Why Now is the Best Time to Travel Within Australia
It is official: Australians are worried about the recent financial situation and are likely to cut back spending on dining out, entertainment, luxury goods and travel. But is it really wise to stop enjoying life altogether? After all, all work and no play make Jill a very dull girl. The unstable economic climate has got most of us stressed out, constantly worried about money and there is more pressure than ever to keep your job; all of which are detrimental to your mental well-being.

Believe it or not, it is now more important than ever to take a holiday. The worst thing you can do, however, is to spend a fortune on a holiday, only to come back with a huge overdraft or credit card debt. That defeats the very purpose of a holiday, which is to de-stress. This is why holidaying in Australia now might be your best bet.

With the national average at $1.05 per litre, petrol prices are at a 5 year low, so why not take advantage and go on a road trip? You will escape the hassle of checking in at the airport and you can comfortably fit the whole family (and the family dog!) into a car. Better yet, rent a caravan and you will be able to save on accommodation as well as eating out.

Drive through the Australian landscape, taking in the sights on your way to the destination. Make random stops and explore, so your holiday begins as soon as you hit the road, not when you reach your destination. Visit fun and quirky places like the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour, NSW or feast on lobsters at the Big Lobster in Robe, SA.

Domestic flights are at an all time low as well, with the cheap airlines offering very competitive rates for travel between states. Go explore the great Australian outback in Uluru, NT, dive into the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, watch the fairy penguins waddle up from the shores of Penguin Island, VIC, join a wine tour at the Borrossa Valley region, SA, go on a 4WD in the Pinnacles Desert, WA, go horseriding at Glenworth Valley, NSW or visit an orchard in Tasmania. The opportunities are endless and you'll be amazed at how much Australia has to offer.

The one thing I hate about traveling overseas is having to get foreign currency, deciding if I should use cash, traveler's cheque or my credit card, and then working out exchange rates every time I buy something. Traveling within Australia means you have fewer things to worry about. There is also no need to get a passport or apply for a visa. You won't have to worry about any language barriers or getting ripped off like tourists- isn't that a relief?

If you are just going away for a short weekend trip, there is also the added advantage of not having to take annual leave; just start your trip after work on a Friday and come back first thing Monday morning.

October Long Weekend Creative Festival Getaway!

October Long Weekend Creative Festival Getaway!

Escape ArtFest 10 Day Festival for the Creative Spirits - Painting, Shows, Singing, Art Shows

Need to feed the creative spirit while getting out of the city to a beautiful seaside escape?

The annual Escape ArtFest is on for 10 days through October, including the long weekend at Milton Ulladulla.

This vibrant festival celebrates creativity with visual art exhibitions, music, literature, film and performance arts with over 70 indvidual events across over 40 venues in the Southern Shaolhaven area on the NSW South Coast.

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Having your own travel adventure in your own magnificent country
People Travel from All Over the World To Explore Australia so Get Out and About to See Your Own Country with a Road Trip
Contributing Writer Trish Koh

Contributing Writer Trish Koh

Trish is a writer, translator and a blogger with a BA in Media and Cultural studies. Interests in fashion, beauty, arts, crafts, travel, relationships, lifestyle and women's issues.  Trish's blog is Under Lock and Key.



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