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Learning social media skills from the expert influencers at She Inspires social media seminars

When I started organising the social media seminars I realised I'd have a great opportunity to spend time with social media marketing experts and learn a great deal. What I didn't realise initially was how important it was to have one on one conversations with such important influencers.

It was when I was reading Jeff Bullas' blog that I thought how great it would be to share the tips and lessons learnt from him and his peers. So this series of tips from key influencers was born. Here you'll find nuggets of gold from the experts with links directly back to their blogs.

How to Get Targeted Twitter Followers

The most common way to find and add people with the same interests as you, is to find a popular tweeple within your area of interest, say "Mashable" or "Techcrunch" for technology news, and add people who follow these known users.

Join Jeff Bullas on his blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Social Influence and the Impact of Klout API

Klout is the social media measurement tool that measures influence – how many followers, how much interaction and the style of interaction that a person has in their personal or business social network. As Klout takes over the world, it’s interesting to see their API (the button that updates all over the internet) showing up. API stands for Application Programming Interface – it lets you put a widget on your website that is updated every time someone updates their database.

Find Laurel Papworth posts on her blog and join her on Twitter and Facebook.

Blog Branding versus Blog Marketing

Blogging is all about being personal. Marketing aims to effect an eventual sales transaction. Hence, it gives an instant gratification as he/she tries to tell the world who he or she is. Branding aims to communicate by means of "impressing" what this blogger stands for. It is not so much about looking out for maximum exposure. But rather, it leaves an impression to anyone who notices him/her.

Learn more from Liz Strauss on her blog and on Twitter and Facebook.

Comparing Google+ and Facebook

Google+ and Facebook are both social media sites and have some features that are very similar. If you are considering which social media site to best for you then perhaps you should assess the pros and cons of Google+ and Facebook such as:

  1. Make your content work for your business with this free ebookNames
  2. Privacy
  3. Friend lists
  4. Users
  5. Profile page
  6. Newsfeed
  7. Chat

Both Google+ and Facebook have some great features which you can compare to determine the best one for you.

Join Catriona Pollard online, Facebook and Twitter.

Oh No, Not Another Social Media Tool: Understanding Pinterest for Small Business

Given that you can browse pins by theme and popularity, and product pictures by price, Pinterest is also a clever way to research or spot trends, and compare how other businesses present and price their products.

Nerida Gill and Admin Bandit Join Nerida on Twitter and Facebook.

In Social Media, the Customer is Always Right - Right Now

If you acknowledge that someone is in need, that mere action communicates how you value customers.

By providing resolution and seeing the engagement through to satisfaction, you've not only invested in a relationship, but converted a potentially negative experience into a positive outcome.

Learn more from Brian Solis online and join him on Twitter and Facebook.

How to Optimise for Local Search With Post-Venice Citation-Building Strategies

If you don't have a strategy for local search optimisation, you're doing it wrong. The Top 5 factors are:

1. Physical address of the business

2. Manually owner - verified Google Place Page

3. Proper category assignments on the Place Page

4.Volume of traditional structed citations

5. Crawlable address matching Place page address

Notice that nowhere in the Top 5 do "inbound links" or "website homepage authority" appear. Local search optimisation is not the same game as regular SEO

Join Ann Handley on Twitter and Facebook.

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What I Learnt From Steve Jobs

1. Experts are clueless - hear what experts say, but don't always listen to them. They can tell you how to sell something, but they can't sell it themselves

2. Customers cannot tell you want they need

3. Design counts

4. A players hires A+ players - hire people better than yourself

5. "Value" is different from "price"

Learn from Guy Kawasaki online and join him on Twitter and Facebook.

How Delta's Tweet Saved the Brand Day

"When it hits the fan, it's not time to hide behind the fan, it's time to be awesome". A reponse to an irate customer can diffuse their anger.

Join Scott Stratten online, Facebook and Twitter.


Newsgrape helps bloggers get more traffic and engagement, is a new community that helps content get noticed.

Join Robert Scoble online and on Facebook and Twitter.

The Social Networking Rub

Whether you're building online influence as an individual or as a business, there are way too many reasons to aim for more, rather than less, followers. But what we marketers need to consider as we try to communicate our messages to all the other users on social networks is that they just might not be like us. You may not be able to market to those people here. And by those people, I mean most people.

Join Jason Falls online, Twitter and Facebook.

12 Tenets of Relationship Marketing Effectiveness

1. Conduct regular polls and surveys of customer database

2. Strive to integrate customer feedback

3. Have active profiles set up on all popular social media sites

4. Have effective listening and monitoring system in place

5. Have a corporate social media policy in place

6. Generate warm leads from all online and offline marketing efforts

7. Utilise a reliable customer relationship management strategy

8. Conduct regular training sessions for all staff members

9. Evolve, adapt and integrate new technologies

10. Embrace high-tech but always maintain high-touch

11. Have a very high customer satisfaction rate

12. Let customers know how much you value them

Find Mari Smith online and join her on Facebook and Twitter.

When to Start Targeting your LinkedIn Network Growth

From the beginning I have targeted my outgoing network growth except that quarterly I would access the the TopLinked List and invite people on the list who weren't already in my network. The reason I did that was to add people to my network that were also building large networks, thereby increasing my reach.

I also accept people who send me a request. The question I ask is "Why not?" instead of "Why". Who am I to decide that someone will or will not bring value if I don't give them a change to prove themselves."

Join Lori Ruff online and on Facebook and Twitter.

How to Get More Facebook Likes

1. Login and comment as your fan page

2. Join relevant groups and participate

3. Go where your niche is and take pics

4. Promote your page outside of Facebook

5. Click Like if … - don't be afraid of clear direction

Join Kim Garst online and on Twitter and Facebook.

A New Category Defined: Social Performance Software

Software tools and methods that analyse, plan, deliver, and measure media such as ads, content, and conversations published in social channels. For example, they will analyse the conversations of your followers, then suggest which content and media to publish, then determine when to publish, on which channel, and to whom. As a result, content will reach the intended audiences and result in higher resonation, or higher call to action rates.

Join Jeremiah Owyang online and on Twitter and Facebook.

Three Ways Small Business Can Use Social Media

1. Have a voice

2. Stand for something

3. Have enemies

Join Lorir Taylor on Facebook.

Tips for Following Influencers on Twitter

There's always something to be learnt from key influencers in your industry but the key is blindingly obvious, you have to be aware of them and accessible to their messages. So to help you make this happen here are 5 tips for following influencers on Twitter:

  1. seek out the key influencers you're interested in and follow them
  2. to cut through the Twitter newsfeed noise create a Twitter List of your own selected influencers
  3. join other lists created by those in the know featuring members you're interested
  4. subscriber to the She Inspires Seminar Twitter List and learn from an impressive range of influencers
  5. explore who they are following and are in conversation with to find who's influencing them


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