something new to post, whether it be a new creation for a bride and bridal party, a fascinator and matching jewellery for the horse racing season, or something special for an everyday client.

I find Facebook is useful to update fans with developments in my business - such as rebranding - which happened in late 2011. I've also been approached by photographers and others to participate in magazine photo shoots through my Facebook page, so it's definitely a useful tool for generating new business and inspiring new collections whilst raising Make a Strand's profile. I'd love to have more 'Likers' and these numbers are slowly growing every week.

Amanda Webb, Jewellery Artist, Make a Strand
Facebook: makeastrand

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Learn how Naomi Rosenthal of Tudor Investassure is making social media work

People do business with people they know, like and trust. Social media is helping my business by expanding my capacity to interact and connect with others so they can know, like and trust me.

Prospective clients get to know me by the regular content I put onto the web through my newsletter, blog and on twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. This keeps my business in the forefront of their minds and when they are ready to act, they come to me.

Prospective clients get to like me because I publish content about me and my business. For example, I recently posted a comment on Facebook about my Dad (who is also my business partner) and Akira Yoshigawa (an origami master who passed away in 2005) who share a birthday. There's a real woman behind the business they can like.

Prospective clients get to trust me because the content I publish is authoritative and they see my expertise. I also post information by other experts from my industry and other industries so the clients have a broad cross section of information of relevance to their lives. They can then trust I will deliver solutions that will be of benefit to them.

Naomi Rosenthal of Tudor Investassure Pty Ltd

Find Tudor Investassure on Facebook, Twitter and Naomi Rosenthal on LinkedIn

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Find out how Deborah Shepherd of ReAwaken is using Social Media for her business

Join the She Inspires email newsletter and go in the running to win genuine gemstone jewelleryUsing social media to build my business, has allowed for exchanging ideas and a connection with my current and prospective clients, as well as providing me a platform to give a practical voice to the somewhat “intangible” business of energy healing.

As I have taken a pragmatic approach to this industry, it has been important that I can demonstrate my style and approach in a way that enables people to feel comfortable in trying out my services, using social media such as Facebook, YouTube videos or my blog has enabled me to do this in an effective way.

Having a social media presence and a strategy that works for you and your audience is critical for any business today – as it provides a way to demonstrate credibility and to build trust, two critical elements for any service related business that is hard to duplicate in traditional marketing methods.

Deborah Shepherd of ReAwaken

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Chontelle Stevens of Pure Wellbeing Massage & Natural Therapies is making social media work

As a growing remedial and sports massage and health business, social media has been optimised to grow our client base, build our brand personality and 'expertise', establish a community around what we do as well as promote our service offering.

With the goal of establishing our remedial massage team as specialists in the field of therapeutic massage for relaxation, as well as pain and injury management we use social medial to promote articles, provide opinion pieces, and run bios on our team. We also use social media to provide daily uplifting quotes to add value and positivity to the day. There's an amazing feeling when a client comments on how great they felt from one of our posts.

The beauty of social media is our 'fans' have opted in to receiving our posts, photos and articles so are engaged and want to hear from us. By running promotions to for more 'likes' on our Facebook page we are able to target people who enjoy massage but may not have heard of us before. As a cost effective marketing tool what more could you want!

Chontelle Stevens of Pure Wellbeing Massage & Natural Therapies

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